Hello all, so remember what I said about focusing on one-shots in my last 'Playtime' update? Well that's still true, but there are a couple of exceptions that occurred to me since, and which I'd like to spell out here. The first exception, obviously, is this little number I have for you today, which I've opted to put on the end of 'Slithering Darkness' simply because it's actually set after the finale, so I figured 'why not?' Continuity and hat. That said, I may do more stuff involving tentacles in the future, but this is probably it for SD proper now. Might use Ursula gain, but separate from this.

Right then, the second exception that I need to address is Waking Nightmare. Granted, I don'tt have any chapters planned for it, but given that it's mostly a series about RP adaptations from Kiko and I at this point, we reserve the right to add to itt in the future as it strikes our fancy, even with OC hapters; you've been warned, and you don't have to touch it if you don't want to.

That should be all for the time being, so for now, I do hope you enjoy this last chapter for Slithering Darkness featuring the long-awaited Raven Branwen… As far as warnings go, I'm just going to say that this is one of the meaner chapters of the story, but if you dig that, enjoy~ Oh, and I've made a relatively minor changge toward the end - hopefully that might leave any returning readers with a slightly more desirable image...

Desolation was all that could be said of it really; Beacon, Vale, and surrounding settlements alike, All were lain to waste. Very little was destroyed, per se, except perhaps the dignity of the inhabitants, but that was enough, at least in Raven's eyes. .

As she walked into the Beacon academy grounds, Raven almost casually swung her sword to slay a pair of writhing monstrosities that had lain claim to what had once been a promising young huntress, who had now been reduced to womb-swollen whore of the Grimm. There were no people left here anymore – only monsters and their victims, long since beyond help. The only service to them that she could do now was to exterminate the unprecedentedly immense Ursula infestation once and for all. Occasionally she saw a moaning victim pressed up against a dormitory window, bulging breasts and stomachs telltale signs of their fate. No doubt given all this time unchecked, the Ursula would no doubt have concentrated their breeding stock in a few separate enclaves to ensure that none could slip away, but it was no matter; it would just make the monsters themselves easier to find…

She knew she was being watched as she progressed through the campus. Things were going far to smoothly for her not to have hundreds of eyes upon her. As yet though, none dared to challenge her. It was proof enough that the creatures were not wholly mindless, or at the least, were guided by a more cautious leader.

"Oh… hello there~"

Raven froze, scarcely believing she could have been caught off guard, until she recalled all the eyes that must be on her, and her stance relaxed again. Of course she'd be seen coming – but why was she being greeted by a human voice?

"My love doesn't appreciate you killing our children…" The voice added as Raven turned to face the young, very pale, very contaminated young huntress behind her, "There's no need to be so uncivil…"

Raven stared her down, "Your love?"

"But of course… She sends me as a warn-," The pail girl's face contorted with a gasp, and she slumped against the wall. She shuddered, thighs trembling as a set of small black tentacles emerged from her vagina.

Raven's grip on her sword tightens as she catches on, not lowering her guard for a second even as the pale girl slumped to her knees, touching herself wantonly as she awaited this latest of countless birthings. More revolting than the vulgar display itself though, was the way that this girl who had sunk to such denigration as to enjoy her blighted state. Repulsive. Clearly, she was beyond help…

"Give me the thing,"

Weiss was mortified and clutched it to her breast, "No! I won't let you hurt my baby!"

"That thing is a monster, and must be disposed of…" Raven presses the tip of her sword under Weiss's chin, "Cooperate, and perhaps I can take you to a hospital where your defilement may be healed…"

Weiss swats the blade away from her face, clutching her Grimmling all the more tightly with a whimper, "She's going to hurt us… She's going to kill us… NO!"

The vents in the ceiling overhead groaned and buckled with an influx of weight, and Raven was forced to turn and acknowledge the new threat rather than the wretched Grimm-mother before her. In the next instant, the ceiling exploded with a flood of black tentacles, all surging her way. Without hesitation, Raven raised her sword to cleave the horrendous limbs, rousing a cacophony of shrieks and bellows. Triggering her aura to activate the Dust in her sword, Raven swings again, letting loose a pyroclastic wave, demolishing the infested walls and ceiling. Squealing and shrieking horrors withdrew still further, but that mattered little. It was clear to the huntress that she would have to raze the whole campus to the ground, and so she left the girl sobbing and clutching her repugnant offspring… for now. .

Raven moved methodically through the academy that she herself had once called home, purging the Grimm as she went until she arrived outside the ballroom, where the most, loudest moans could be heard, and she steeled herself. Raven removed her mask and cast it aside – she didn't need a hindered field of vision for this, and the least she could do as the former students and staff went was to look them in the eye if it should become necessary to deal with them… No sooner had she done so than a mass of Ursula cconvverged upon her from all sides, and so again she took a fighting stance. She'd slain their kind before and she'd do itt again, As much as it would take. They fell in threes and fours before her blade. They wilted before her like so many parched roses, and one step – one slash – at a time, she laid them to waist as she had come to do. It was a savage dance of steel and blood, resolute and unstoppable….


Raven glanced down at her foot, noticing that her boot had come down on an infantile Grimmling. She felt no pity – but where had it come from? She could have sworn that it had only been the more mature beasts that had surrounded her… But then, another Grimmling fell to the floor before her, and she looked up, eyes going wide, just in time to bear witness as a torrent of the small writhing Grimm deluged from a rent in the ceiling above.

Raven's hand jerked up to tear the first writhing little horror from her hair, but itt was an ultimately meaningless gesture as literally hundreds of the creatures fell upon her from above. She swung her sword frantically, killing dozens, but scores soon followed to replace them. Every curl of her hair, every fold of her clothes, it all served as purchase for the crawling monstrosities, and she couldn't possibly throw them from her fast enough. As the tiny creatures' tentacles wriggled between her fingers she lost her grip on her sword and it clattered to the floor where it was swallowed by the unholy mass of red eyes and tentacles. They wre in her hair, down her shirt and between her breasts, tentacles flicking over her nipples, but the humiliation was nothing next to the horror she felt as she felt the first little, slimy tentacles slip between the back of her leggings and her bare skin. "N-No…"

Everything else faded away as she felt that first slithering violator crawl into her panties, snugly squirming against her ass. All her years of experience, her entire stony façade, all of it deserted her as she felt the slender protrusion squirming up into her ass. She dropped to her knees, skin crawling. She doubled over, moaning in discomfort as multiple tentacles penetrated her ass and slowly began to heave the creature's body inside her through the tight orifice. Trembling, Raven reached back to try and pull the monster out of her, but by the time her hand had been humiliatingly thrust into her pants, the last vestiges of the slimy critter had vanished into her curvaceous ass. She jerked as the fist-sized creature's body pressed against a bundle of nerves inside her, sending involuntary waves of pleasure coursing through her to mingle with the pain and denigration. She doubled over, holding herself up just barely on her hands and knees, and the frenzied creatures smelt blood, so to speak, and literally hundreds of tendrils reached up to the waistband of her leggings and stripped them down to her knees…

"P-please no…" Raven whimpered, wide eyed as she collapsed into a fetal position, her clenched thighs doing nothing to deter the swarming little Ursuli. They tumbled all over each other and fought bitterly to be the first to violate the huntress's womanhood, but eventually one was victorious, spreading her folds with it's limbs and pushing it's undulating mass into her vagina. Raven jerkily rolled onto her back and screamed as her walls spread around the creature, but the hole wasn't given the chance to relax, as a second – and third – creature quickly forced themselves inside her as well. Her vision blurred as Ursula after Ursula violated her, each one more eager than the last to reach her womb, so many that Raven lost count of how many claimed her womb as their nest, but by the time it was done, she lay on the flor, naked, her stomach swollen and undulating as the parasites fought inside her for dominance. Her chest heaved and she moaned in disgusted, unwilling pleasure, her only solace being the sight of the receding mass of remaining Ursula for whom there was no room left within her body…

"Auntie Raven… This wouldn't have happened if you weren't so mean~"

Raven's drooping eyelids shot wide open in horror; she knew that voice… Summer…

"You've gone and hurt so many of my poor babies…" Ruby chided as she moved into Raven's view.

She looked so much like Summer – at least at first – but then the bleariness cleared from Raven's vision… Summer was dead… Raven remembered that much… but the girl over her looked so much like her… Except… Her breasts… large… too large… for her frame… and as the bleary-eyed huntress's gaze tracked lower down the girl's body, her mouth went dry. Where such a fair girl should have sported lithe and supple legs, this girl was balanced atop a ponderous, slimy black mass of flesh and tentacles.

"I-Impossible… Y-You're… not… You're a monster…"

The thing that was not Summer's expression soured, and it's tentacles curled in displeasure, "I'm not the one killing someone else's precious little ones… You're the monster…"

"N-No…" Raven gasped, horrified as the hybrid abomination that looked so, so much like her lost love placed it's revolting hand upon her swollen stomach, and suddenly it was as though the swarm of parasitic grim inside her had been roused to a frenzy. Raven screamed as her insides felt as though they turned inside out. Raven could feel her aura draining – sinking like a stone – and her womb strained, her belly swelling still more, the horrible creatures feeding on her aura and growing within her.

"No! NO! NOOOO!"

Raven thrashed, but the half-human abomination bound her limbs with it's tentacles, and it wasn't long before the once powerful huntress had spent all the strength left to her. Raven grunted in agony as the now-enlarged Grimmlings began to force their way out of her the way that they had come. What had once been a writhing fist being forced inside was now as a small melon stretching vastly beyond what nature ever intended as it forced it's way free of her body. Raven gasped as the first of over a dozen squirming monstrosities extricated itself from her pussy, all while the hybrid thing held her there, helpless as she was forced to re-birth the wretched things. Each one wiped her mind blank as it spread her, leaving her to whimper pathetically as her walls rapidly contracted behind them, only to be stretched again almost immediately. She sobbed as a trickle of blood mingled with arousal slicked down her thighs as it happened over and over, until the final aberration was expelled from her body – the last heaving itself out of her ass, making her loose an earsplitting scream.

"There there… didn't that feel good?" Ruby giggled over the limp and breathless form of her troublesome 'Auntie,' "Now you're ready~"


"To be like me~" Ruby chuckled, before letting out a low moan as a horrible orifice opened where once her womanhood might have been, had she not become this… thing… Raven could only watch in horror as three long, thick, ribbed tendrils emerged from the orifice, The girl astride the black mass of tendrils shuddering in perverse pleasure all the while, "You'll see… it feels good…"

Raven opened her mouth to scream again, but was silenced by the smallest of the three members instantly plugging her mouth and plunging down her throat, making her gag. Feebly, she tried to bite down in retaliation,, but her jaw went slack soon enough as the second tendril slammed into her stretched and vulnerable ass. Raven quivered in Ruby's grasp, knowing full well what was coming next as the first two pulsating members slithered deeper and deeper inside her. Ruby's eyes shimmered red as she lifted Raven to meet her gaze, relishing her torment as the last, by far thickest of her members rubbed against Raven's folds, luxuriating in the dominance as only a Grimm could. Tears welled up as the Huntress resigned herself to her fate – there was no escape now.

Raven's body convulsed, and then limply jerked as the massive girth finally penetrated her. Huge as it was, she'd already been so stretched that what should have made her tear merely forced her to stretch a little more as it impaled her womanhood. Each thrust deeper shook her body like a ragdoll, her breasts bouncing and hair swaying with the force. The ribbed surface of the writhing column in her pussy forced her to feel wave upon wave of pleasure despite her horror and humiliation, her helplessly stretched walls pulsing around the mighty shaft as the head reached her womb and created a visible bulge in her stomach. Then, to Raven's half-aware surprise, Ruby released all her limbs save one wrist, by which she hung the huntress, leaving Raven's other limbs to dangle limply as her body was bounced upon the revolting inseminators. It wasn't as though they would do her any good though – Raven didn't have the strength to move, and the will to resist was swiftly departing her as well.

Then the tendril pulled back from her mouth. Over a foot of it pulling out of her until only the head remained, barely accommodated in her, but she'd learned better than to hope by then, and in the next heartbeat, it slammed back down her throat. Raven shuddered, almost not realizing as the tentacle violating her curvaceous ass followed suit, though she couldn't avoid the feeling as it impaled her all the deeper on the return stroke.

N-No… no… Raven silently pled to whatever gods were listening as she felt the third, greatest girth slowly pulling back through her pussy, each successive ribbed section that withdrew sending waves of stimulation over her afresh, P-Please… no more… So… so… GOOOOOOD!

She was not to be spared, and the tremendous girth plowed back into her at full force just as it seemed as though it might be removed from her body. Gradually, the thrusting into her every orifice transitioned from a progression of turns to a synchronized pace as Raven's mind finally broke, completely submitting to the pleasure of the flesh.

Ruby giggled deliriously as she drew Raven's body closer to her own with her tentacles, "I told you it feels good…"

Ruby squeezed her victim's breasts, playing with her like a new toy. She growled with sadistic pleasure at the sight of Raven's broken will etched on her face, a mask of release and submission all in one. Ruby nipped at each of the despoiled Huntress's nipples, eagerly anticipating the milk she would soon claim from her new plaything. She tickled that one special bundle of nerves to watch the way it made Raven shiver, tremble, and cum over and over and over again. Ruby grinned against Raven's neck as she herself shuddered in pleasure now, three bulges emerging from her and swiftly moving down the lengths of her members, "Welcome to the family Auntie~"

A flood of seed and mutagenic ooze entered raven's every hole as Ruby continued to play with her body. Her hips bucked between the huge tentacles in her ass and pussy as she animalistically struggled for more, more, more pleasure, only making the second flow to be pumped into her all the faster. It wasn't long before the seed began to swell her womb, but still it kept coming, time and again, for what felt like an unending marathon of pleasurable violation, until that last volume was pumped into her. Where all the other loads had felt warm – almost soothing – this last stung, burning in a manner that at once seared her insides and pleasured her as never before. As Ruby's tentacles finally began to withdraw, Raven felt her cervix immediately seal, retaining the full load of seed deposited within Raven's body, and the tight ring of muscle in Raven's ass similarly contracted of it's own accord to prevent the expulsion of the foreign matter which had entered her body as she was dropped to the ground before Ruby, coughing and spluttering…

Raven convulsed, arms shaking as she clutched herself, although, perhaps it was inaccurate to call her body her own anymore. There was pressure… all throughout her – but mostly in the pit of her stomach and her breasts. Her nipples were hard and erect as her skin began to feel tighter, and then the huntress's breasts began to visibly swell. Raven's stomach grew in tandem as the vile seed of Grimm began to grow into innumerable tiny writhing monstrosities inside her, the first squirming it's way out of her pussy within moments.

Then, as her body had fully begun to bear what would prove to be a nigh-unending brood for her new mistress, Raven dimly felt her boddy being caressed by the tendrils again, lifting her from the ground, "Now Auntie… just a little longer…" Ruby giggles, stroking Raven's clit with one hand and reaching to one of the elder fallen Huntress's breasts, squeezing a nipple between two fingers and tugging until milk spurted from the substantially engorged teat, "You'll be like me~"

Raven felt the tips of dozens of tentacles brushing against her, just twixt her legs, but none would take her again – it was as though they were watching – waiting. And then it hit her. Again her insides burned, and she let out a groan, then a cry. Creeping black ooze began to seep from her vagina, steadily expanding and coating her thighs, reaching ever further to consume her knees, then the full length of her long, full legs. At long last Raven emitted a piercing scream, several black tendrils emerged from her sex rather than entering her now, and were swiftly followed by more as her lower body transmuted into the sable mass of the horrible Grimm that Ruby herself had become. When she was released again, almost gently this time, Raven was balanced upon the undulating black mass of Ursula flesh which had come of her lower body, glimpsed beyond the enlarged mounds of her breasts, while her stomach had returned to its shapely and slender caste in the course of her transformation. She had become just as Ruby had... W-What have I become-, "AAAAH!" She jerked backward, collapsing against ruby as newborn Ursula resumed their egress from her body, now departing her from the same orifice from which Ruby's members had come, where her human womanhood once had been, "Y-YESSSS!"

"Now now…" Ruby drew Dear Auntie close, laying an arm over her shoulder and several tentacles about her waist as she reached down to stroke Raven's belly, "I think you'll like it here… I'm sure Yang would love to see you…"