Warning: There is a reason for the horror label on this fic. This contains graphic tentacle hentai, so if that isn't your thing, I suggest you give this a pass. If not, enjoy what I think might be the only tentacle hentai fic for this archive.

"I guess this is what I get for being helpful…" Ruby whined as she put yet another dusty box back on the shelf in the storage warehouse under the campus proper. Professor Port had asked if somebody wouldn't mind running a few boxes down here for him, and go-getter that she was, Ruby had immediately volunteered… Her team on the other hand immediately deserted her with almost comical speed. That had left poor Ruby Rose, whose only crime had been wanting to be helpful, to carry all the boxes herself… "Well at least I'm done now…"

Freshly relieved of her load, Ruby took a moment to survey the space and satisfy her curiosity. She'd always wondered what sort of stuff got stored down here-

Her musings were interrupted by a low growl, and in an instant she had drawn and deployed Crescent Rose, Grimm? In the school?

Cautiously, Ruby walked deeper into the warehouse, ready to fight when she finally discovered the source of the ominous growling – that is until she discovered it, and wiped sweat from her brow in relief. It turned out that this was where Port also kept his Grimm enclosures, for against the far wall floor to ceiling were stacked huge pens housing various live Grimm behind thick metal bars or Dust-powered Energy fields. Breathing a sigh of relief, she leaned in to examine a caged nevermore the size of a parrot – the thing was almost cute really – and set Crescent Rose down, Realizing that she didn't need it.

That was when her nightmare began.

As Ruby had propped her weapon up against the adjacent enclosure and turned to the house-pet sized bird Grimm, she had failed to notice the shaft of her weapon depressing the 'release' button, causing the energy field on the much larger enclosure to flicker out.

Unbeknownst to the young huntress, eight black tentacles slithered out from their prison. They kept close to the floor as they lurched toward her feet, and by the time the little Nevermore squawked and she turned around, it was far too late. One of the arms wrapped about Crescent Rose and flung it aside, causing a loud clatter, while another surged forward with the speed of a striking serpent and coiled itself about Ruby's ankle, She screamed and tried to run, tapping her semblance for speed, but the tentacle's grip tightened, and she fell to the ground on her stomach dazed and winded as the rose petals fluttered helplessly to the floor. Groggily, she tried to get onto her hands and knees and crawl away – to find Crescent Rose – but the creature responded too fast, and no sooner was Ruby on her knees than had a second tendril bound her other leg. The writhing tentacles spread her legs wide as they pulled her back towards the mouth of the dark enclosure, and Ruby's eyes went wide in terror as she felt more of the tendrils slithering up her legs.

"N-no! Let go of me!" Her feeble protests came to nothing though, and her eyes widened in terror as the first slimy appendage slithered its way under her combat skirt and over the waistband of her leggings to caress the small of her back and leave a sticky wet trail, "p-please…"

But the thing didn't listen. Instead, the probing end of the tendril curved downward and worked its way under the waistband of her leggings, before continuing to slither back down over her panties. Ruby drew in a sharp intake of breath as it progressed between her legs from behind; it hugged her natural contours as it slid between her buttocks, and she winced as it moved over her maidenhood before emerging from the front of her skirt. Horrified, Ruby looked down to see the violating black thing prod the underside of her corset before curving down again, and with sudden force the whole slithering appendage tore back, ripping her skirt off and tearing open the section of her leggings between her legs.

Ruby's heart stopped, only to be jumpstarted and set hammering as the member returned, slamming into her pussy, tearing clean through her panties like tissue paper, and breaking something inside her all in one stroke.


Ruby's eyes squeezed shut as she felt the violating tentacle squirm and writhe inside her even as the little trickle of blood began dribbling down her thighs. It was like something was tearing her insides apart – but it felt good. As the tendril pulled out partway, and then thrust even deeper inside her, screams of terror gave way to involuntary moans, and the steady ramming in and out of her pussy drowned out the sensation of still more tentacles slithering about her stomach and under her corset, moving all the way up to curl about her petite breast; her nipples were hard from stimulation, and the sudden squeezing of her sensitive mounds drove the breath from her lungs. She couldn't help it as her hips began bucking in time with the thrusting tendril and moaning ever more loudly – there was a pressure building inside her now, something foreign to her experience, but she wanted to feel it more…

As she thought that, two more slimy appendages penetrated her, shooting forward from the dark and spiraling around the first. One plunged into her pussy as well, corkscrewing around the first and sending and avalanche of ecstasy through her and making the young huntress's legs tremble. The other drove into her ass, violently forcing its way into the tight orifice. Taken together, the force of these two latest violations knocked Ruby forward and her arms gave out, leaving her with her face to the floor as the tentacles coiling about her breasts tore her shirt open above her corset, exposing her soft flesh to the cold concrete floor. Undeterred, the tentacles continued to plow her ass and pussy, holding her backside above the floor as it jerked and gyrated in time with the thrusting tentacles.

Ruby's vision was blurry as she gave herself over to the mounting pleasure which kept rising inside her until she couldn't even feel the pain anymore, I'm… being raped… she thought dimly, by a Grimm… Yet she couldn't bring herself to care as the dam broke and her whole body tensed. Her back arched and she cried out in bliss, her body shaking as her juices gushed past the tentacles in her vagina, and then she went limp. Completely, utterly limp – her body lay there, but her mind had checked out, and on shameless display for the snarling Grimm that had played audience to her forced deflowering. Even then, the tentacles did not stop, but continued to plunge deep inside her as she lay their like a dead fish, and with each thrust, each successive orgasm, the creature stole more of her aura until Ruby lost consciousness entirely.

Ruby awoke some time later, curled up on the floor and shivering from prolonged contact with the cold floor. Weakly, she staggered back to her feet, struggling for balance as she staggered for the door, trying to cover herself with her cloak.

"The others... I... I have to warn them..."

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