Chapter 5: Should've Worshipped Her Sooner

Abby looked over and couldn't stop the smile that fell onto her lips. She then leaned forward to use her lips and tongue to remove the bit of berry that clung to his upper lip. "You had a bit of something..." She blushed when she realized just how bold she had been. Her cheeks were a dark crimson.

Marcus then leaned over and cupped her cheek. "Thank you." He kissed her mouth tenderly. "I don't think I could make it in this life, on the Ground, without you." His mind flashed to all the times he had almost lost her-whether by his own hand or at the hand of others-and had to move closer to her. "I know that I never want to."

"That makes two of us." She hadn't had an easy time of it with her own choices landing her in trouble and with Clarke, so his constant presence helped to calm the ache inside her. She kissed him again.

He melted into the kiss and took great care to wrap his arm around her back as they shifted to laying down on the blanket. He loomed over her as their lips broke apart. "We should probably look at those stars now." He gave her lips a soft peck and shifted his body so that she could use his arm and shoulder as a pillow.

The stars seemed that much more beautiful now that they weren't in space with them. They could appreciate the words they'd read to describe them now in a way that they hadn't on the Ark.

She snuggled close to him, pointing upwards to one of her favorite constellations. She then curled her hand into his that he pressed over his heart. She let her eyes shift to him, watching him as he delighted in what it was he was experiencing. She knew that he had shared this special place with her, and now she knew just what she meant to him.

He could feel her eyes on him and held out as long as he could before shifting to meet her eyes. "What?" He teased.

"Nothing." She smiled and shifted her head so she could once again get lost in the stars with him.

The hours passed quickly-too quickly-and the moment found them passing through the gate of Camp Jaha. He hated to admit that he wanted this night to last forever. As he lead her right up to her door, he ached to pull her into his embrace and never let her go. He had been so lost in the thought of how to keep her in his company for longer that he almost missed that they were ducking into her quarters.

She turned to face him shyly as she lit the lamp with her free hand. "Stay..." Her hand slipped out of his and reached for the blanket and basket that he held in his other arm. She laid the basket gently on the floor and then the blanket on top of it. She slipped into his arms so easily that it wasn't lost on her that he had met her mouth half way.

Now they were kissing, her hands eagerly moved up his shoulders and into his hair as he lifted her from her feet and moved her toward her bed. He laid her down gently and covered her body with his own.

Neither of them certain of how they'd come to be divested of their boots and clothes, but here they lay completely naked in one another's embrace. And they had yet to take that next step.

Abby looked up into his eyes. Her lips parted as she began to speak. "I don't need you, Marcus. You know I don't. I'm capable on my own. I'm used to being alone...but I want you."

His fingers pressed to her lips, trying to silence her. "I know, Abby. I know." He replaced his lips with his fingers as he kissed her deeply. He had been lost in her all night. This moment had been inevitable. That much he knew, that much he would never take for granted.

She curled her body into his, pressing parts of her against parts of him. Maybe her earlier words were a lie she told herself, maybe they were the absolute truth. She didn't know. She didn't even care. They were as close as she had ever hoped they would be, and after everything that they had been together, she didn't want to stop. Not now. Not ever.

He shifted between her legs, entering her in a slow and deliberate way. His body quaked as he slipped deeper into her. This was everything he had ever hoped it would be.

She dug her nails into his side as he pushed deeper and deeper into her. Her back arched as her mouth fell open in a silent cry of desperate pleasure. She raked her nails upwards as they her hands wrapped around his shoulders. Her legs wrapped snugly around his hips, arching into him to bring him all the way home.

He cried out into her shoulder as his teeth and lips and tongue moved along her skin. He didn't know which he wanted-needed-most so he did all three. He would devour her if he could. His hips slowly began to pull from her only to push back into her at the loss of her. "Abby..."

The way their bodies moved together was as if they had always been made to be as one. Their cries and pants and kisses came naturally, came together, as their love making came to an end. Their lips crashed together for the final time as the pleasure overcame her body and pulled him with her.

They rolled to their sides with their eyes locked on one another. Her hand came up to move along his stubbled jaw. He moved his thumb along her bottom lip. He felt her lips press against it. He then turned his head and pressed his mouth to her pulse point.

"I love you."

Neither knew which said it first. Neither even cared. It was true in ways that only made sense to them. He moved in closer, wrapping himself around her and pulled her close. He buried his face against the span of her neck that met his shoulder. He breathed them in, unable to stop the smile that played against her sweaty, soft skin.

Her hand moved Into his hair, giving a slight tug. "The entire camp is going to know you spent the night."

He lifted his head, searching her eyes. "Should I leave?"

"I'll have you floated if you even dare to try," she teased. A chuckle rose up between them for a moment until their joined mouths silenced it.

Maybe Abby was wrong, she thought. Maybe she did need him after all. She curled into his body, tucking her head against his chest so she could hear his heart beat just beneath his ribcage.

He held her a little tighter, unable to risk this all being nothing more than a dream that he'd be forced to wake from.

They were in this together. No matter where it took them or how far away. Together was better than being alone. And it was as inevitable as the rising sun.