so here I am!This is centric on if Klarion ever lost Teekl while their bond was severed, I just see Teekl as filling a sort of mother role to Klarion, seeing how his mother was a royal glitch in the comics, she literally tried to execute him! If you don't know how, then just read, and you'll guess ;)
and yes, what she did is cannon. There will be romance, but I haven't decided if it'll be with a male!OC or Fem!oc yet, I'll hold a pole once I introduce the two, seeing how they wil
l be twins, and the one not chosen will remain as a friend, although they might be secretly upset at first, we all need a bit of angst~
Disclaimer please~
Klarion:The midget-mortal does not own DC or any of it's cartoons,movies,or shows mentioned. the only thing she owns is the odd beings know as "OCs" which occupy this hare-brained tale.

Friday the 13,20...something.
I long since stopped counting the years in this dimension.I travel through the paradoxes so much i can't even gauge the year by my age anymore,well,physical age anyway. The years here pass like days, maybe months, else where.

I stare up at the ceiling,wondering what it is all about,as another chest rattling cough escapes from my parched lips, as my eyes water, and I roll onto my side.I clutch the pillow to my chest as i mentally prepare myself for the day.

I let the smooth silk of my sleeping pants,and dressing shirt pool around me in pearly, silken waves,the shirt as it is now called,(although in my time it was called a dressing gown) reaching just below my knees,and the shorts tying off in minute ruffles ,causing a slight puffed out look,just a few inches below the hem of my 'shirt',the only set I brought with me from my real home,not that I'd let anyone see me in it,the fools of this time would mock me.

My hair is down,the smallest pieces curling around my neck and ears,the longer,'point' forming hairs now hanging limply to about the middle of my shoulder blades unevenly.

My already pale complexion is now ashen,the hallows of my cheeks,and bags of my eyes,along with the almost imperceptible,lipstick-like,black line along my lips now sticks out startlingly dark.

This date lives in infamy for a chaos,and 'bad joo-joo' running rampant,cursing the crimes originally committed on this day,which is why I'm in this blasted predicament in the first much power rushing all at once,almost like the after effects of eating too much strawberry ice hurts me,makes me ill,sorta like a betrayal in the most cruelly humorous of ways.

That blasted Nabu is probably searching for me like a headless chicken, frantic, but that thought made me chuckle even if it did cause my some stinging aches in my 's no way I would foolishly attempt to leave in this state,I already know my 'comrades' would mock,if not take advantage,of this situation to get some pay back for a few measly pranks i may have used my chaos to pull on closest being to a friend I have here, besides Teekl, is the cruel Luthor...

If anyone said that my eyes looked remotely moist at the thought,I would dismiss them immediately,saying I was holding in a sneeze.
"Liar..."came Teekl's voice in to my feline sat upright on my night stand, tall and regal,eyes watching me closely.I love her dearly,but i would never admit that to the already pompous kitty.

"oh,shut up,you annoying tabby!"I snarl,throwing one of the spare pillows at her rather weakly,while she simply dodged,as she leaps onto my queen sized mattress,and began circling me.

"Why are you weeping?"she asked,even though my eyes and face are completely dry now,well,almost dry anyway.

"I'm not!Rather simply this cold,or what have you,is causing my sockets to water!"I growl,not realizing I had commenced,as Lex calls it,'the pout'.
She simply smiled in her odd way,before rubbing against my balled up form,pawing at the trapped pillow in my grasp,soon taking it's place in my arms,releasing loud,contented purrs into my chest as though trying to combat those that were caused by my coughs.

"I will excuse this lapse of strength,"she said,a elegant,yet laughing voice in my head,"as this 'cold' getting the better of you, my little lord."she punctuated her words with sand-paper like licks to my cheek.

I smiled softly to myself,"you and your cursed maternal instincts..."I laugh,letting my eyes slide closed,Teekl still held tightly to me.

the last thing to cross my mind as i break the link of our minds for rest is,"I would truly be lost without her..."as i let myself be taken to dreams,for once,not about flames licking at my skin,or the cries of hatred from my blood mother...instead i dream of my familiar,the far greater of any blood mother in my opinion...