Les buzzed about Denton's office like a hyper and distracting hummingbird. My eyes kept darting to him, I barely heard the drivel my father was droning on about to Denton. My mother held onto my hand for dear life, petting it softly as she listened and watched the two men talk about my performance at Saint Vins. My heart sped up a few times when I was sure Denton was going to reveal my nearly getting expelled, being caught in the girls' dorm, telling Medda that I wanted to wear a bra to feel closer to my mother... Thankfully though, he didn't and I thanked whoever was watching out for my ass for that one.

I avoided all eye contact with Sarah and clenched my jaw tightly together with each pitiful sigh that escaped her throat. Poor Sarah who had to be dragged to her little brother's school. Poor Sarah who was bored out of her mind. Poor, poor Sarah who wasn't getting all the attention for once. She'll have to do one better than me now to be sure all the attention is put back on her again. She already makes better grades than me, stays out of trouble more than I do, does what our parent say to do, does her chores... To top me this time, she'll have to either fuck around -which she does under our parents noses, yet they're oblivious to it- or get pregnant.

"Don't scowl, David," Mom says, breaking my train of thought. "You'll get premature wrinkles."

"Sorry," I mutter. "I was just, um, thinking about this upcoming dance."

"A dance?" Mom sounds enthusiastic. "What kind of dance?"

"A Halloween one."

"It's a tradition here," Denton added. "Every year the kids can dress up, dance and mingle, you know, have a good time. A few of the Sisters take some of the kids over to a costume shop to buy costumes, and we even have a stock room of old costumes for the children who don't have the funds. The kids really have a great time."

Mom smiles at me and squeezes my hand in both of hers, "Do you need money for anything, David? What am I asking... of course you do! Mayer, give David... how much do you need?"

"Oh, I dunno," I shrug and let a moment or so pass. "Um, I guess thirty should do."

"Give David forty dollars, Mayer."


"Mayer," Mom turns her head and gives him that look that makes all men shut up and obey. I wish I could master that look, but I think it's only a woman's trait.

Dad tightly presses his lips together, pulls out his wallet and hands a couple of bills to Mom. She kisses my cheek and presses the money into my palm, "Spend it wise, David, hear?"

I nod and kiss her cheek, "Of course, Mama."

I catch a glimpse of Sarah rolling her eyes and I grin to myself. She might have Dad wrapped around her little finger, but I'm always gonna be mom's favorite.

"David, let's give your family a tour, shall we?"

"Just a brief one," Dad says looking at his watch. "We have a family dinner to get to."

"Dinner?" I turn to my Mom, a small pout on my face. We've never gone to family dinners before.

"It's for your Grandmothers's birthday," Mom says.

"For Grandma Neeni," Sarah says with a small wicked smirk on her face. "Dad's bringing us to that nice Italian restaurant on 5th avenue. He's treating everyone, well, almost everyone."

That was an intentional jab at me, that damn bitch. And they wonder, they have the damn nerve to wonder why I threw a knife at her!

"Come on, David," Mom links her arm around mine. "Show me your room first. Let's see if it's as much of a mess as your one at home, or maybe the Sister's here taught you about actually putting your dirty underwear in a hamper."

"It's clean Mom, but only because Specs is such a neat frak over things like that." Yeah, he'll bitch at me for leaving my boxers on the floor, but I can't say squat about it when his come flying across the room at two in the morning.

"Specs? Oh, is he your roommate?"

"Um, one of them."

"Well, introduce us," Mom says as she nearly drags me out of Denton's office.

I bulk and drag my feet as much as possible, slowing her down only a little. It was still lunch and who knew who would be in the dorms at this time. What if we walked in on Mush and Shortie? Or more likely than not, Dutchy with Specs or -maybe even and- Queenie. I silently prayed as we headed to the boys dorms rooms, hoping that my room was empty or else they'd have to scoop up my unconscience mother off the floor.


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