The Singer Boys

Timeline: Before either Supernatural Series or Harry Potter books

Disclaimer: do not own either Supernatural or Harry Potter

Changing Harry Potter's birthday to July 31, 1986

Dean 15 Sam 11 Harry 8

Chapter 1

Sioux Falls, South Dakota Aug. 1994

Sometimes in our lives we all have pain

We all have sorrow

But if we are wise

We know that there's always tomorrow

(Lean on me by Bill Withers)

"Can we get some oreos, Uncle Bobby?" Sam asked holding the package in his hands giving Bobby his famous puppy dog look.

"Alright but not too much junk food, I don't need you bouncing off the walls," Bobby answered in a gruff voice.

"Thanks, Uncle Bobby," Sam smiled putting the cookies in the basket.

"Where's your brother, Sammy?" Bobby asked looking around the grocery store.

"He's flurting with the girl at the check out counter," Sam said rolling his eyes.

As the two of them headed towards the check out they saw Dean talking to a young girl that was working the register.

"Hey Romeo, how about giving us a hand here," Bobby said making Dean look over at them with a sly grin.

After getting the girls number, Dean walked over helping his brother and uncle place the groceries on the conveyor. Bobby paid for what he had, grabbing one bag and letting the boys take the rest, they headed towards the truck. Bobby stopped dead in his tracks, seeing the truck's door open.

"Boys get behind me," he ordered, Sam and Dean did as they were told without question, Dean taking Bobby's bag and taking a defensive stance in front of his younger brother. Pulling out his gun, Bobby walked slowly over to the truck's open door, "whoever's in there better get out now!"

Suddenly a young boy jumped out running away as fast as he could.

"We got him, Uncle Bobby," Dean said dropping his bags running after the boy, Sam followed his older brother's example dropping his own bags chasing after him.

"Boys...," Bobby called after them in vain, "balls," he cursed chasing after the Winchester boys.

"Just give us back whatever you stole from our uncle's truck and we'll let you leave," Dean ordered the small boy.

The Winchesters had cornered the small boy in an alley, Bobby heard Dean's voice and followed it to them.

"Come on, back up boys, give him some room," Bobby said coming up behind Sam and Dean.

Bobby saw the little boy that was against the wall with a terrified look on his face, wildly looking around for a way to escape.

"We're not going to hurt you," Bobby said crouching down but keeping his distance, Bobby noticed the dirty, oversized cloths the boy wore and realized that he was most likely a runaway.

"You hungry?" Bobby asked the boy gently, the boy simply looked at Bobby with large emerald eyes but quit seaching around for a way out.

"Dean," Bobby motioned towards the older boy, he whispered something in Dean's ear and then he took off running. Dean came back a few minutes later holding a package of oreo cookies, handing them to Bobby he took a few steps back.

The boy watched as Bobby opened the package of cookies, taking one out Bobby bit into it, "they're pretty good," he said grinning, placing the package on the ground he pushed it towards the little boy, "have a few."

Still scared the boy cautiously knelt down taking a few of the cookies placing one in his mouth immediately. Bobby and the Winchester boys grinned at one another.

"You know I make a real mean omlet, you like omlets?" Bobby asked.

This time the boy nooded his head, picking up the package of cookies he handed them back to Bobby.

"My name's Bobby Singer, this is Dean and Sam Winchester," Bobby motioned towards each of the boys in turn, "what's your's."

"I'm Harry Potter," the boy said in a British accent, making Bobby smile.

Standing up Bobby held out his hand to Harry, the boy grasped the old hunter's hand allowing him to lead him out of the alley and to the truck. The old truck was a bit crowded with the three boys and Bobby, so Harry sat on Dean's lap.

Dean smiled at the little boy on his lap, his big brother instincts kicking in, "hey, you think I can get one of those oreos."

Harry looked at Dean and then stuffed one of the oreos in the older boy's mouth, making him gag and Sam laugh, Harry smiled over at Sam.

"That's one way to shut him up," Sam said smiling back.

Back at Singer Salvage Yard, Bobby served up omlets fit for a king, the three boys ate vigorously. Dean competed with Harry to see who could eat more, Harry laughed as Dean shoveled the food in his mouth while pushing Harry's plate away from the younger boy.

"You better slow down before you make yourselves sick," Bobby said looking over at the boys amused.

After eating Bobby made a few phone calls acting as an F.B.I. agent in order to get information on missing children. No one had reported a Harry Potter missing in the area or in the U.S. for that matter, it didn't seem that the boy even existed or that anyone cared about him.

"Harry, you mind if I ask you a few questions?" Bobby asked sitting across from him.

"O.K.," Harry said sitting up in his chair.

"Where are your parents?"

"Aunt Petunia said that they died in a car crash, that they were drunks," Harry answered looking down at the table.

"So you live with your Aunt, where is she?"

"Probably back home, her and my Uncle Vernon and cousin Dudley," Harry told Bobby.

"Did you runaway from them, Harry?" Bobby asked eyeing the boy.

"Are you going to send me back to them?" Harry asked, Bobby noticed his voice shook as he asked the question.

"Not if you don't want to, but I got to know why."

Harry slowly stood up, turning around he took off his shirt pulling it over his head, Bobby saw the belt marks on the boy's back, the sight bringing back old memories from his own childhood. He reached out to touch Harry's back and stopped himself before he did. Taking a deep breath, Bobby lowered the little boy's shirt.

"Would you like to stay here with me?" Bobby asked looking Harry in the eye.

"With you, Sam and Dean?" Harry asked with hope in his voice.

"Well, Sam and Dean don't live here all the time, their daddy drops them off when he has to work," Bobby answered.

"I won't be in the way?" Harry asked.

"Not at all," Bobby answered, Harry smiled wrapping his arms around the old hunter's neck thanking him.

"Now, let's get you cleaned up and into some clean cloths that hopefully fit you," Bobby said standing up leading Harry upstairs.


Surrey, England, two weeks earlier

"So, we're going on Holiday in America?" Dudley asked Vernon excited.

"Well, it's actually a business trip, but they said I could bring you and your mother along, so while I'm at work the two of you can see the sites in South Dakota," Vernon answered.

"Well, I can't get anyone to take the boy for a week," Petunia grumbled motioning towards Harry as he washed the dishes.

Vernon sighed looking irritated at his nephew, "fine we could use someone to carry our luggage anyway."

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Harry lay on the blinket inside the hotel closet, the Dursley's had already left to the restaurant, Vernon had propped a chair against the closet door to keep the boy inside. Harry tried to push the door open several times to no avail. Getting up he decided to try one more time pushing as hard as he could, becoming angry he suddenly heard something explode outside the door. As the closet door opened Harry saw the chair in pieces, surprised he staired at it for a moment. Looking at the door that led out into the hall he went and opened it, poking his head out the room's door he looked left then right. Finally he decided it was safe enough to leave, closing the door behind him, the boy headed towards the elevators. Taking it down to the ground floor he stepped out into lobby. Going out the front doors, Harry decided on a direction and began walking away from the hotel, away from the abuse and neglect, and as far as he could get away from the Dursleys.

End Flashback


The three boys were out in the yard kicking around a soccer ball to one another, Sam was teaching Harry the correct way to control the ball and steal it from other players, mainly Dean. Suddenly Sam and Dean heard a familiar rumbling sound, the Impala's engine, excited, both boys ran towards the old car. Bobby came out of the house after hearing the muscle car pull up, seeing a truck pull up behind it, he grabbed his shotgun telling the boys to go into the house. The three boys did as they were told, even though Sam and Dean didn't understand why. The man that stepped out of the Impala was not John Winchester, Bobby seemed to recognize him as another hunter. Going over to speak with him and a second hunter that got out of the truck.

"Why is that guy driving dad's car?" Sam questioned his older brother.

"I don't know, Sammy?" Dean replied, but had a feeling that he knew the answer.

Harry stayed quiet, watching and listening to the two brothers.

Bobby spoke with the man that got out of the Impala for a few moments, then looked back at the house towards the two boys that stood anxiously waiting.

"You don't think that dad's...," Sam trailed off as Dean gave him a hard stair.

"Don't you say that, don't you even think that," Dean angrily told his younger brother.

The two brothers and Harry watched as the two hunters took out a body wrapped in a white cloth. Crying, Sam ran upstairs to his room while Dean only staired at the sight of his father's body being taken out of the truck's bed.

That night Bobby and the three boys burned the body of John Winchester on a funeral pyre that the other hunters helped Bobby build. Sam buried his head in Bobby's side crying, while Dean stood silently stairing at the fire, tears rolling down his face. Harry stood away from the three of them instinctively knowing that this was not his place to be.

Dean turned towards the the young boy, wiping tears from his eyes, he motioned Harry to come over. Harry stood next to Dean, looking up at the older boy not quite knowing how to feel but knowing that his friend was in pain. Harry placed his small hand in Dean's giving the older boy a squeeze of reassurance.

After the pyre had burned to ash Bobby and the now three orphaned boys went inside the house. Bobby had made some dinner but nobody felt like eating, Sam only pushed his food around his plate then asked to be excused so he could go to his room that he shared with Harry.

A sound woke Sam up, instinctively he grabbed for the hunting knife under his pillow, slowly taking it out of it's sheath, looking around the room and that's when he noticed Harry's bed was empty.

"Harry?" he called out in the darkness.

Sam got out of bed and headed, knife in hand, to Harry's bed, looking towards the window he noticed it was open a couple of inches. He opened the curtains, looking out the window he saw a small figure sitting on the roof.

"Harry, what are you doing out there?" Sam asked poking his head out the window.

"Looking at the stars," the boy answered innocently, turning around towards Sam.

Sam shook his head, going back into the room he placed his knife back in it's sheath putting it back underneath his pillow. Grabbing his blanket off his bed, he rolled it up and headed out the window to the roof. Sitting down next to Harry, he spread the blanket out wrapping it around his shoulders and Harry's.

"Thank you, Sam," Harry said feeling the warm blanket around himself. The two boys sat quietly looking up at the stars for a few moments.

"I'm sorry about your dad," Harry said looking up at Sam, when Sam didn't say anything back Harry returned his gaze towards the stars.

Sighing Sam looked over at the younger boy, Sam had always been the youngest and it felt good to have someone younger to look after.

"Do you know the constellations?" Sam asked, Harry shook his head not really understanding the question.

Sam pointed up towards a group of stars, "you see those stars?" he asked.

"Yes," the younger boy answered.

"You see how it looks like a big spoon?" Harry followed the pattern of stars and saw what Sam was talking about.

"Yes, I see it," Harry said excitedly, making Sam grin.

"That's the Big Dipper, now you see that real bright star?" Sam asked.

"Yes," Harry said in a questioning manner.

"That's the North Star brightest star in the sky, now if you follow that you see how it makes a smaller spoon?"

"Yes," Harry said smiling, noticing all these things for the first time in his young life.

"That's called the Little Dipper," Sam finished.

"Show me more, Sam," Harry requested getting even more excited then before, making Sam's grin turn into a full blown smile.

Putting his arm around the younger boy he pulled Harry closer as he pointed out more constellations. After awhile Harry began to yawn tiredly.

"Am I boring you?" Sam asked playfully, seeing how tired the younger boy was.

"No," Harry answered, shaking his head.

"Come on, let's go inside, the stars will be here tomorrow night," Sam said getting up, Harry followed suit, both boys went back inside with Sam closing the window behind them.


Bobby had registered the three boys at the local schools, saying that they were his brother's kids and with false paperwork he signed them up using the name Singer.

"Come on, Sammy, what took you so long, we got to go pick up Harry," Dean complained looking over at his younger brother.

"I had to talk to my math teacher about my grade on this test," Sam explained.

"Why, what did you get an A instead of an A+," Dean teased.

Sam ingnored him still looking down at the paper following him towards the elementary school. The local high school was right next to the middle school with the elementary down the street from there. Dean had dropped Harry off that morning at school making him late for his first class, not that he really cared, telling him to wait at the flag pole for him and Sam to pick him up after school let out.

Walking towards the elementary Dean saw a circle of high school boys shoving a little kid around, when he realized it was Harry he began to pick up his pace. Sam was still so wrapped up with his math grade that he didn't notice Dean was way ahead of him until he looked up.

"Hey, wait up," Sam yelled at his older brother and that's when he saw that Harry was in trouble.

Dean charged up to the largest boy of the bunch, the boy was a couple of inches taller then Dean and a bit heavier, grabbing him by the jacket, he rammed his knee right in his crotch then hammered a right hook across the boy's jaw, sending him sprawling to the ground.

"Who's next?" Dean angrily whipped around towards the crowd.

Meanwhile Sam grabbed Harry by the arm, pulling him out of the circle of bullies and to a safer place.

"Are you o.k.?" Sam asked leaning down to inspect Harry's face, there was small bruise on his left cheek.

Harry nodded, "they took my hat," he told Sam.

"You wait right here, o.k.," Sam told Harry before walking away towards his older brother.

Sam stood next to Dean scanning around the group for the little boy's hat, seeing one of the bullies clutching it, he defiantly stalked over, ripping the hat from the boy's hand and giving him a shove for good measure. The boy took a step towards Sam, but then thought the better of it when Dean fixed him with his angry glare.

"Here you go," Sam said handing Harry back his hat.

"Thank you, Sam," Harry said placing the baseball hat on his head backwards.

"You see that kid over there," Dean annonced to the crowd, pointing over at Harry, "that's my little brother, you mess with him, you're messing with me."

One of the boys opened his mouth as if to say something, Dean crossed the distance in a couple of quick strides.

"You got something to say?" Dean asked getting in the boy's personal space. The boy closed his mouth and shook his head.

"That's what I thought," Dean said turning around, walking away he stopped at the boy that was still on the ground, "and you, if you even look at my little brother the wrong way I'll put your nose on the other side of your face."

Walking back to his siblings, Dean crouched down picking Harry up and carrying him away from the crowd. Harry wrapped his arms around Dean's neck and rested his chin on the older boy's shoulder. Looking back at the crowd of bullies that just moments before were pushing him around, Harry stuck his tongue out at them.


"Good, now do it again and hit it like you mean it," Dean told Harry as the youngest punched an old punching bag Booby had found in the basement.

Bobby watched the two boys in the yard from his kitchen window, Dean had taken it upon himself to teach Harry how to defend himself. While Sam sat at the kitchen table doing his homework.

"So, what do you think about Harry?" Bobby asked sitting down across from Sam.

Sam shrugged, "he's cool."

"He's cool," Bobby mimiced, "you aren't a little jealous that Dean spends so much time with him."

"Heck no, Uncle Bobby, it keeps Dean out of my hair," Sam explained, "besides, Harry needs us, he needs a couple of big brothers to look after him."

Bobby smiled over at the boy, there was a kindness in the Winchester boys that was rare for children their age. It made Bobby proud that they would except Harry so easily as family. John Winchester may have not been the father of the year but, he definitely raised some real good boys.


"Uncle, uncle, I give," Harry yelled out, between bouts of laughter as Dean and Sam held the youngest down tickling him.

"Teach you to mess with your big brothers, punk," Dean said giving a grinning Sam a high five.

The two older boys flopped down on the couch, Harry got up from the floor and joined them, sitting on Dean's lap and draping his legs across Sam. Sam rested his arms over the boy's legs comfortably, smiling as the youngest fingered Dean's pendant.

"You like that, uh?" Dean asked.

"Yes, it's awesome," Harry said making the two Winchester boys grin over at each other.

"It was a Christmas present from Sammy, a long time ago," Dean explained.

The Winchester brothers looked over at each other, having a silent conversation, Sam motioned his head towards Harry. Dean raised his eyebrows to his younger brother and then patted him on the shoulder. Removing his neckless, he placed it around the little boy's neck, Harry staired at it in shock, Dean adjusted it so that it fit better around his neck.

"Thank you, Dean," Harry said, picking up the amulet running his thumb over it and then letting it drop back to his chest.

"Anything for our baby brother," Dean replied.

"You have to promise us you'll never take it off or lose it," Sam told him.

"I promise," Harry answered.


Dean sat in the Impala running his hands around the steering wheel, everything about the old muscle car, down to the smell screamed, John Winchester.

"You o.k. son?" Bobby asked leaning on the car door making Dean jump out of his thoughts.

"Yah, just thinking, Uncle Bobby," Dean answered not looking over at the old hunter.

"I know you and your daddy were close Dean, and it's alright to miss him," Bobby said.

"How did he die, Uncle Bobby?"

"He died on a hunt, that's all you need know," Booby answered standing up straight, walking away from Dean.

"Uncle Bobby," Dean got out of the car, "please, Uncle Bobby, I have to know."

"It was a poltergeist hunt gone bad, real bad," Bobby explained, "he was working with two other hunters, it got out of control, of what they told me, if it hadn't been for your daddy they would have all been killed, he died a hero."

Dean's eyes filled up with tears letting Bobby's words sink in, "he died like he lived," Dean smiled weakly.

Bobby finally turned around to look at the boy, walking over to him he placed Dean's head on his shoulder allowing the boy cry on it. Dean pulled back from his uncle when the tears stopped flowing.

"You done?" Bobby asked in his gruff voice, running his hand through Dean's hair.

"Yah, I think so," Dean said wiping his face with the palms of his hands, taking a deep breath and letting it out.

"Good, let's get in the house before we need to go to the store and buy tampons," Bobby said wrapping his arm around Dean's shoulders.


Harry is not a Horcrux in this story