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Forgotten Memories

Chapter three

x x x

"You will die! I will make sure of it!" a voice cackled. Then, the awful sound disappeared as quickly as it came. A shadow is seen entering an old cabin. There, he was greeted by four other shadows.

Shadow 1-4: HEELLLOOOO!


Shadow 1: Password CORRECT!

Shadow 2: LETS HUG!

Our shadow and shadow 1-4: ( hugs ) AAAAAAWWWWWW! bliss! bliss!

Another figure entered. He was wearing a black cape and was holding a staff with a crescent blade at its tip. (Yep! You guessed it! It's the messenger of DEATH himself!)

"I will kill you! KILL YOU ALL! Ahem, just practicing." He coughed. "Thus, the time has come to kill." He clicked the light switch on and got out his cell phone.

"I'm gonna text the angel of death now," he told the purple dinosaur and four odd-looking "yaks." (Hint: They are yellow, red, green and purple.)

Angel of death: Wat is it nw?

Messenger of DEATH: Kil nw!

Angel of death: BAH HUMBUG! You do it urself!

The Messenger of DEATH locked the keys of his cell phone. "I must do it myself then. HMP! You just can't find good help these days." He turned to the five shadows. "I'm OFF!" He turned around swiftly and disappeared into the darkness.


Our shadow: I love you! You love me! We're one big happy FAMILY! With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you! Won't you say you LOVE ME, TOOO! BYE, kids!

Then, there was nothing…

x x x

Important note: In case you're wondering why I placed this here, I'll explain. The point is, the shadow things and the accidents absolutely have NO connection with my plot. It's the characters above that caused all those stuff. (By the way, have you guessed who they are? They're evil, I tell you!) What's the plot, you say? Just read on.

x x x

Sakura searched the sea of white that swallowed her inside its portal. There was nothing around her but empty space. She drifted towards a small orb - the same orb that Li's mother had in her hand.

All of a sudden, she stopped floating and fell.


x x x

"Sakura! Sakura!"

Sakura opened her eyes and a piercing stream of light blinded her eyes. She gently rubbed them and tried again. A figure was hovering above her head. She blinked a couple of times and realized it was Syaoran, his dark brows creased in concern.

"Li-kun!" She quickly sat up.

Haruko smiled at her. "You made us worry! What happened?"

Sakura looked down at the sheets of the bed. "I-I don't know..."

Syaoran studied her for a while. His frown diminished as a small smile found its way onto his lips. "It doesn't matter as long as you're fine."

Sakura met his gaze and they stayed like that for a while...

Haruko watched them, grinning mischievously. "Ooh! You guys are SOO CUTE!"

Sakura and Syaoran quickly looked away from each other, blushing. Luckily for them, Li Yelan entered the room before Haruko had the chance to unleash her horrible laughter.

"Syaoran. Come with me now. The contest is over."

Syaoran nodded but didn't budge from his spot. Yelan raised a brow and looked at the two girls. "You girls, too."

Syaoran glanced at the two, waiting for their answer.

"Okay, Ma'am!" Haruko nudged Sakura happily.

x x x

They all went to the mansion and after tea...

x x x

"Why don't you take us on a tour of your house? If you don't mind..." Haruko suggested. She had been wondering that whole time what kind of treasures they had in the mansion.

Starting from the first floor, Syaoran took them to various parts of the mansion, but the time was too short for them to finish.

Sakura bowed gratefully. "Thank you very much for inviting us!"

Haruko thanked them, following Sakura's gesture. "We really enjoyed ourselves. Your house is really great!"

"I'm glad you enjoyed yourselves." Syaoran replied. His sisters were waving from the window of the second floor.


"OOH! I'm sure they will!"



Syaoran and Wei went inside the car with the two girls. Unknown to them, Li Yelan was watching them from the very top floor by the window. She was holding the Orb in her hand. It was glowing tremendously and was emitting green rays of light from its center.

x x x

Days had passed and the contest finals had arrived. Sakura had been chosen as one of the finalists. She only had three more competitors left to deal with. Haruko, on the other hand, had won the balance beam and the interpretative dance section but did not have enough points to join the finals. Luckily for her, she was able to outdo Victoria's stunts and antics. (By the way, she was in a different category as Sakura. Hers was specialty stunts while Sakura's was general.)

Sakura performed pretty well and received a very high score. A bell ringed to signal the intermission for final judging and tabulation.

Haruko congratulated Sakura. "WOW! You did great! I'm sure Li-kun thought so too!"

Sakura smiled brightly. "Thanks! Gee! I'm pretty nervous right now! Excited, too!"

"Who wouldn't be? Geez, Sakura! Imagine! Reaching the finals! What an honor!" Haruko exclaimed enthusiastically.

They both felt a presence behind them. They turned around at the same time and saw Li Yelan, a serious expression etched on her fine features.

"Sakura Kinomoto... I want you to come with me." Li Yelan told her in a VERY serious tone.

Sakura could feel the tension building in her heart. She could see how serious Li's mother was. It was... scary.

Haruko nodded at her and mouthed "good luck."

Sakura shot her a grateful smile and followed Yelan.

x x x

They walked all the way to an isolated room. Sakura frowned and said, "I'm sorry, Ma'am. I'm worried they'll start the announcement any minute now."

Yelan faced Sakura. "Do not worry, child. I already made sure that they will not make the announcement without me there. Now... enter."

Sakura entered the room. She saw four tall shadows standing near the windows while another one was isolated from the rest. The light bulb flickered on and light gradually spread throughout the dark room. To her surprise, it was Syaoran and his four sisters. At the center of the room, she could see the Phoenix Orb, the one she saw with Li's mother the other day. There were two seats in the far right corner of the room, one of which was occupied by Syaoran.

"Sit beside Syaoran, child."

Sakura obeyed. She sat down and glanced at Syaoran.

Syaoran spoke up. "Why did you bring us all here, mother?"

"You will find out soon enough."

Yelan raised the Orb and it shone furiously with green light. Two rays pointed towards Syaoran and Sakura. Then, the bright rays traveled upward through the ceiling and disappeared.

The Orb floated in front of them. It spoke in a very low, elderly voice.

"The girl named Sakura Kinomoto will marry the boy named Syaoran Li. Thus, I say so. They will undergo difficulties together and come through it in victory. They must be wed immediately, thus the oracle says, for the time of misfortune is near."

The Phoenix Orb returned to Yelan's hand and became normal again. His four sisters were congratulating each other for their right guess of Syaoran's future wife. Syaoran and Sakura just sat there, too shocked to speak.

Yelan placed the Orb back in its position. She turned to Syaoran and Sakura.

"The wedding will be held tomorrow," she told them.

The couple looked at each other and blushed furiously.

x x x

The announcement of the winners was delayed due to technical difficulties. Fortunately (or unfortunately) for Sakura, she now had bigger things to worry about...

x x x

"OOH! Sakura, I ENVY you SOOO MUCH!" Haruko cried with tears of joy in her eyes.

Sakura stood in the middle of the room, fitting the gown they made for her. She turned to Haruko, her face flushed and each cheek tinged with pink. "I-I don't know what to do... What will Dad say? What will BROTHER say, for that matter? I'm so nervous!"

Haruko smiled at her reassuringly. "Don't worry your pretty little head about those details. Remember, this is not really the real thing. You're just about to turn eleven, for Pete's sake!"

Sakura blushed again. "I know that but... " She imagined Syaoran putting the ring on her finger and... then he would... "HOOOEEEE!"

Haruko laughed. She never thought she could see anyone THAT red!

x x x

Syaoran looked out his window. He needed time to think. Everything was happening too fast. His amber eyes darkened when he thought of Sakura. Why did she have to get involved? She deserved much more than being married to the likes of him. What will her family say? What will her BROTHER say? A shiver ran down his spine just thinking about it.

Still, he was looking forward to that day, wasn't he? He imagined Sakura in her wedding dress looking very beautiful... he would place the ring on her finger... she would place his' on his finger... then they would...

He felt his cheeks burn. He quickly shoved the thought away. Luckily, no one was there to judge how red he looked.

x x x

"Peace and quiet at last…"

Sakura stretched her arms and smiled at the moon. It was an exhausting afternoon. Tired from all the excitement, the empty garden seemed like a sanctuary to her. A light breeze blew, making her auburn strands move slowly to the wind's song. She closed her eyes as she lay on the grass, sighing contentedly.

"Here to think?"

Sakura looked up to where the voice came from and saw Syaoran leaning on a tree behind her. Sakura smiled, remembering their conversation before she left for Hong Kong. "Hai."

It was a beautiful night. The dark sky was clear enough to see millions of brilliant stars winking at them.

"Kirei..." Sakura stared dreamily at the sky.

Syaoran gazed at her. "Yeah..." They fell silent, basking in each other's presence. Syaoran averted his gaze towards the sky.

"They say stars are just remnants of the light emitted from dead stars millions of light years away from here."

Sakura looked at Syaoran, curiosity evident in her face.

"That means the light we're seeing now are just shadows of what has been. Beyond the dark sky however, millions of light years away, there shines a newborn star - as bright as the sun - lighting the dark for another planet where other beings live."

Sakura smiled and waited for him to continue.

"I'm sorry..." he said, after a long pause.

"What for?"

"Before I went here, I thought about it a lot. What it would be like when I get married to someone I don't even love, I mean. Even though it's pretend for now, eventually a real ritual must be done. I'm sorry you have to go through that... I didn't want you to get involved."

Sakura looked away, sadness washing over her although she didn't understand why. "It's not your fault..."

A small smile graced his lips as his gaze fell on the ground.

Silence fell upon them yet again.

"I'm glad it was you..." he murmured.

Sakura turned her head to face him. "Hooee?"

Syaoran gazed at her, his sincere amber eyes boring into hers. "I'm glad it was you."

Her eyes widened in surprise. Momentarily losing control, she could feel her heart thumping loudly against her chest. His gaze was so intense that she felt uneasy, but she could not stop looking into his eyes. The sincerity of his words was there and realization made her say,

"Me, too…"

x x x

The day had finally come. Syaoran waited nervously for his bride to emerge from the floral curtains that lead to the altar.

Then, he saw her.

She looked so angelic in her gown. The soft fabric embraced her developing body intimately and the silk white gloves she had on looked almost as if it was second skin. Her diamond earrings shone in the light, matching her sparkling emerald eyes. Syaoran could not help but blush at what he saw.

The ceremony was about to begin when suddenly, an earthquake shook the ground violently. Out of the cracks, the Phoenix Orb levitated and drifted in the air. It emitted black light, its dark rays resting on the couple.

They vanished in an instant.

There was panic among the guests. Everyone was baffled on why it could have happened, even Li Yelan.

x x x

Syaoran opened his eyes. His reflexes brought him to look for Sakura right away. He saw her floating on a bed of darkness. He went to her and quickly embraced her.

Sakura felt weak, but it did not last long as she felt a feeling of warmth over come her. She opened her eyes and saw Syaoran gazing at her with worried eyes.

"Li-kun!" Sakura looked around her. It was just like her dream, except that she felt much assured with Syaoran there to support her.

The Orb approached them. It spoke again, with the same low voice.

"The two of you had been chosen. The two of you were picked. We will wed you in the baptism of darkness. That is the only way."

Suddenly, they were already on the ground. The ground extended to only two paths. One leads to the sea of darkness, the other the sea of light.

The Orb spoke again.

"Go into the light, you will be ours. Go into the darkness, suffer the consequence. You decide."

The Orb exploded and disintegrated into nothing.

x x x

Sakura looked at Syaoran, unsure of what they should do. Syaoran frowned. He thought for a while. There wasn't much of a choice.

Syaoran smiled at Sakura. She smiled back, her tension melting away.

Pressing his lips together in a determined line, he decided to tell her. "Sakura..." he began. Her emerald eyes widened at his sudden use of her name. He gazed at her, his voice sincere. "No matter what happens, I-I want you to know that I love you."

x x x

There. He said it.

x x x

Sakura's eyes welled up in tears. "As long as I'm with you, I know everything will be okay."

They gazed into each other's eyes. They unconsciously moved closer to each other until their lips met in a gentle kiss...

The ground rumbled hard. They looked at each other, gaining confidence from each other's eyes.

x x x

" Are you ready? "

" Yes. "

" Take my hand. Trust me it will be all right. "

" I will."

Blinding light is seen coming from the center of an unknown darkness.

x x x

"Sakura-chan! What took you so long?"

Sakura smiled. "Sorry to keep you waiting, Tomoyo-chan!" She placed her bag on the bench and sat down beside Tomoyo. They looked at the two girls sitting on the bench across them.

"Haruko-chan! Stop babbling already! I'm trying to study!" a girl with blue hair complained.

The pig-tailed girl replied. "HEHE! Sorry about that!" She averted her gaze towards Sakura. Their eyes met for a while. They both ignored the odd feeling that they encountered as they did so.

"Probably just my imagination..." decided Haruko, shrugging it off.

"I feel like I know her from somewhere." Sakura thought to herself. "Oh well."

Tomoyo stood up from her seat. Sakura did so as well. The person they were waiting for had just arrived. It was Syaoran.

"Did you wait long?"

Sakura shook her head. "Iie. I was late too. Tomoyo-chan was the one who waited for both of us. Ne, Tomoyo-chan?" She glanced at Tomoyo briefly then gave him a sweet smile.

Syaoran blushed furiously.

Tomoyo just smiled her knowing smile.

x x x


x x x

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