The memorial stood silent. The artificial sky was a bright blue and the sunlight gleamed against the white stone. The stone itself was carved into a humanoid shape. A figure clad in N7 armor. The face obscured by the carved helmet. Just below that was a silver plague. Upon it was inscribed a message.

In honor of Commander Shepherd

Hero of the Reaper War

The silence was due from a lack of visitors. Sure it got enough, but today was sparse. All save for one. A single solitary figure strode upon the grass stopping only at the monument's base.

"Hey Skipper." The voice was brief and soft.

A grown woman, human with long black hair. Normally she would be dressed in a blue military suit, an aftereffect of being on duty. But today she wore something different: a sepia toned sweater with simple blue jeans. To her family and friends, she was known as Ashley Williams, or Ash for short. However, if fate had been kinder, that last name may as well have been "Shepherd".

"I'm sorry I haven't been around." Ashley apologized, "I guess I was still in denial. About you know? Everything." Ashley had seen many things within the past two and a half years, some she normally wouldn't believe. She couldn't believe she was talking to a stone statue, not even a grave really. It was close enough she guessed.

"But I guess it's true. You're really gone this time." She spoke with acceptance and disbelief, all intertwined at once. A contradictory combination, but it fit at the time. "I had nightmares you know? I kept going back to the last moment I saw you. Remember that? Harbinger arrived, I was injured, you had me get on the ship. Said you would always love me."

She laughed, "God I sound so melodramatic." Ashley composed herself, "But it's the truth. It was a brief moment but I still think about it."

Her hands ran down, stopping at her belly, a swelled bump. "I also think about that night we shared. Before the Cerberus Base. If it wasn't for that..." She trailed off then smiled pleasantly. "Doctors say its a boy, still don't know what to name him." There were many options, part of her heavily considered her father's namesake. "You did it. You stopped them. You made it safe for this baby...thank you."

The small part of him that would always remain with her. "Well. I should get going, talk to your later Skipper...Shepherd." And with that she turned around and was gone. The monument stood silent once more.

A/N: Just something that I whipped up after replaying Mass Effect. Well, restarted to be more precise. Just how I imagine what happened after my Paragon Shepherd playthrough. I just hope I kept people in character.