It was well after midnight when Nightwing made his way to her room.

Raven had waited all night for him, and now she had fallen asleep. Her cloak was thrown over her body like and blanket, and the numerous candles she had lit had all died down into nothing more than a dim flicker.

As Nightwing came closer, she stirred in her sleep. Her eyes fluttered open as Nightwing sat down on the edge of her bed. "I've been waiting for you," she mumbled. She turned around on the bed to look at him.

Nightwing pulled his mask off, undid the padding and armoring on his shoulders, and became Richard once more.

"I can see that," he whispered, just as he pulled of the torso of his costume. Raven's eyes lazily drifted over his body. It shone in the faint candlelight, catching the definition just enough.

Her hand reached out, and Richard caught it in his. "I want to feel you," Raven whispered. Dick gave her a sly smile, and moved closer to her on the bed. Guiding her hand, he let her fingertips glide down his body, feeling the muscle and skin on his body. Raven became more and more awake as she felt him up.

Wetness pooled between her legs, and when she shifted her legs just a bit, she could feel the slickness on her thighs.

He leaned down to kiss her, and she closed her eyes. His lips were soft, his tongue gently prodding at her teeth, his touch slight but electric. As he kissed her, he felt his erection growing in his pants. One hand reached down to rub himself there, before Raven took it and placed it on her breast. He kneaded it slowly, pinching the nipple before stroking it with his thumb.

A moan escaped Raven's lips and filled his mouth. It only made him hungry for more.

Dick kicked off his boots, and started to inch out of his uniform pants, little by little, before dark magic seized the waistband and pulled it off of him. The thin, loose fabric of his underwear did nothing to conceal his hardened cock, and the gray boxers were pitched in a tent. Raven's hand lightly caressed him through the fabric, and a small drop of liquid stained the front.

Raven ran her thumb over the wet spot, and felt more precum flow out at her touch. Dick kissed her harder, his hands locking around her shoulders and pulling her into him, pressing her body against his.

From her lips, Dick moved to her cheek, and then down her neck. Raven tilted her head back and moaned. He licked and sucked and kissed at her neck, tasting the skin and salt. Raven gasped as he licked her neck again, his tongue flicking across her like when he gave her cunnilingus. He kissed her before sucking on her skin again.

Raven could only gasp and moan, writhe underneath his touch and let her hands roam over his body. She slowly stroked his cock, letting the wetness build up on the fabric. Dick started thrusting into her hand, unable to stop himself. Not that he wanted to, or tried to.

"Raven," he moaned against her neck.

His hand cupped her breast, kneading the soft, supple skin, and his thumb rolled over her nipple. He dropped his mouth down to suck at her nipple, his tongue flicking across it, making Raven tilt her head back and moan out his name. He gave her nipple one last suck, leaving a pale hickey on her body, before kissing her on her lips.

His cock throbbed, painfully hard. He needed to be inside of her; the thought was driving him mad, and every second he spent caged in his boxers was agony. His hand shot down to his cock, stroking himself as he sucked and kissed Raven. He could feel the small veins pushing up against his palm, and a droplet of precum had already formed on his tip. It throbbed and jumped in his hand as he slid his skin up and down his shaft.

Raven moaned. "Dick," she rasped.

Dick's hand moved to her throat, where he pressed the pads of his fingers gently into the sides of her throat. His thumb slid up and down the column of her neck, tracing her pulse. Raven moaned again. She clasped his wrist in her fist, and Dick prepared to stop and pull away. But Raven didn't pull his hand away; only cursed softly.

"Spread your legs," Dick told her, and she happily complied.

Dick pulled the waistband of his boxers down, his erection springing free and jutting into the air. The elastic snapped up against his balls, making him grunt and flinch, but a single lick from Raven and all the pain melted into ecstasy. Her tongue licked at his neck, lapping at his skin, the flat of her tongue pressed hard against him and desperate for a taste of him.

He leaned forward, and Raven leaned back. The head of his cock was teasing up against her entrance. He could feel the wet heat on the tip of the head, pouring from her like the heat of summer. His cock jumped, skimming up against the rest of her labia.

Raven fell flat against the bed, her head resting on her pillow, her back pressed into the crisp sheets. Richard put his full weight on top of her, one hand clutching at her thigh and spreading it wider, the other Raven held onto.

She took his fingers in her mouth, sucking his middle finger and rolling her tongue around the tip. She touched the nail gently, then sucked the whole finger harder. She took his finger deeper, until her lips kissed the knuckle.

Dick whimpered. Precum dripped onto Raven's labia, making her even wetter.

"I can't take it…" he groaned.

Raven spread her legs as wide as she could, and with one quick thrust, she was completely filled. Dick buried himself to the hilt in her, and Raven clenched her muscles around him. In their current position, the sensation of being penetrated felt wonderful to her, the angle just right to hit her G-spot and all of the other sensitive little areas that she loved to have stroked.

The next thrust was hard enough to make her gasp.

Dick smiled as she gasped. Raven kissed his fingertips when he pulled out, slowly, teasingly, and then pounded back into her. She gasped again, her eyes fluttering closed. He wanted her to keep making that sound; he pounded into her as hard as he could, his hips smacking against her thighs, Raven moaning and gasping with each smack.

"Dick!" she cried out.

That earned her the hardest thrust yet. She gasped, her back arching, her lids hooding her eyes, her toes pointed.

"You like that, don't you?" he whispered in her ear. Raven gave a breathless nod.

His lips ghosted over her face, and his tongue flicked out to lick her lips. He kissed her chin, slid his tongue along her jawline, and then pounded into her again. Raven's cries became louder, increasing in frequency. Dick didn't stop or let up. One arm was gripping at her short purple hair while the other bit into her hip. Raven's hips thrust along with his, rising and falling erratically. She called his name again and again, unable to do anything else but call out to him like a prayer.

Tears formed in her eyes as he hit the perfect angle.

Dick felt the familiar ache in his balls that signaled he was about to cum. He pounded into her harder and faster, not caring that he was coming so quickly. He wanted that release. He needed to come; his mind was fixated on that one thought. It consumed him more than anything else.

His cock thickened and jump, his balls ached, his muscles clenched. He closed his eyes and called out her name as he came. His seed came rushing out of him in hot, fast spurts, filling Raven's body. Raven felt the warmth spreading through her, and she was aroused by it. Her muscles clenched and pulsed around him as he shot into her, giving her all he had to offer.

His hips slowed, but he still pumped in and out of her, getting the last of his cum out of him. His entire body shuddered and shook, his muscles relaxing into a fluid state and the intensity still sending shock waves through his body.

He stayed inside her; her body was so soft and warm and welcoming. Her wetness enveloped him, and the way her eyes fluttered with every thrust made him want to stay in her forever. Dick reached down to give his balls a slight squeeze, then slid out of her.

Without wasting time, he dropped his mouth down to her cunt, sticking his tongue in her labia and licking her up. Raven's entire body seized up, and Dick wrapped his arms around her thighs, keeping her legs spread. He slid his tongue up to her clit, where he focused. He pressed his tongue hard against her clit, moving it this ways and that, lapping at it.

Raven's body jerked and shuddered like she was being exorcised. She would have howled if they were all alone, but she knew well enough to know that their walls were not soundproof. She clutched at her pillow, clawed at her sheets; her back arched and her thighs squeezed and released around Dick's head as she got closer to orgasm. Still, he held fast to her, gripping her with all his strength as he pushed her closer to her climax. He teased her with his tongue, wanting her orgasm to be completely shattering.

She panted and moaned, putting a hand to her mouth to keep from calling out, but she couldn't stop the hisses and moans and mewls that escaped from her throat. She just couldn't contain it all. She wanted to scream, she wanted to sing, she wanted the walls to close in around them and to cover them both with darkness and softness.

"Keep going," she hissed, putting a hand on Dick's head, her fingers lacing into his jet black hair. "I'm almost there."

Emboldened by her cries, Dick sucked harder at her clit before flicking his tongue quickly over it again and again and again. He felt her back arch, heard her delirious moans echoing all through the room as she began to slip from the here and now and approach her climax. She was almost there. He was going to take her there and then keep her there for as long as he could, and she was going to love every single moment of it, with all her senses.

"Oh, oh, oh, keep going," she rasped.

"Mmm," Dick moaned in response.

When Raven reached her climax, her toes curled, her back arched, and a deep, throaty moan filled the entire room, reverberating off the walls. Her fingers tightened in his hair, her toes pushing against the muscles of his back. With her in climax, Dick put all of his attention on her clit, now bobbing his head along with flicking his tongue over her. Her body writhed as he drew out her orgasm.

Raven's legs were trembling and her hips were spasming. Finally, when she could take no more, she tried to squirm away from him.

Dick tightened his grip around Raven's legs, holding her in place. He wouldn't let her get away, not so easily. He pulled her back closer to him, kissing and sucking on her clitoris. Raven's moans had turned from deep and pleasurable to raspy and whimpering. "Dick, dick," he heard he repeating, the name quick on her tongue.

A minute passed. And then two.

Raven calmed, her body stilling and her breath returning to normal. She panted a few times before taking deep breaths. She put her hand back on top of Dick's head, petting his hair and combing her fingers through it. Dick still ran his tongue up and down her labia, and Raven's eyes closed as she felt the sweet sensation.

His wet tongue traveled up and down the length of her slit, from the wetness of her entrance to the hood of her clit, and back down again. Eventually his tongue traveled from her vagina to her vulva, and then up her stomach.

He pressed butterfly kisses to her stomach, his breath warm on her skin and his lips soft and soothing. Raven sighed again, a contented smile passing over her face. Dick made his way to her breasts, where he stayed, kissing her hard nipples and curling his tongue around them. His hot breath slid over the wetness of his former kisses, and he sucked gently at her nipples.

Raven's hand made its way to his shoulder, where she slid her thumb up and down a long his shoulder blade. She could feel the muscles moving underneath the skin as he shifted his arm. Her hand moved from his shoulder to his bicep, where she gave a squeeze. He flexed again, obviously showing off. He looked up at her, a cocky smile on his face.

Raven didn't say anything. There wasn't much she could say after an orgasm like that. So she just smiled, putting all sarcasm aside, and laid her head back on the pillow.

Dick crawled on top of her, his arms right next to her shoulders and his knees on either sides of her hips. His cock, now soft, hung down between them. Dick pressed his forehead against hers, and gave her a gentle kiss on the lips, which she returned. Raven could taste herself on his lips; she ran her tongue along his teeth before sucking slightly at his bottom lip.

"I hate to ruin the mood," Dick breathed, "but I need water."

He crawled off the bed, making his way to the dresser. A bottle of water sat on the desk, like it almost always did, and he swigged it down. Sitting down next to Raven, he offered some to her. She drank deep.

"You'll stay the night, right?" Raven asked him. "Last time you snuck back into your room to go over case files. I didn't like waking up alone…not after falling asleep next to you."

Dick tried his best to give her a reassuring smile. "I will if you will," Dick said.

Raven's brows scrunched. "Dick…"

He sighed. "I promise," he said, taking her hand in his. He kissed her knuckles and then the top of her hand. "Raven," he said, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her into his lap, "I promise you I'll stay the whole night. I'm sorry for last time."

"Don't hurt me like last time," she said.

"I won't," he promised.