Some of you might recognise the title from a certain GKM fill. It is a rebooted version of that story that I'm editing with a help from my beta – hkvoyage! Beside editing I'm adding here some new material, so for the ultimate experience I highly recommend reading the version below.

To all new readers – I hope you'll enjoy my take on Dom/sub AU with a couple of twists!

Since I have many chapters ready or in the editing stage, the updates will be fairly often until I catch up to the gkm version and set each month, so you'll know when to check them out. In February the next posting dates will be: 17th, 22nd & 26th.

"Gooood morning New Favilla! It's 8am! This is Harry Devon-"

"And Sara Verra! With a bunch of gossip!"

"Only yesterday Sebastian Smythe announced he's changing his Sub. Again! Fans should hate him for breaking so many hearts, but they can't help but love him for his latest role as Joker in Batman: Shadow of the Innocent."

"Speaking of which, its director, Abrams, is delighted to share some secrets of his blockbuster's sequel he's already planning - Batman Reincarnation: Revenge of Robin. It seems it will introduce a new charac-"

The shrilly voice of Sara Verra and overexcited tenor of Harry Devon were cut off by Kurt, who finally found the radio alarm clock's off button without opening his eyes. He couldn't remember why he set his alarm clock for earlier time than usual. Maybe he wanted to go jogging before work? Groaning, he eased himself from the bed and was sure he wasn't in the mood for running this morning.

Feeling terrible never justifies looking terrible, so Kurt spent the extra time selecting clothes that would improve his mood. He was buttoning up his deep green shimmery shirt while chewing on a banana when he noticed his AniBot blinking at him.

"Any interesting new emails, Pav?" He asked looking at the slick robotic bird perched on the table. Pavarotti was his personal favourite prototype of AniBots – animal-shaped toy bots. They were mainly sold as toys but could be very useful with the proper software installed. There was only this one model of Pavarotti so far, but Kurt was determined to convince his bosses to include it in the new official line of AniBots for the next year.

"You've got two new emails. One from Finn and one from Dr Jordan" Pav chirped.

Dr Jordan? Should I know this name? Kurt thought. "Read Finn's first." he requested.

"Hi Kurt! I know our last meeting didn't go too well, but I really think you could use talking to someone about you-know-what. I gave your address to Dr Jordan, so expect an email from her. My friend recommended her as a really good psychiatrist. Anyway, Rachel says hi and she will send you tickets for her new show next month. She's sending two – just in case you wanted to invite someone maybe?

Please, keep contact with me, brother!


"Next mail is from Dr Jordan,"Pav chirped after a short pause.

"Dear Mr Hummel, I'm-"

"Delete it," Kurt interrupted quickly.

"Email deleted. No new emails." Pav blinked last time before closing his beady eyes.

Kurt stood for a moment checking if he packed everything for work. Then he remembered something. He walked sternly towards the mirror hanging in the hallway. He looked at his own reflection – pale skin, light chestnut hair and blue stormy eyes – and took a big breath.

"I. Am. Not. A. Sub." Kurt accentuated loudly to his reversed side in the mirror. Satisfied, he left his apartment to catch a train to Solare Avenue.

Most of the time it was okay. That wasn't his hometown, Limone, where Doms walked around like they owned the place – and they kind of did – and Subs were housewives or store clerks at best. However, human nature was still strong and no matter how progressive the place was, even on his commute Kurt could easily see the dynamics between other passengers. There was a young woman with an expensive, embellished choker on her neck, sitting timidly on her boyfriend's lap. Kurt had to admit her accessory matched well with a low cut dress, but then he recognized that it was made by BellCorp. And if that was their latest model it meant the choker was actually real choker -with pressure receptors that made it tight just enough to be constricting but not yet painful or harmful. Unless they were into that, Kurt thought somberly. The girl was smiling comfortably, so most likely this choker was loose. Kurt averted his gaze from them to look through the window at his station they were approaching. He came closer to the door, trying to ignore any Doms gathering behind him to get off at the same station. It just wasn't comfortable.

From the station it was only few steps to one of the biggest corporations in the country, BellCorp, where Kurt has worked for few years. He just entered and was giving a friendly wave to the receptionists, when his phone rang, signalling a new message from Tina.

Where are you? New head of the Adult Toy department was just making rounds to say hi to other departments! Sue told us yesterday to be in earlier this morning! Get your ass here, pronto!

That explained the earlier time set on the alarm clock... Kurt cursed and sprinted towards the elevator.

The door of the elevator opened with an annoying ping! and Kurt raced out to his floor. There were two departments of BellCorp placed here: BotToy, for designing the family friendly mechanical toys, where he worked, and AdultToy for making elaborate high-tech toys for sexual pleasure. Kurt could never comprehend why these two departments should be so placed so close to each other and he suspected that some idiot paired them just because both had 'toy' in the name. He took out his phone to ask Tina where Sue – the head of his department –was so he could try to avoid her on his way to the studio, when something heavy bumped him at the back and sent sprawling on the floor.

"...The hell you think you are doing?!" He panted rubbing his elbow. This will definitely leave a nasty bruise.

"Oh God! Kurt, I'm so sorry! I was told to get these to a presentation..." Kurt turned his head to see Jeff's blond head lifting from the floor – probably the most nervous and panicky Dom he had ever met in his life. Jeff was working in AdultToy department with his partner, Nick, and as fellow designers they liked to mingle with both Kurt and Tina after work.

"umm... Could you help me pick these up?" asked Jeff, setting the now empty box on the floor. Kurt looked around and stiffened – they were surrounded by a vast number of brightly coloured vibrators. The brunet wasn't in his best mood to appreciate the humour of the situation.

"Actually I can't!" he said angrily lifting his body up and trying to ignore the pain in his elbow. "I'm already late and it's not my fault you run into me! Did you forget to bring your eyes to work this morning? Or maybe it's time to get glasses?"

"I think that is enough of the lecture. He looks like he might start crying any moment," a deep voice behind him chuckled.

"Oh, please." Kurt rolled his eyes.

"He's just pretending to get what he..." he turned around towards the new person "...wants," he finished and just stared.

In front of him stood the most gorgeous man ever. He was roughly Kurt's height and looked just a few years older. Even with a suit on – and that was one amazing, classy burgundy suit - one could see that his caramel-coloured body was well toned. His ebony locks were slicked back with gel but a few curls here and there were trying to spring free – Kurt certainly wouldn't mind them succeeding. The strong, smooth jaw was complimenting the full, pink lips and the eyes...

Guessing who was a Dom and who was a Sub from just the appearance was not always easy, but in this case Kurt was sure. The man possessing such charismatic and magnetic hazel eyes was a 100% Dom. The kind of Dom that every gay or female Sub would just love to kneel in front of. And some straight males probably too.

But not me, Kurt thought, clenching his teeth. Because I'm not a Sub. Definitely.