Sequal to 'Ill Gain'

It had been ten Earthen years since the defeat of Mother Brain on SS-42. The Galaxy had been at peace.

It seemed as if a stronger blow than the Space Pirates were willing to admit was dealt to them, with the destruction of one of their larger teriminal transfer databases; Mother Brain, and the annialation of their project for cultivating the ultimate biological weapons.

Space Hunter designate 'SA' was almost lost during the ordeal, but demonstrated uncanny abilities beyond our nominal understanding, to weild her own bio-energy without the use of enhancements, to contain a massive neutron core that had been purposely distabilized to eliminate any evidence of their work, along with their long time nemesis.

Designate SA's terrain origins have been kept classified, as well as the project of repopulating the Terrain race of GV-4, but upon the once Space Pirate infested planet of SS-42.

The project has proven so far successful.

Dr. NtAl WurNg
Supervisor Daily Report; Concluded

A lifetime ago...

I don't feel the burning need to punish the universe for what happened billions of lifetimes ago; at least six billion, in fact.

My home planet, the one I took for granted, thinking that I would never know another. The planet I was born on, and should have been buried on, was gone. Nothing I do now will bring it back, nothing I could have done then would have saved it.

I've been shown that I couldn't let it end, that everything went further than my zealous need for vengence, than the overwhelming grief and agony I contained inside, unable to share it with anyone but my, at the time, emotionally dead sister, who was not capable of providing the comfort I needed at the time. Ironic, it is, when she ended up being the one that made me continue on. She was the one that gave me that spark of hope with the miracle of her concern, that I had much more to finish. That it was not about revenge; it was about vindication.

About justice.

Seventeen years. Seventeen Earth years since it all began. Even in peace, it must continue on. I, or any that come before me, will work our hardest, give our life, if necessary, to ensure that another senseless catastrophy befalls any other race as it did the Human Race, or the Chozo race prior that raised Samus-Sama. Just as the mantle was passed onto us, if even unwittingly, I so pass it on, too.

"Akane, Ranma, you may begin when ready."

Our latest project... to say... was quite a surprise.

That cursed Space Hunter hurt us a great deal, with its constant interferances. Using our own expiraments such as the Morph Ball against us, all but obliterating our network, and throwing our organization into upheaval.

But we rebuild. It takes time, but we rebuild.

It was an extreme gambit on our behalf, but it paid off, dearly. First plan was to eliminate our Space Hunter advisary by any means possible, while retaining our latest bio-weapon to use against the Galactic Federation. When that failed, it was to capture its corpse. If we couldn't settle for that, complete destruction.

What a generous favor she... yes, we now are positive that the Space Hunter is a female, one native to the dead planet GV-4, granted us, by leaving her seemingly worthless and heavily damaged armor behind when it was shed.

The seven-foot humanoid crusteasion with dark green armor walked with a slow gait over to two tubes, and looked upon one of them. Inside, lay a human woman, with chestnut brown hair with blond highlights that naturally grew from her.

"So generous, indeed," the latest commander of the Space Pirates hissed, in great satisfaction.