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Kagome sat in her room holding her new baby. She smiled and sang a song to her new daughter,

"You are my angel,

You are my everything,

You mean more then anything,

When I see your smile so lovely and bright,

Makes the world seem right.

At times you can act,

Like such a little girl,

But in my eyes you are the world,

I wish you health and happiness for all times,

And may the world be kind.

When ever you are feeling down,

When ever you are feeling blue,

All you have to do is sing this song,

Remember I'll be watching over you.

Please go on with hope in your heart,

I will always be with you,

Please go on with the dream in your heart,

I will always be with you."

InuYasha watched her and listened to her sweet voice as she lulled the baby to sleep. He sighed happily. Walking closer, he knew that the child would be able to hear him no matter how quiet he tried to be. "Hi, Chiann. Are you being good for your mom?" The baby smiled sleepingly at him and shut her eyes.

Kagome smiled at him, "Where are the boys?"

"They wanted to sleep, so I let them. They fell asleep watching TV," he smiled as he slowly took the baby from Kagome and layed her into the crib.

"Did Ryu fight with Dev again?" Kagome asked.

"Just a small fight, but I fixed it," InuYasha said as they started out of the room. He held her hand even though it was just a small show of the love he had.

"Why do they fight?" Kagome asked.

"Their kids. Their boys. And they like to fight," InuYasha tried to explain.

"I hope they grow out of it," she eyed him with a small smirk on her face.

"Why are you giving me that look?" InuYasha asked.

"Half brothers seem to fight a lot," she said in a taunting voice.

"Kagome, your going to be punished if you say anything more," he said smiling.

"Ooo, I'm scared! InuYasha don't hurt me!!" she laughed and started to run down the hall towards their room. He followed and shut the door behind them.



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Preview for Beautiful Curse Payback

Dev looked at his mother, "I didn't do anything wrong!"

"Dev, you listen now. You can't just go beating up little kids. That is wrong," Kagome tried to reason with her son.

InuYasha stood against the wall angerly.

"He was trying to fight with Chiann! I'm not going to allow anyone to hit my little sister!" Dev defended himself. He started to breath hard.

"Chiann said that she was just yelling at the boy when you came up and punched him. Dev your a teenager, he was a little kid. It doesn't matter what you were doing, you know that Chiann can defend herself and you know that you are too big to be picking on kids," Kagome said. "Now I know you think you were doing the right thing, but you weren't. You're going to be grounded to the house for two months. I'm not going to allow any of my kids to fight. Go to your room now."

"But mom..."

"No! Go to your room!" Kagome finally yelled at him.

He balled his fists and stormed off into the hall. The two adults heard the bedroom door slam. Kagome sighed and layed her head down on the kitchen table where she was sitting. InuYasha came over and placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. "You ok?" he asked.

"I hate punishing him for this," Kagome said to the table under her. She sighed.

"I know, but you are right. He can't just fight when he thinks it's right," InuYasha said. "You would ground me if I decided to hit someone for messing with any of you. He just needs to learn to control his temper."

"Like you had to learn?" Kagome asked looking at him.

"I never had a temper problem," InuYasha said with a smirk. Kagome rolled her eyes at him then stood up and walked to the stove to start on dinner.


Dev watched as Ryu fell into the dark hole of the well. "No! Ryu!" he ran to the side of the well fully expecting to see his brother on the bottom looking up. He saw nothing but black. "Ryu!?"

"He's not there," Chiann said from behind him. Dev turned and looked at her.

"What do you mean?" he said panickly.

"He went to the other side," Chiann said as she walked towards him. When she reached the well she smiled at him and jumped in.

"No, Chiann, what are you doing?!" Dev watched as his little sister dissapeared. Thinking the worst he climbed onto the side of the well to jump in next.

"You can't leave without me!" a small voice said from behind him. He turned around and looked at Shido.

"No, Shido. You have to stay here and tell my mom and dad where we went. I'm just going to grab them and return," Dev said.

"No! No, Dev, I wanna come too!" Shido complained in his little six year old voice.

"Fine, c'mon," Dev gave up. Shido came running down the wood steps and climbed up the wall of the Bone Eaters Well to join Dev as they both jumped into the unknown.


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Well, there you have it. All of Beautiful Curse AvDevjyp is finished.

In Beautiful Curse Payback: InuYasha and Kagome can't find their kids and they aren't able to travel to the Fuedal Era to check for them. Has the kids really found Ashi again?

Finale! The End!