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A/N: Written for the Fag Ends prompt "A Valentine."

The day after she locks Spike out of the house is Valentine's Day. With all her friends paired off now, she's got nothing better to do that hang around the house and make cookies with her mother and sister.

The break from the fighting is nice, but frostingy goodness doesn't do much to keep her mind off the soulless killer who's decided he's in love with her. The last time she had a boyfriendless Valentine's Day she also had an evil vampire set on torturing her, she'd been distracted by creepy roses and death threats and being happy about not having a puppy, until Amy interfered and she had other things to worry about. So she spends all day waiting for the sun to set and Spike to make his move, whatever it will be.

God, she actually trusted him to protect her mom and Dawn.

She cancels her patrol plans (not that anyone else is really paying attention but Giles, but she still lets him know) and sticks close to the house all night. She checks the tree out front for cigarette butts and doesn't find any new ones since she cleaned it the day before.

She spends the night circling the house and keeping watch. She sits on the back porch for a while, waiting for him to come out of the bushes with a shotgun and demand that she love him, and then she sits on the front porch and waits for him to storm up the walkway trying to explain himself.

But he doesn't show.

She waits, on edge, preparing to kill him now, even though she'd sort of thought, as gross and annoying as he is, he was kind of on her side.


At three, she decides that if he hasn't burned her house down yet, he'll probably save it for another night and she locks the front door. It's not until she's crawling under the covers that she realises she made it all the way though Valentine's Day without thinking about Riley or Glory.

Maybe that creep gave her a present after all.