Eat You Alive

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So as you all notice that a lot of things have been happening in the manga, but please keep in mind that this fic started before the whole "Natsu is Zeref's younger brother" so it will no longer completely follow the manga. As mentioned before, this is an AU fic.


Lucy frowned as she looked down at the blanket. She had been in bed rest for two days after Gray had taken her away from Natsu. The one question kept going through her mind.

Did she not matter to Natsu anymore?

Was she nothing more than some sex toy to him?

She shook her head, no, if she didn't matter to him then Natsu wouldn't have marked her. Though if he truly loved her, why didn't he do more to protect her.

"Don't think of such thoughts Lucy, he loves you."

So why did he repress her memories? And why was it so important to keep these memories hidden from her? Just what was her lover trying to hide from her? The blonde frowned, she had so many questions that needed to be answered.

"How are you feeling," looking up she was met with onyx eyes, "are you feeling any better?"

"I'm fine, thank you," she gave him a small smile. Gray took the seat that was next to her bed, he handed her a glass of water, "thank you," gratefully she drank the cool liquid. "How long was I out?"

"A couple of days, I kept finding you trying to regain your memories." Gently he brushed a stray hair away. "You're strong, you know that?"

She blushed, "Thank you," she smiled at him, "but why do you think I'm brave?"

"Because you're trying to do what's right, fighting back and trying to regain loss memories." He looked through the window. "I wish I was brave like you."

Lucy tilted her head in confusion, "Why do you say that?"

"I wasn't brave enough to save my father," he squeezed his hands into tight knuckles, "I wasn't strong enough to save him."

"Gray," he looked at her, "what does an Ice Devil Slayer do?"

A predator smirk appeared on his face, "I slay demons Lucy." Her eyes widened in surprised. "That's right, my abilities were given to me from my father. And I'm going to do what I promised to him," his eyes turned into cold steel, "I'm going to kill Natsu."

Her eyes widened in shock.

"Oi flame breathe watch were you're going!"

A man with pink haired glared at Gray. "What'd you say ice pervert?!"

Gray pressed his forehead against the other man's and they were shoving each other.

"You heard me ash for brains, I said watch were you're going you dumbass!"

The other man gave off a growl and lit his hands up, "THAT'S IT! I'M GOING TO KICK YOUR FORZEN ASS!"


"You can't!" Jumping off the bed, Lucy shoved Gray off his chair and the two landed on the floor. The latter on his back with Lucy on top of him, holding herself up with her hands, both on the sides of Gray's head. "Natsu's your friend, isn't he?" Tears were forming in her eyes. "You two were best friends, right?"

Gray growled, harshly shoving her off of him. Standing up, his back against her and his hands balled up into fists again.

"He's not Natsu anymore Lucy!" His body shaking in anger, "He's not the same guy you remembered!"

"That's the thing!" Lucy got up, "I can't remember anything! Every time I do, my head hurts and I pass out." She grabbed his right wrists with both hands, "Please," she pleaded, "please Gray, help me remember."

Natsu growled as he took his claws out from another one of his lackeys. No one was doing their job right and it was downright piss him off. Each time someone reported back empty handed, his patience grew thin and ended up killing the person.

'If anyone deserves to be punished, it should be you.'

"Shut up!" Natsu yelled at the figure. "You should be gone!"

The figure yelled at him, 'You really think you can get rid of someone that's apart of you.' He laughed, 'You really are unbelievable,' he grinned, 'you can't get rid of me so easily! You're forgetting the fact that I am you! My whole existence to remind you of your failure Natsu!' The finally revealing himself to be the true Natsu growled, 'Or should I say E.N.D.?"

"That's enough from you," E.N.D. growled back.

'This isn't over.'

E-Natsu threw the heart he ripped out and wiped the blood off his hands with a handkerchief and sat back onto his throne. He didn't like the fact that his mate was out there, out there with another man. The thought of that man laying his dirty paws on his mate didn't sit well with the king of demons. What was even worse is that Lucy didn't truly belong to him, no belonged to his sub consciousness, the man who Lucy fell in love with, the same man who kept taunting him.

That's why he kept repressing her memories, why he was so selfish with that fallen blonde angel. He wanted her to himself, to keep her to himself, to own her, to truly claim her. The king of demons didn't like the fact that the mating mark of his didn't fully brand her as his.

"To think that the old mating mark of his still protected her," E-Natsu mused and his tail lazily swaying. "I need a spell to completely erase all existence of her past life, to have her completely submit to me."

Lucy let out a small laugh as a man with pink haired tickled her.

"Stop that!" She tried to fight him off, "that tickles."

His face a complete blur, "But Luce, you promised me we could stay in bed and cuddle."

She rolled her eyes, "I don't want to stay inside for too long," she poked his nose, "besides, you're going to complain about how there isn't anything at my apartment for you to eat."

"Fine," he wrapped his arms around her waist, "but can we stay in bed for a few more minutes?"

"Alright fine."

She cuddled against the man and relished in his warmth. His presence and scent reminded her of a place that she could call home.

Lucy let out a gasp of air as she awoke from her dream. The young man holding her tightly was her lover. A man who had always promised to protect her.

"Natsu?" Her voice whispered.

She didn't understand, why was this Natsu completely different than the one she dreamt of?


I'm referring to E.N.D. as E-Natsu, two completely different people who just happened to share the same body. Both of their own existence.

Anyways, Lucy's finally regaining her memories and now needs to know what makes each Natsu so different from each other.