Hiya there, everyone!

I'm publishing this tiny author's note to announce some exciting news. This story has been nominated for the Profiler's Choice Awards 2015, to compete over the best crossover -story title! I have NO IDEA who nominated this but THANK YOU! No matter what happens in the actual poll I'm insanely happy and flattered about this massive honor.

ALSO, I've been nominated to compete over the best overall author title. Which is a even bigger honor! That you guys read my lil' stories and seem to think so highly of them, and my skills... It warms my heart more than you could ever imagine. So THANK YOU! This is amazing!

Do go and check out all the nominees! The poll will be open until February 29th.

Once again, thank you! You guys are AMAZING and it's a joy to type to you. Who knows, maybe we'll cross paths one day. (grins) Until then, take care!

With a humble bow and a ridiculously happy smile,