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Disclaimer: I have to say to it once: I OWN DIGIMON!!MEMEME!!!!! *Gets slapped with a million law suits * Owwwwww….apparently I don't. Enjoy the fic while I get some thing for my bruises *Walks off limping.* Dang… those suckers hurt. MIMATO!!!


"Is that the last one?" Mr.Ishida asked as he loaded the third pink satchel into the back off the van. "All except my makeup bag." Mimi said pointing to a small suitcase. "I packed light." Mr. Ishida just sighed, as Mimi giggled and hopped into the van. He had invited all the digidestined and their parents on a ski trip to his brothers ski resort for the week. Unfortunately the parents couldn't come until the weekend, so all nine of them were crunched into the van.

Matt sat in the passenger seat thinking. The Mt.Tobadi ski resort was one of his favorite places to go, even since the time he was young. He could relate to the ice and cold. Matt was glad his dad had thought of this. Spending an entire weekend with Tk and Joe and Mimi….He cracked a smiled at this thought. After having a crush on her for over 2 years, Matt was finally ready to tell her how he felt. Now if he could only get the chair lift to malfunction……….

*A while later*

"When are we going to get there?" Mimi whined from the back seat. "Calm down" Izzy said, "We won't be there for another," typed a few keys on his keyboard. "Another 3.92463 hours. "Matt turned to face Izzy. "You actually brought that thing? On a ski trip?" "Of course," he replied. "It's vital to my existence and it just might come in handy." Matt just rolled his eyes and returned to staring out the window. "I think I'm allergic to snow," he heard Joe say from the back seat.

Approximately 3.92463 hours later

The group arrived at the ski lodge later that night, tired from the days drive. "We're here everyone." Mr.Ishida stated, waking his sleeping passengers. "SNOW!" Tk and Kari cried and unison. The pair immediately jumped out of the van and started making snow angels. The teens laughed at the younger members antics. Mr.Ishida looked at the darkening skies over head." We'd better get inside everyone. Looks like a blizzards heading our way." As if to punctuate his words, a cold wind began to blow, making the kids shiver and head toward their private cabin.

"Matt!" Izzy pounded on the bathroom door. "It's really not necessary to comb your hair before you go to bed!" "I'll be out in a few minutes." "That's what you said an hour ago," Izzy grumbled. Matt ignored this comment and continued brushing. He was sharing a room with his dad and Izzy, and all 6 boys were sharing a bathroom. ' Lucky girls', Matt thought, 'They get their own.' He wished Tk could have bunked with him, but his dad could still be violent some times, and Matt didn't want Tk getting hurt. "MATT!!" Izzy's voice broke his train of thought. He stepped out of the bathroom "It's all yo…"He didn't get to finish his sentence, however, as Izzy had already run into the bathroom and locked the door. Matt just walked to his bed and fell asleep almost instantly.

* The next day *

A fresh layer of snow met the digidestined upon arising the next morning, just waiting to be frolicked in. As soon as breakfast was over they hit the slopes, starting off on the bunny hills and working their way up.

As Matt glided down the mountain towards Mimi, he noticed Tai and Sora wedging large figure 8's in the powder, weaving in and out, until you got dizzy just watching. "Show off!" Matt yelled to his best friend. "Think you can do better?" Tai challenged from below him. Matt winked at Mimi and asked, "Care to try?" She just giggled and the pair were soon zigzagging around trees and performing other stunts like a pair of acrobats. This only spurred the competition until both groups collided, sending them sprawling and laughing in the snow.

As the laughter died down, Matt noticed Mimi staring at him. He cleared his throat, which made her turn around, blushing furiously. Matt offered her a hand up, and she found herself staring into his cool, azure eyes. His eyes locked with hers and the pair became oblivious to the world around them. Their tender moment was interrupted by a rumbling and someone yelling "Avalanche!"


"Avalanche!" Mr.Ishida's voice carried up the mountain. It wasn't until they heard this that the couple realized how far behind they had gotten, with the snow cascading towards them. Quick as a flash, the pair turned on their heels and sped down the hill, trying to stay out of the snows clutches.

Tk and Kari had been racing each other when Tk's ski had gotten caught on a tree root. They had been unable to get it free and now that the snow was growing closer, were more frantic than ever. Tk told Kari to go on with out him but she refused, leaving Tai screaming her name down below. Luckily, Matt noticed his brother in need and hurried over to help. Digging out his Swiss army knife (Gotta love those boy scouts), and began sawing furiously at the root. The root gave way just as the snow was about to swallow them up. " GO! Hurry!," he said, pushing the younger kids forward. Matt, however, didn't get up in time and was carried away in the snow. As he was struggling to stay above the surface, he suddenly felt a jolt and a wave of pain as his leg collided with a tree, shattering the bone. Matt felt as if his leg was on fire, but found the world going fuzzy as he left consciousness, sinking in a sea of snow and pain.

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