Dean opened the door to the hotel room he shared with his brother.

"Dean! Oh thank God you're here!"

Dean looked up as his brother came running at him. Sam grabbed his arm stopping behind him. "Sam?"

"There's a clown in the bathroom!" Sam yelled raising a shaky arm and pointing to the bathroom across the room. "It tried to have tea with me!"

Dean let out a little laugh turning to look up at his too tall of a baby brother thinking that he was trying to pull one on him. But seeing the scared look on Sam's face and how he was on the verge of tears made Dean's smile drop. Maybe Sam wasn't kidding. And nothing was allowed to hurt his brother. Not even a clown that wanted tea. Dean reached behind his back pulling his pistol from his waist band. Cocking it he slowly walked over to the bathroom Sam keeping a hold of the back of his light blue jacket.

Dean grabbed the door handle raising his free hand he counted down on his fingers. "On three, one…two…" Dean yanked the door open stepping inside the overly small bathroom. First look there was nothing but Dean saw that the curtain was pulled closed and since it was black to match the dark towels he couldn't see though.

Dean's heart started to pump harder as he pulled the curtain back. Seeing nothing until he looked at the bottom of the tub, there in the bottom was an old dirty stuffed clown with a plastic face. Dean reached down picking it up for a closer look. The weight that was his brother holding on to the back of his jacket was lifted causing Dean to turn around.

"Sam?" Dean called out as he walked out of the bathroom. The front door was now wide open his brother nowhere to be seen. "Really?" He asked looking down at the doll in his hand, it's body looked like a scarecrow in bright orange overalls. It's face would be scary to children…and his brother. It was funny to Dean how whenever Sam saw a clown his imagination ran wild. "Well, I can't really blame him. You are one fugly little bitch."

"So are you Dean."

Dean looked down at the clown doll, it looked up at him with an evil smile on its face with tiny razor sharp teeth. It turned its head with intent to bite Dean's hand. "Holly shit!" Dean yelled dropping the doll on the carpet.

"Ouch!" The clown yelled standing up. "That wasn't very nice of you Dean." He said looking up at Dean.

"Yeah, so said the clown that just tried to bite me!" Dean told the small clown doll raising his gun he fired hitting the clown in his plastic head. The clown flew backwards stopping a few feet away as it landed against the wall next to the open front door.

Dean went over to the clown and picked the limp doll up by its sting bean legs and carried it outside. After grabbing the salt and lighter fluid from the Impala he dropped the clown doll to the pavement. It landed face first making a small pop noise. After Dean sprinkled the salt and lighter fluid on it he tossed a match on him. He watched as the clown went up in flames. He waited until the doll was almost crispy nothing. Now he needed to go find his brother and let him know that he had killed the evil thing. Dean smiled, proud of himself...he was such a great big brother.

Where did Sam go? And where did that stupid clown doll come from besides from my crazy mind? And Dean's fear is up next!

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