Getting back into writing after a long absence. The outline for this has been rotting in my documents folder for a few months, so I decided to flesh it out. Mostly based off the doll diaries and movies with a few details changed for sake of story. Also a ton of insane head cannon, flashbacks, and some OCs. If that's not your thing, hit the back button and have a nice day.

Warning: Dark Themes. Psychological Themes. Slight AU

Monster High (c) Mattel

Part 1

Chapter One: Screw Loose

Robecca pulled the door shut behind her with one hand while she held a pile of mail in the other. "Ms. Kindergrubber? Where would you like this?"

"On the table is fine, dear." She called from down the hall.

Robecca set the pile down before sliding off her boots. She gathered it up and flipped through it while walking into the dining room. None of it interested her until she reached a plain envelope at the bottom. The envelope had her name on it, but no stamp or even a return address. How strange…

She pulled the letter out of the stack and headed towards the stairs, she would read it later. Right now she had to get back to helping Hoodude bring things down from the attic. Once she reached the banister though, a small flicker appeared in the corner of her eye, and then another. Robecca closed her eyes and shook her head so they would stop.

Lately her thoughts had been scattered, like radio signals that she couldn't pick up, making it tough for her to focus. Surely this is not serious. She would tell herself, but now she was starting to have second thoughts. School was out for winter break, and she had a whole week and a half off. Helping to clear things from the attic was fairly mindless, and it was usually so dark up there that flickers in her vision wouldn't matter. I will be fine.

Her room was on the far end of the hall, near the windows. She was almost there when she heard a noise behind her.

"Watch out!"

Robecca turned to see a large box coming toward her. She reached out and caught the one end while looking around the side.

Hoodude peeked over it. "Sorry Robecca."

"Would you like a hand?"

"N-no, I got it." They both lowered the box to the floor. "That was a close one!"

She looked up to the attic door in the ceiling. "How many things are still up there?"

"I don't know. Too many?" Hoodude lifted the box again. All day the two of them had been hard at work, bringing down enough boxes, furniture, and an assortment of other old things that nearly filled the living room and the hall in front of it, but they were still nowhere near done.

"I will come back up in a moment."

"Okay, thanks!"

Once inside her room, she set the letter on her end table, took her jacket off, and tossed it on her bed. From underneath the jacket came a small noise. "Oh!" She rushed over and lifted it up. "Captain Penny! I did not see you."

The metal penguin looked around, irritated, but when he saw Robecca he chirped happily. He toddled across the bed and looked up at her.

"Oh alright…" She picked him up and spun him around. "You have not been getting into trouble have you?"

Captain Penny shook his head and then wiggled his little feet so she would put him down. She could hear Hoodude and Ms. Kindergrubber going over the contents of one of the boxes downstairs. Hopefully they find something in there that makes him tick. She must be telling one of her stories again. Once she gets tocking- I mean, talking…oh my, get it together Robecca!

Ms. Kindergrubber's attic held many belongings left behind by former tenants that for one reason for another could not be returned. Also mixed in were many of her own treasures and odd ends that she had collected over the years. It was about time to go through it all. Robecca had been told one of her smaller trunks was still up there somewhere, stored away after she had gone missing years ago.

Hoodude had a bigger reason to go on the expedition in the attic. Over the past few weeks his voodoo powers had gotten stronger, and no one could figure out why. Even a visit to a clinic specializing in Magic Disorders left him with more questions than answers. Ms. Kindergrubber, resourceful as ever, claimed that stashed around the attic were various items of hers that might help solve the problem.

The question was where to look?

Robecca poked her head through the door in the attic's floor. "Are you up here?"

"Yeah!" Hoodude's voice was muffled. "Back here!"

Robecca pulled herself up and steadied herself with one hand on the slanted ceiling. The window across from her provided enough light to see where she was going, but everything was covered in such a thick layer of dust it was hard to tell anything apart. "Hoodude?"

Hoodude coughed out a small dust cloud and shook a spider web off his head. "Over here."

"I see we have almost cleaned out this corner."

"Yeah, finally! Did you find your trunk yet? You said it was blue right?" He disappeared behind a set of old shelves.

"No, not yet. I am starting to think that Ms. Kindergrubber told me it was here just to get me to help."

"Hey, this one looks blue! Is this it?" He pushed the heavy trunk across the floor.

"Let me see. No, that one is far too big. Mine is about-" She held her hands about two feet apart.

"Oh, well then I haven't seen it. But I'll keep an eye out."

"Thank you. And what about you, found anything that might help you?"

"Uh, maybe? I found a lot of stuff, but I don't know if I can use any of it." He pulled at the handle.

"I did find a bundle of sage leaves. If that would do anything."

"Where'd you find it?"

Robecca patted one of the cardboard boxes. "It was on top of one of these. But I put it downstairs with the rest now."

Hoodude gave the trunk another shove."Okay, I don't think I can lift this by myself."

"Here, I will take this side. We may have to put this in the hallway, the living room is nearly full."

"Aw, seriously?"

"Just a few more steps."

Robecca and Hoodude had each taken one end of the trunk down the stairs with them, which was a lot more cumbersome than it looked.

"How many more?"

"Four or five?"

Hoodude had been going down the stairs backwards and turned his head to double check. "Yeah, that looks-" but his heel missed the next step. He lost grip on the trunk and flailed. Robecca also lost her grip due to the sudden change in weight.

The next thing Hoodude knew, he was on his back at the bottom of the stairs while Robecca was trying to keep her balance against the banister. "Look out!"

The trunk bounced toward him and landed on it's side a few inches from his head.

"Are you alright?"

"I'm okay." He noticed the overturned trunk. "Uh-oh."

"I hope nothing fragile was in there!" Together they pulled it back right side up. "We should check."

Hoodude undid the latch and lifted the lid. They weren't sure exactly what they were looking at, but whatever it was, it was amazing. It looked like a treasure chest, filled with strange cards, artifacts, jewelry, and many other things they had never seen before.

"Wow. Look at this!"

"What is it?"

Hoodude pushed the lid open."I don't know, but I think these are what Ms. Kindergrubber was talking about!"

"My, there are so many."

As if on cue, the old witch's voice rang down the hall. "Are you two alright?" Soon after her worried bulk was in the doorway. "I heard a crash."

"We're okay."

She hurried over to them. "My goodness, look at all of this."

Hoodude slumped. "I don't think any of it broke, I mean…"

"I haven't seen these in years! So many memories in here." She straightened up. "Come on, let's get this into the living room."

They set the box down and Hoodude sighed in relief. Just then the phone in the other room rang.

Ms. Kindergrubber adjusted her glasses. "Now who could that be?"

The two teens were alone in the living room. "What do you think's in all these boxes anyway?"

Robecca shrugged. "What is not in these boxes is a better question."

Ms. Kindergrubber poked her head through the doorway."Robecca?"


"The telephone's for you."

Robecca walked over and took the phone. "Hello? Ghoulia! How are you?…You did? When?" This was some of the best news she had heard all day.

Ms. Kindergubber decided to give her some space and returned to the living room. "I'm so glad the two of you found this. But I might have to cut through some of these strings. Do you know where a pair of scissors are?"

Hoodude remembered using them earlier. "I think I saw a some in the hallway. I'll go get them."

"Are you there now? You are… yes, I shall be there soon!" Robecca hung up the phone.

"Who was that, dear?"

"That was Ghoulia, she said she found another one of my parts. She did not say which one, but it sounded important."

"Where are you going?"

"I'm meeting her near the school, she said it was important that she return it to me right away."

"Just a moment young lady, it's after ten. Much too late for you to be out."

"But, Ms. Kindergrubber-"

"No buts, I'm sure whatever she found can wait until tomorrow."

Hoodude was still in the hallway. He knew he shouldn't have been eavesdropping, but this was a big deal for Robecca, anyone could see that. Then he had an idea; he grabbed the scissors and headed in.

"Ms. Kindergrubber, I got the scissors."

The old witch's face lit up. "Oh yes, you found them!

Hoodude nodded and pulled a stack of gray files out of the trunk. "What're these?"

"Let's see." She opened the top one, skimmed through it, then smiled. "Bring the rest in here. You'll love to see this."

"O-okay." He started to follow her, but not before glancing at Robecca and nodding towards the door.


"Now's your chance! Go meet Ghoulia." He whispered.

"Hoodude, she will know I have left. I do not want her to punish me again."

"She won't, once she gets going on one of her stories, she doesn't notice anything else." He held up the files. "These'll take a while to go through. You'll probably be back before we're done!"

He did have a point. "Alright, I will go. I owe you one."

She tried not to make too much noise as she slipped on her boots, goggles, and her dark brown pea coat. She hoped she hadn't kept Ghoulia waiting too long.

(A/N: Just so we're all on the same page, slight AU basically means "everything's the same but…")