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I'm back there again staring out at a wasteland. It's always the same as far back as I can remember. There is nothing before this, if there was, I don't remember it.



I know why this all happened – I brought this on myself and there is no one else to blame. Yet I silently pray that it won't happen; that I could somehow change what came before. It's a stupid thought, but it's the only one I could hold onto until lately.

My thoughts drift to her.

My light. My sunshine. The only person in the whole world that seems to bring some light into my dark, dark world. I close my eyes praying she can somehow save me.

When I open my eyes and look down, I'm naked, as always. The worst position you can find yourself in. I'm stuck in it every time I sleep. Legs outstretched to a painful extent, bound up with thick ropes that dig into my skin. I look to my wrists and find them, too, bound and outstretched. I can feel the pressure on my shoulder joints and the sockets in my groin. The pain throughout my body causes me to grind my teeth to fight from screaming. She takes great pleasure in my pain and suffering.

This nightmare world always seems so barren, with yellow desert stretching as far as the eye can see. The sky is a deep red – the colour of crimson the colour of blood. I know deep inside, I could scream until I'm hoarse… and no one will hear me.

Now one can save me here.

I see my chest only shows a few of my scars. The witch takes so much joy in harming my body. Never too much, just until she is satisfied. How much does she intend to mark my skin with her claws? I wish, it was only her claws I could worry about.

My thoughts are shattered as I hear a noise. It's the crack of the whip, her whip, and I know she is here, but I just can't see her yet. She must be behind me. I crane my neck to try and look over my shoulder when I hear the crack of the whip. I'm unprepared as it lashes against my back.

"Ahhh!" I cry out.

It stings, but not as hard as usually. It seems she doesn't want to open me up just yet. I know, though, I will have a long red mark across my back.


I caused this, but I can't fight my hatred towards her. Damn it, why am I powerless in my nightmares? If only I had my power, if only I was free.

I bite my lip tasting blood as the whip slashes my back for a second time. I won't give her the satisfaction of hearing me cry out again.

She owns me, I'm hers. Her victim, her subject… no, that's wrong. I gave myself to her willingly back when I didn't know any better, back when I had no choice.

I can hear her walking back and forth behind me, knowing she is bare foot. I close my eyes and listen carefully trying to focus on everything and anything to block out the pain.

Please let this end, my mind screams out at me. She is in total control as I hear the whip flicking against the floor. Her foot steps grow closer and I can feel her gaze on me. She is staring straight into my face. I refuse to open my eyes because I won't give her the pleasure of seeing my pain.

My thoughts offer little consolation knowing when I wake I'll be in pain for an entirely different reason… and that pain is so much worse.

She steps back from me, but I keep my eyes tightly shut. I hear the whip and feel it slash across my chest. It's still not hard enough to cut me open. She wants me to call out her name.

That damn well isn't going to happen. I loathe you, I would never give you that pleasure. Another crack of her whip and I bite my lip again. This only seems to anger her since she unleashes a flurry of blows across my chest.

I'm defying her and she won't have it. She stops and I breathe out a sigh and then again comes the crack of the whip. The pain is excruciating as I feel blood begin to seep from my chest. My eyes snap open and I scream out.


I throw myself forward and find myself laying in my bedroom. Well, yes, it was another nightmare. The bed sheet is down by my feet with me sat up in my grey jogging bottoms. My breathing is ragged and my heart is beating so fast it hurts. I look down at my chest and see the large scar that blow made.

Alone in my room I have no one to hide my scars from. The bedroom seems wrong and cold. I look to my side, knowing she won't be there.

My light has gone.

The darkness seems fitting. I can't sleep because I'm haunted by nightmares. And they had left for a while when she was in my life.

I need to distract myself. I will play the piano. Heading out of my room and over to the Baby Grand, I take a seat and ponder what to play now. The song comes to me and I place my fingers on the keys to begin.

As the sound of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata fills the penthouse, my grey eyes break into tears as I play long into the night.

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