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Chapter One

Kagome walked on to her house from her school. She thought about searching for the shards as she ran her fingers through her black hair. 'I have three tests to make up!' her mind complained.

Unseen by her, a man stood behind a wall. Her path went directly to him. He took a swig of his beer and coughed. He was drunk. He was horney. And he knew Kagome walked that way every day. He had seen the pretty girl many times. This time he was going to do something he had only dreamed of in his wildest, most exotic dreams.

She ran right into him.

///***///***///***///***///***///***///***///***///***///***///***///***///* **///***///***///***///

He jumped out of the well. He was in a bad mood as he made his way to the main shrine house. He opened the door and was about to go into the main room, when he paused. Kagome was crying. He could hear it. She also had been hurt. He could smell the blood. Confused, he slowly walked into the living room. She was sitting on the couch, cuddled in a ball, crying very hard. He could hear her gasping for breath between each scream. Her mother was on the phone. Mrs. Higurashi didn't see him as she yelled into the reciever. She faced the wall, so that she didn't have to be distracted by her distraught daughter.

He moved over to the miko. "Kagome?" he wispered. She shuddered and looked at him. She didn't really see who he was through her blurry eyes. She just knew it was a man. Not her short grandfather, not her small brother. She screamed and cowarded in the corner of the sofa. Mrs. Higurashi turned around and told InuYasha to leave now. He was angry that the woman had comanded something like that, but obviously something was wrong. He left the room, but refused to leave the time. He went to the tree by the house and listened to what was being said inside.

"I told you! Now get a police officer here now! She was raped!" Mrs. Higurashi yelled.

'Raped?!' InuYasha's mind reeled.

///***///***///***///***///***///***///***///***///***///***///***///***///* **///***///***///***///

Sango sat on the fallen tree. Kagome sat next to her. Both black haired girls were cooking something on the fire. Kagome groaned a little and stood up. "I'll be right back," she said. A fake smile came to her lips. Then she felt her stomach heave and she didn't make it far when she threw up what was left of food in her stomach. Sango came over and held the miko's hair out of her way.

"Kagome? Are you ok? Jeez, oh, Kagome," Sango comforted Kagome as she tried her hardest to stop getting sick.

InuYasha, Miroku, and Shippo came apon the seen. They didn't know what to do. "Sango?" Miroku asked. Shippo didn't travel too close, but he did want to see Kagome was ok.

"Miroku, she's sick. InuYasha, don't piss her off, or argue. She needs to return to her time and see what her mom does with her being sick. InuYasha, take her to the well," Sango ordered.

InuYasha didn't argue. He picked the young girl up after she was through. Kagome shuddered slightly at his touch, like she had been doing since that awful day two months ago. He ran as fast as he dared back towards the Bone Eaters Well.

///***///***///***///***///***///***///***///***///***///***///***///***///* **///***///***///***///

Kagome layed in her bed. Her mother fretting about everything. InuYasha stayed outside the window. He didn't want Kagome to scream at him. He was concerned and at that point in time he didn't care who saw him. "Is she ok?" he asked Mrs. Higurashi through the window. The woman shook her head and shrugged. "I don't know. I'm taking her to the doctor in an hour. She's so exausted from throwing up."

InuYasha watched the girl sleep for that hour. When time had passed, he left the window for Kagome to change into different, more comfortable clothes, then he watched as both Higurashi women left in the car.

Three hours later he was sleeping in the tree when he heard the car pull up. He watched as a crying Kagome walked silently into the house. Mrs. Higurashi waited for Kagome to be in her room, till she too started to cry. 'What's going on? Is she dying?' InuYasha asked himself.

He looked into the room. Kagome started to throw up again. He jumped through the window and held her hair back from her face. When she finished she looked up at him. Her eyes were sad, she didn't look like Kagome. She sniffled and started to cry. She threw herself into him. He picked her up and sat down on the bed. He only hugged her lightly. He had been carefull with her, he had to be.

She fell asleep in his arms. He slowly laid her down on the bed. Sitting there, he wondered what was wrong. Why was she crying? Why was she sick?


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