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Chapter 1: Homeroom

"Chi, school sucks," Bulma moaned to her best friend.

"I agree, B. There are much better things I could be doing!"

"I agree." The two girls walked across the car park, heading into the school admin block.

"Chi! Bulma! Wait up!" Bulma swivelled around to see Goku running over to them. He hugged Chichi and kissed her on the cheek. Chichi smiled warmly up at him. Bulma rolled her eyes and turned to the other two guys, getting out of Goku's car. There was a short guy that had hair hanging down to his ears and six little dots on his forehead.

"Hey, Krillin!" Bulma shouted. The short guy looked up and smiled at her. Krillin grabbed his bag and swung it over his right shoulder. The last guy to get out was short, though not as short as Krillin and had blue black hair that defied the laws of gravity and was swept upwards like a flame. The well-known look of arrogance was plastered over his scowling face. He grabbed his bag from the back of Goku's car and slammed the door shut perhaps a little too hard.

"What's your problem, Vegeta?" Bulma asked, already knowing the answer.

"What's it to you woman?" he snarled as he approached the other four teenagers.

"Nothing," Bulma shrugged, "I just wanted to know what it was so I could make it worse."

"Shut it, wench," Vegeta snapped. The five of them started walking into school. People skirted out of their way as Vegeta walked past, glaring at anyway who dared not to move.

"Vegeta, you intimidate people too much. You needa relax man," Goku told him.

"Kakarot it's the other people's problem if they're intimidated by me. I couldn't really care less," he said carelessly, tripping up a couple of third-formers.

"Vegeta!" Bulma yelled. She then bent down to help the two third-formers up off the corridor floor. She apologised for Vegeta's behaviour, then ran up to the rest of the group and slapped Vegeta around the head.

"What the hell was that for, woman!" he roared.

"There was no need to trip them up!"

"Shut it, you two. Come on, we have to get to homeroom," Chichi snapped. The other three nodded and picked up the pace, Vegeta just lagged at the back.

"I'll go to homeroom when I feel like it. I've got other things to do right now," he grumbled. His four 'friends' nodded and continued on their way to A Block knowing Vegeta would be in homeroom before it finished so not worrying.

Goku, Chichi, Bulma and Krillin continued to class.

"So what'd you guys get up to over the holidays?" Bulma asked.

"I spent the whole summer at my grandparents place," Krillin rolled his eyes.

"I went to six different restaurants that I've never been to before," Goku beamed, obviously pleased with himself. The other three chuckled slightly.

"Well Bulma and I spent the whole holidays being social!" Chichi smiled. The four of them started chatting about their holidays in more detail, when Bulma suddenly found a pair of arms around her waist.

"Hey, babe," whispered a masculine voice in her ear, making the hair on the back of her neck stand up.

"Yamcha," Bulma greeted, placing her small hands on his. He kissed her on the cheek and Bulma turned around, kissing him. Chichi rolled her eyes.

"Get a room you two!" she laughed. But Bulma and Yamcha were so engrossed in each other they didn't notice.

"Mr. Nasku and Mrs. Briefs, if you are going to make out please do it in the privacy of your own home, not in the corridor of a public school," Mr. Suskina's voice boomed down the hallway. A few people laughed as Bulma and Yamcha drew apart, both blushing deeply.

"Much better. Now get along to homeroom. I'll be there in a few moments I just need to pick up some stuff from the staffroom." Bulma and Yamcha nodded, and then walked over to Chichi, Goku and Krillin. Yamcha's hand snaked its way around Bulma's waist. Goku and Chichi followed hand in hand and Krillin tailed behind.

When the five of them reached homeroom, it was in uproar. There were kids standing on the desks hiffing paper at each other, up turning desks, shooting each other with the gun stapler and throwing Mr. Suskina's work all around the class.

"Shut up, Mr. Suskina is gunna be back any moment now!" Chichi screeched, making her four friends cover her ears.

"Geez, Chi. Could you be any louder!" moaned Goku. She grinned apologetically and they all took their seats at the back of homeroom. The rest of the class seemed not to have heard Chichi's warning and were still acting like rabbits in mating season. 10 minutes later, the teacher walked in.

"Richards, White, Reef! Detention all of you! Now si'down! This is NOT a good start to the year!" he yelled at them. The three students in question took their seats, and Mr. S. proceeded to pick up all his bookwork.

"Now as you all know, I am Mr. Suskina, but you can all call me Mr. S. I am your homeroom teacher and your dean, so if you ever have any troubles come to me. Now all of you here have picked up your timetables I hope?"

"I haven't, Suskina," drawled Vegeta as he barged into class, late.

"Don't speak to me like that Mr. Ouji? And you're also late! Five demerit points!" Mr. S yelled. His threats however, fell on deaf ears as Vegeta muttered yeah whatever, and took his seat in between Krillin and Goku.

"Now as I was saying before Mr. Ouji so rudely interrupted; oh and you can pick your timetable up before next period; the REST of you have all picked up your timetables I trust?" There were nods from all around the class. "Good then. Now I want to know does anyone have any questions?"

"Yeah I gotta question."

"Yes, Mr. Ouji," Mr. S sighed.

"Why are you such a gay prick?" the whole class laughed and Mr. S went bright red.

"My sex life is my business, Vegeta," Mr. S yelled, obviously deeply embarrassed. The whole class gaped.

"It was a joke, you fag," Vegeta laughed. Mr. S went, if possible, redder.

"Detention and another five demerits! If you keep going I'll give you Saturday detention!"

"Go for it, fag. It's not like there's anything else to do," he mumbled but Mr. S didn't hear.

"Now, class. We have a new student. She was transferred from further up north. I would like you all to welcome Juuhachi-gou Gero." Hi's were chorused all around the room as a tall girl with shoulder length blonde hair stood up.

"I prefer to be called 18," she said, before sitting down.

"Well, 18. I was looking at the timetables and you have a lot of you class with Miss Mau, as do you, Miss. Briefs. Miss Mau and Miss. Briefs, if you wouldn't mind I would like you to take it upon yourself to show 18 around." Chichi nodded from her seat next to Bulma and Goku. Chichi looked over at 18 and smiled, only to receive a cold glare from the other girl. Chichi gave Bulma and confused look, but Bulma shrugged.

"I was like that when I was transferred here. She probably just doesn't feel comfortable here. She'll warm up in time," Bulma told Chichi. Chi nodded and looked over at Mr. S

"Now seen as this is the first day back this year, I will give you the rest of the period to talk and catch up with one another."

"Maybe the old buggar's not so bad after all," Vegeta muttered turning in his seat to face Goku and Krillin behind him.

"Going soft Vegeta?" Bulma teased. He turned around even further to glare at her.

"No, woman. I am merely glad that I don't have to work. Unlike you, some of us don't like to spend our whole lives working and sucking up to the teacher!"

"You little-" Bulma yelled a little louder than she intended to.

"Miss Briefs! Would you please lower your voice."

"Sorry Mr. S. It won't happen again," Bulma said embarrassedly.

"I know it won't, Bulma," Mr. S smiled at her.

"Sorry Mr. S. It won't happen again," Vegeta mimicked, screwing up his face.

"Shut it, Vegeta," Bulma snapped. She turned to the person on her left (Chichi) and began chatting.

"So Bulma. How's things with Yamcha?" Chichi asked.

"It's great. He's awesome!" Bulma said happily.

"You're so lucky."

"So are you, Chi. Goku's always been loyal to you! You couldn't wish for a better guy!" Bulma told her.

"Yeah. You're right."

"Hey 18!"

"What?" the blonde girl mumbled.

"Do you wanna come and sit over here?" Chichi asked cautiously.

"Might as well," 18 replied and picked up her stuff. She walked a couple of rows back to where the other two girls were sitting. Krillin moved from his seat next to Bulma, up next to Vegeta so 18 could sit by the girls.

"Wad'you want, shorty," Vegeta spat. Krillin put up his hands in surrender.

'Nuthin, I was just moving so 18 could sit by the other girls." Vegeta grunted in response and went back to doodling on his pad.

"So, 18. How come you moved here?" Chichi asked, trying to start a conversation.

"My mum was pregnant with me when she was sixteen, my dad left her. When my brother; 17 and I were born she lived long enough to take us home and that night, she hung herself. CIPS (it's a place that looks after kids over here in my country) tracked down our father. We lived with him until a month ago when he shot himself because his brother, 16 died of cancer. We were moved here to live with our Aunty and Uncle," 18 told them monotonously. Bulma and Chichi gaped open-mouthed at 18.

"I'm so sorry, 18. You didn't have to tell me that oh I feel so mean," Chichi said sadly. 18 shook her head.

"It's not your fault. You couldn't have known. I need to get on with my life so it's good to talk about it."

"You're brave, I'll give you that, 18. If my mother or father had died, let alone committed suicide, I would've gone insane," Bulma told her seriously. 18 shrugged.

"I've had to deal with it you know. It's just life for me," was all she said, before turning her head away. Bulma looked at Chichi. She had never known of someone who had had such a sad life.

"18, how old are you?" Bulma asked.

"17, turning 18 in October. Then my brother and I will be able to legally move out of our Auntie's house."

"Oh. Chichi here is 17 too and so am I. Both our birthdays aren't until April." 18 nodded.

"So, Goku," Krillin said, getting up from his seat next to Vegeta and going to sit by Goku and Yamcha.

"So what?" Goku asked, puzzled. Krillin sighed.

"Wad'you think of that new girl, 18?"

"I think she's got a strange name," Goku told Krillin.

"Yeah. But I dunno. I just get this weird feeling around her. It's like she's not what she is. It's hard to explain. Sort of the same feeling I get 'round Vegeta. That there's something about them that they don't wanna let on."

"Wow, Krillin. You've really thought about this." Goku was shocked that someone would actually think at all, let alone about something like this.

"Yeah. Oh well. Maybe the girls'll find out something about her. What's with Vegeta today?" Krillin asked changing the subject. "He's in a real major shit. Are him and Rachel fighting again?"

"Nah. They split up. Somethin' about her being a whore and Vegeta not being considerate. The bit about Vegeta is probably right."

"Oh. Suck for Vegeta. How's thing's with you and Chi?" Krillin asked Goku.

"It's great. We're going to Club 18 on Friday to 'celebrate' being back at school. Bulma and Yamcha are coming too. Do you wanna?" Goku asked him. Krillin shrugged.

"Sure. Got nothing better to do."

"Cool then. I bet Chichi and Bulma will invite 18," Goku said, glancing over at the three girls in the row behind him.

"Er, 18. Bulma and I were going to Club 18 on Friday. We're going with out boyfriends; Yamcha and Goku," Chichi indicated to the two men in the row in front of them.

"Nah, I can't. 17 has rugby (sorry, I'm a Kiwi. I can't help but add in some rugby) practice and I have to look after the house. My Aunty is going out, too."

"Oh don't worry, 18. Bulma can send around one of her alarmbots to patrol your house," Chichi said impatiently.

"Alarmbots? How on earth does Bulma have on of those? The only ones known to exist are all owned by Capsule Corp's owner," 18 said puzzled. Chichi smirked at Bulma, who turned bright red and sunk down in her seat.

"Hang on. Miss Briefsā€¦. You're Bulma Briefs! Daughter of Dr. Briefs! You're the heiress to Capsule Corp?" 18's mouth was wide open. Bulma nodded slightly, and sank lower in her chair.

"Bulma hates being thought of as 'the rich girl' or 'the girl with the rich dad'. Drives her nuts," Chichi told a dumbfounded 18. 18 closed her mouth and nodded.

"So can you come?" Chichi asked, changing the subject.

"Yeah I think I'll be able to."

"Cool," said Bulma sitting up. "Come around to my place at 8. Chi's coming home with me so she'll already be there. We can find you something cool to wear," Bulma told her. 18 nodded. Mr. S stood up and cleared his throat.

"OK, class. I have just received a message that there is a fight on the field outside. All the teachers have been asked to go out and help get it under control. I must ask you all to stay here while I go and check it out. Mr. Son, Mr. Ouji, would you come with me as well please." Goku and Vegeta shot puzzled glances at each other, before standing up and exiting the classroom behind Mr. S.

"What do they want with those guys?" Bulma asked, frowning.

"I don't know. Though if there's a fight, they probably want Goku and Vegeta to break it up. Kinda' thick if you ask me," Chichi replied.

"Yeah. Goku'll stand there doing nothing, a Vegeta will only help the fight escalate," Bulma laughed. 18 looked at them strangely. Bulma explained.

"Vegeta's a dick who never does anything right, is always in a fight with a student or teacher, never on time, and his second home seems to be the Saturday detention room. Or the detention room, period, for that matter," Bulma explained.

"And Goku is a bit of a goof, who sometimes is too soft for his own good, never thinks about anything except his stomach and is a bit lacking upstairs when it comes to common sense," Chichi told her.

"But that's why you love him, aye Chi?" Bulma winked. Chichi stuck her tongue out at Bulma and 18 laughed. Bulma and Chichi both turned to look at her.

"What? Is it like, against the rules to laugh here or something?" 18 asked seriously. Chichi and Bulma laughed as well.

Suddenly Bulma felt a pair of hands on her shoulders. She smiled up at Yamcha and kissed him on the cheek.

"Hey Bulma. I hope you don't mind but Goku and I invited Krillin to come with us to the club," Yamcha told her, placing his hands around her waist and pulling her close to him. Bulma titled her head a little to talk to him.

"Sure. It's fine. Chichi and I invited 18 as well!" Bulma. Bulma gave Yamcha a kiss. He kissed her back, and just as she reached up to hold his face, the door burst open and a very pissed-looking Mr. S marched in, followed by an angry Goku restraining a livid, smirking Vegeta.

"Oops. Looks like Vegeta joined the fight rather than stopped it," Chichi giggled.

"Mr. Nasku and Miss Briefs! This is the second time today I have caught you two trying to make out in public place! Keep your hands off each other for at least half an hour," he snapped angrily, not in the usual joking way he normally did. Bulma went bright red. She jumped up off Yamcha's knee and stalked to the back of the classroom. She seated herself beside Chichi and Yamcha took her other side.

"Shame, Bulma," laughed Chichi. Bulma's glare silenced Chichi in an instant.

"Mr. Son, Mr. Ouji get your sorry arses into your seats!" Mr. S yelled. Everyone looked at him. They were used to teachers swearing but Mr. S never swore in public. Goku and Vegeta slumped to the back of the class but not before Vegeta yelled back,

"The only reason my arse is sorry, is because you pulled it out of a good fight!" Mr. S.'s eyes were slits of fury.

"I take you out of the classroom to help me! And you end up causing more trouble than was originally there. If Mr. Son had not been there to hold you back, who knows what would have happened. Anyway, I've had enough of you lot, class dismissed." There was the sound of chairs sliding backwards and people rushed to the door. Bulma, Chichi, 18, Goku, Yamcha, Krillin and Vegeta were last out.

"What subject have you guys got next?" Bulma asked, pausing to glance at her own timetable.

"Well Goku and Krillin and I are in English," Chichi told them.

"Yamcha and I have science. 18, Vegeta, what's your next subject?" Bulma asked.

"I dunno. I can't be bothered picking up my timetable," Vegeta shrugged. Bulma rolled her eyes and turned to 18.

"Er well every first period on the first day, I have a counsellor's meeting," 18 told them quietly. They nodded .

The group of them split up and headed to their next class all except Vegeta who headed for the student centre to pick up his timetable, and 18 who started walking to the councillor.

"See you all in E Block next period OK?" Bulma asked, "We all have art right?" Everyone nodded then waved goodbye. Bulma and Yamcha walked to I Block, hand in hand.

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