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Absolute bliss.

That warming emotion was the only thing the personification of Japan could feel at the exact moment and he was quite sure nothing could ruin it.

"Kiku-san, can you buy me some taiyaki?" The person of his affection looked away shyly at the question she asked and Japan gripped her hand tighter in response, "Mama gave me some money, so..."

"Of course, Kagome-chan," Japan smiled slightly at the young child that Higurashi-san had allowed him to take for an outing, "And do not worry about money. It will be my treat."

"Thank you, Kiku-san!" Kagome beamed up at the man, not noticing the light flush that crossed his cheeks because of her brilliant smile, "Can mine be chocolate!?"

"Anything you want, Kagome-chan." Japan squeezed her hand and he was sure his heart skipped a beat when she squeezed back. He was sure that he was displaying quite the inappropriate expression in the proceeding seconds, but he knew that he could not help it.

After all, no one could possibly understand the relationship he had with the Miko who would one day save his country hundreds of years in the past.

Sure, she was a child now, but time would pass and she would become the woman that he so adored–

"Kiku-san, what's a lolicon?"

"W-what?!" Japan gasped as Kagome's innocent question broke him from his thoughts and he stared down with wide brown eyes into blinking blue ones, "H-how do you know such an improper term, Kagome-chan!?"

Kagome blinked again and pointed at a couple of women, which Japan just noticed were whispering loudly with each other and giving him disgusted looks, "Those people were saying that you had a 'perverted' face," She wrinkled her nose at the unfamiliar tone, "And you are a 'lolicon' because of it."

Japan cleared his throat, desperately trying to ignore the disapproving women and patted Kagome on her head, "Do not fear, Kagome-chan," He said as calmly as he could while trying to maintain some sort of dignity, "I would never harm you in any way."

The child's bright smile almost had him choking and he could only wonder to himself if those women were actually right about him, "Okay! Can we get the taiyaki now?"

Oh, Kami-sama...

Maybe he was a lolicon.




(Though for Higurashi Kagome only.)