Summary: How do others react to Hermione being Harry's bonded soulmate?

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seeing the reaction to the Weasley's learning Hermione was Harry's soul-mate would be priceless, especially Ginny since she would fly off the handle. That and a glimpse into their future would have been interesting and finding out what they planned to do for a future

And another review by Sakura Lisel on FFnet

…show what everyone elses reactions to just WHO Harrys mystery soul mate is … how Molly, Ginny and Ron are going to take it? Especially RON when he discovers the girl hes fancied, and probably been dating up until now and was probably planning to marry himself when he got up the courage to ask, is no longer available to him? Take it as bad as Ginny did? Or be mature for once and let it go?

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~ooO Unknown Then Found – Reactions Ooo~

Ginny Weasley refused to admit it but she was brooding. For as long as she could remember she had dreamt of meeting Harry Potter, becoming Mrs Harry Potter, Mrs Ginny Potter, Lady Ginevra Potter. And she had been so close!

No! That was not the way to think. She had to pull herself together and talk to Harry. Make him understand no one would be a better Mrs Potter than she would. Ginny's expression darkened into a forbidding glower. She would have to make sure that any interloping female understood that, and backed off.

Like most self-centered creatures, Ginny completely ignored the part about a soulmate bond being binding. In her eyes, the Ministry clerk was an idiot who made a mistake, perhaps even deliberately because he had some female relative who he wanted to introduce to Her Harry!

She huffed and changed, taking extra care with her clothes and make-up — she wanted to be alluring but not desperate. Then she sent downstairs to the fireplace and cast a pinch of floo powder into the flames which promptly turned green.

"Twelve Grimmauld Place," she said just before stepping in.

Only this time something completely unexpected happened. She bounced out of the fireplace and sat down hard on the floor!

Did she say the address wrong? No. She had done it many times without any issues, so she tried again. And again. And again. By the end of the fourth time she was covered in soot and scorch marks.

"Ginny, what's wrong dear?"

"There's something wrong with the Floo. I can't go to Harry's place."

Molly Weasley bustled over and tried to Floo herself and failed. She turned to her husband. "Arthur, there's something wrong with the Floo."

Arthur Weasley was sharper than his wife and daughter. "There's nothing wrong with the Floo. Harry's blocked it."

Molly blinked. "There must be some mistake. Harry would not block his fiancée and future mother-in-law."

Arthur snapped. "Molly, be silent." Molly hissed as Olde Magick forced her to obey. "Ginny is not going to marry Harry. He has a soulmate who he is bonded to."

"Harry wants to marry me!" Ginny screamed. "He asked me!"

"But he can't enter a magical marriage," Arthur pointed out harshly. "Any children you have would be considered illegitimate. He has to marry his bonded soulmate." He turned to his wife. "Molly, I don't want you going over to Grimmauld Place or sending howlers. You might feel Harry is a seventh son but he's not. We have no legal or moral rights to influence his decisions or choices. He needs to do what he must to keep his ancestral legacy intact."

"But he loves me," Ginny whimpered.

Arthur wondered how much of it was true and how much was due to the boy just going along with what everyone else wanted.


Ron Weasley was sulking. All his grand plans had collapsed the moment word got out, that Ginny was not marrying Harry. He had been banking on becoming Harry Potter's brother-in-law. No one would dare to refuse him anything. And they hadn't. For the weeks leading up to the break-up, Ron had been throwing his weight around, getting free meals, free drinks, complimentary goodies and stuff, and generally living the high life. The moment it got out everything dried up, even free drinks at the Leaky.

Ron had tried to Floo Harry, to make him understand this was just a huge misunderstanding, and Kingsley could fix it if Harry just talked to him. He ended up being bounced off the Floo like his mum and Ginny. When he Apparated to Grimmauld Place the wards were up and the townhouse was sealed up tight. Even owls could not get in.

Ron could already feel the pressure at work. His team leader was coming down on him hard for not following proper procedure, nitpicking on the small stuff. This would never have happened if Harry didn't break-up with Ginny.

"Susan, did you know Harry Potter just registered his wedding banns?"

"Hannah, you should not be talking about this in public."

"It doesn't matter. He said he was going to publish the betrothal right after."

"That's pretty quick. He was dating and planning on marrying Ginny Weasley just a few days ago." Susan sounded surprised. So was Ron.

"Not really. He's been friends with her for years. I am surprised neither of them realized they were bonded. They make sense, being soulmates."

"Who is she?"

"I'm not telling. You can find out when the evening paper is published."

Ron debated the odds of finding out exactly who Harry was going to marry. He decided to wait for the paper. He did not need another black mark on his record if he leaned on Hannah Abbot and she complained.

He knew his father would get a copy of the evening edition so he Apparated to the Burrow the moment his shift was done.

He arrived just minutes before the owl delivering the paper and snatched it up, flipping through the pages quickly to the announcements section. His uncharacteristic action drew the attention of his parents and Ginny who were in the kitchen, getting ready for supper.

"What is it Ron?"

Ron didn't respond to his mother's casual inquiry. Blood rushed to his face, purpling his visage as he struggled to contain his temper and failed.

"That son-of-a-bitch! He's marrying Hermione!"


"Harry's marrying Hermione!"

Arthur was quick to cast calming and petrifying spells to restrain his wife and children. It would not do for any of them to attack Harry or Hermione. He knew Ron was on shaky ground at work and being arrested for assaulting Harry Potter Was Not Good. And attacking Hermione for something that was entirely out of her control… Arthur didn't want to admit it but his wife and daughter were capable of just that. It had to be the Prewett blood.


Poppy Pomfrey was the first one to spot the discreet betrothal announcement in the evening edition of the Daily Prophet. She was quick to make copies of the particular page and pass them out to the Hogwarts staff. Minerva cackled when she read her copy.

"Pay up!" she demanded, "I told you they were perfect for each other."

Irma Pince huffed. "I'm surprised the Weasley chit let him escape without a lawsuit. She was very determined to get her claws into him even when she was still a Firstie."

Filius Flitwick, who was the fastest reader, spotted it first. "Miss Granger and Mr Potter are soulbonded. He founded out when the wedding banns could not be registered."

"Figures. The boy's too dense to spot a good thing in front of his nose," Pomona Sprout murmured as she re-read the lines.

The next several minutes were spent passing around galleons and settling debts.

Severus Snape's portrait insisted on his portion being earmarked to refurbish the Potions classroom equipment.

Albus's portrait was sulking since he had bet on Ginny Weasley.

Snape smirked at the irked former Headmaster. "I hate to admit it but Potters prefer the smartest and brightest witches. Ginevra is neither." He glowered. "If only the brat had gotten his act together before I died. I could have spent my winnings on some quality Firewhiskey!"


Hermione sighed and snuggled closer to Harry, her fiancé. Hermione Potter. Mrs Harry Potter. Mrs Hermione Potter. Lady Hermione Potter. Each iteration made the smile on her face that much warmer and deeper.

"What are you thinking about?"

She loved the way his voice almost surrounded her in the dark. There were definite advantages to sharing a curtained four-poster bed with a lover.

"Just testing my new name," she told him. "Mrs Hermione Potter."

Harry snorted softly. "Just don't do it around Ginny until we're married. I wouldn't put it past her to attack you."

Hermione sobered. "Ginny would scheme to get me out of the way without being implicated herself. Ron would attack me."

He ran a slightly callused hand down her side. "You never told me why you broke up. Ron just went purple and ranted and raved whenever I tried to talk to him."

Hermione was silent for a bit as she gathered her thoughts. "I lost my temper and told him I wasn't going to quit my job to be his broodmare and housekeeper. That I only wanted one child because he would be as demanding as a second child."

Harry was stunned silent for a few seconds before he burst out laughing. "How about this: you have the babies and I'll stay at home and be the at-home parent. Like those Muggle men who stay at home… house-husbands."

She shifted slightly in his arms and he could not resist a wandless Lumos to see her face.

"You don't mind? Staying at home and not working?"

"I can't say that I won't be working. I'd definite be doing some independent self-study course in whatever interests me. And you know I can afford to not work. In fact, if you want to study and not work, that's fine too. I'll support any choice you make. I just want to be your husband and a father."

She bit her lower lip. "I'd like to do what we talked about first: travelling for a year-or-so, just the two of us."

"Then I'll get started on planning that extended honeymoon. The Black and Potter estates have plenty of assets and employees outside Britain. We can use them in our around-the-world trip. Do you want to start going west or east?"

Hermione laughed. "Why don't we do what Phineas Fogg did."

"You mean like that book? Around the world in eighty days?"

"Exactly. First to Egypt. Then to India. Then Hong Kong. Then Japan. Then America."

She could see his enthusiasm awaken. "I'll ask Sharpfang to prepare a list of assets."

"I'll begin researching things we can do and places we can visit. In both the Muggle and Magical sides."

Hermione sighed happily and snuggled deeper into his embrace. She was absolutely, positively certain that Harry Potter was going to make her the happiest witch alive. Books, travel, freedom to study or work as she pleased, a husband willing to be a more than equal partner in raising their children… Oh yes, Hermione Potter was definitely going to be the happiest witch alive.


The End.


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