Chapter 10

Hermione cringed as she listened to the messages on her voice mail.

"That bad, uh?" Ellen asked watching the younger woman's facial expressions.

"He's drunk and mad as hell," Hermione explained. One message was Harry cursing her out, the next he was apologizing profusely.

"Maybe you should just call him?" Jo suggested.

Sighing Hermione got up. "If you two don't mind I'm going to take this outside?" she said walking towards the front door. Hitting the speed dial on her phone she crossed her fingers but held no hope that Harry might be sober. He was a good husband and a loving father but he had plenty of emotional problems. Which caused him to drink a little too much at times.

"Hello love, I'm so sorry about the messages," Harry said as soon as he picked up.

"I know you are. Do you really think we would have lasted this long together if I couldn't handle an argument?" Hermione questioned with a smile, her luck was in.

"Are you on your way home?" Harry asked. "I miss the two of you."

"Now Harry please listen to everything I have to say first," Hermione said and when Harry remained silent she continued. "There's been an incident, me and Haydon are fine and we're with some old friends of your's, the Harvelle's."

"What happened?" Harry asked calmly but Hermione could hear the panick behind his words. Like his brothers Harry was very protective when it came to his family and the wrong words could cause him to gather his brothers and hunt down everything within a fifty mile radius of his wife and son.

Hermione told him the story of what had happened and that Haydon and her were staying with the Harvelle's for a couple more days. Harry agreed, offering to come get her when she was ready.

"That's not necessary, we'll be fine," Hermione answered.

"I'm not worried about you, I'm worried about protecting the vampires from you," Harry joked making her laugh.

"Look, it'll be a few more days before we're home why don't you and your brothers go take a trip to your man cave," Hermione suggested.

It had taken Harry some time to finally begin to use the Potter home and the four brothers had decided to make it their own place to escape. The brothers had replaced the old paintings of the Potter family with posters of women, motorcycles and fast cars. The furniture was replaced with a deep blush couch and bean bags. Hermione had picked them up a 75 inch flat screen for the house and a surround sound system. A magical refrigerator was also bought that was always stocked with beer and groceries since the brothers hated shopping.

"Can I talk to Haydon," Harry asked.

"Sure, one second, he's in the house," Hermione said walking into the house and handing the phone to Haydon.

"Hi daddy," Haydon said happily into the phone.

"Hi baby, I miss you," Harry said. "Are you having fun with daddy's friends?"

"Yah, Jo's teaching me to play poker and Mrs. Harvelle is making sketty and meatballs," Haydon announced making Harry laugh.

"Well, remember a full house always beats a four of a kind," Harry said.

"O.K. daddy I'll remember," Haydon said.

"I'll see you soon, you look after your mom. I love you baby," Harry said.

"I love you too daddy," Haydon said handing Hermione back the phone.

"We'll see you soon, go and have some fun with your brothers, I'll love you always," Hermione said hanging up.


"Come on Adam it'll just be for a few days," Harry pleaded.

"Harry I'd go, but I've got to work tonight at the diner," Adam explained.

"Tell 'em you got the flu, it's been going around," Harry suggested.

"You've never had a job in your life, that's not something you're suppose to do. And you're not being a very good role model to your little brother," Adam said.

"You're nineteen you don't need a role model," Harry argued back.

"Look, I'll tell you what, I only need to work tonight and I'm off the rest of the week. I'll take the portkey and meet you there as soon as I get off of work. I promise," Adam said hoping he could get his older brother off his back.

"Alright, but you better not ditch me," Harry said poking a finger at his younger brother.


"Come on, get up Adam. What are you going to do sleep all day," Harry complained kicking his younger brother's bed.

"What time is it?" Adam asked rubbing his eyes.

"Almost four in the afternoon. Now get your lazy ass up," Harry said throwing Adam's pants at him.

"There's a 12 hour difference. I've barely been asleep for more then 2 hours, you dick," Adam said throwing his pants back at Harry.

"Bitch bitch, whine whine, lets get on the bikes and take a ride. You got your whole life to sleep," Harry argued back.

"Fine, but there better be some coffee and something to eat that's not burgers," Adam added finally giving in.

An hour later the two brothers were tearing up the dirt trails on their motorcycles when Adam saw something out of the corner of his eye. Slowing down his bike he turned it off the trail. Harry not knowing what his younger brother was doing simply followed him.

"Adam, what are you doing?" Harry asked taking off his helmet.

"I thought I saw something," he said getting off his bike and walking towards several bushes. "Holy shit Harry, come over here quick. There's somebody hurt," Adam yelled as he ran over to a young blond headed man laying face first on the ground. Crouching down he turned the young man over checking for wounds just as Harry got to his side.

"How is he?" Harry asked.

"Looks like he was in some sort of accident. As far as I can tell he's got a deep laceration on his back and several contusions, most likely a concussion as well," Adam explained.

"Mind explaining some of that in english," Harry said rolling up his jacket and placing it under the young man's head.

"He's got booboos," Adam deadpanned. "We need to get him back to the house."

"Kreacher," Harry called out.

"What can Kreacher do for master Harry?" the house elf appeared and asked with a bow.

"Get Adam and this guy back to the house and do whatever Adam tells you to do," Harry ordered.

"Yes master Harry," the house elf said and with a poof the three of them were gone leaving Harry alone.

"Just as I thought," Harry spotted something laying on the ground several feet away. Walking over to it he picked up the broken end of a broomstick and then saw the other end laying a few feet away. "Never will understand how Hermione ever rode one of these things," Harry said to himself. Looking around Harry spotted the young man's wand, picking it up he placed inside of his jacket. Getting on his dirt bike he headed back towards the house making a mental note to have Kreacher come get the other dirt bike later.

Harry came through the back door of the house, "Adam!" he yelled out.

"Up here," Adam called out from one of the bedrooms upstairs.

Climbing the stairs Harry got to the room where his younger brother and the blond headed man was. Kreacher was using magic to keep the man sitting up while Adam cleaned his wound.

"Harry I need you to boil some water. We need to sew this guy's wounds up," Adam explained.

After the brothers did everything they could for the man they decided to let him get some rest. Harry placed the man's wand on the end table next to him figuring that it would put him at ease when he woke up.

"Hey Harry check this out," Adam said turning the man's arm around to show a black tattoo of a skull with a snake on his wrist.

"Kind of badass, beats the hell out of ours," Harry said referring to the anti-possession tattoos that each of the four brothers had on their chests.

Adam had been the last to get one and his older brothers had been a bit reluctant about allowing him to get it. After much debate the older brothers decided it wouldn't be a bad idea. After all if some demon wanted to get even with the three hunters they might go after Adam.

"Could mean something," Adam shrugged. "Maybe we should send a picture to Bobby?"

Harry agreed doing just that and the two brothers left the room.


"Hey Bobby, you got anything on that tattoo," Harry asked answering his phone while Adam was upstairs changing the blond man's bandage.

"Where did you boys see that tattoo?" Bobby asked urgently.

"On this guy we found. Why?" Harry explained getting a feeling of dread in the pit of his stomach.

"Harry, that guy's a Death Eater, one of Voltimore's posse."

Harry dropped the phone running towards the winding staircase that led to the upstair's bedrooms. Crashing threw the door with his gun drawn he saw the Death Eater using his wand to pin Adam up against the wall.

"Don't come any closer or you'll be cleaning him off your walls," the man said looking over at Harry.

"We're not going to hurt you. Please, just put my little brother down," Harry said holding his gun up in surrender. "You were hurt, we patched you up. Does that sound like we mean you harm?" he asked.

"I suppose you're right," the man said. "But I'm keeping this with me," he said holding up his wand and letting Adam slide down the wall.

"Come here," Harry said motioning Adam towards himself.

"I need to look at his wounds first," Adam said still eyeing the man.

"Fine but I'm staying," Harry said flipping the safety back on.

"So, I see they finally sold the old Potter estate. To American muggles of all people," the blond headed man said sitting down on the bed to let Adam take a look at his wounds.

"Nobody sold the estate. I inherited it from my parents," Harry explained sitting down on the edge of the bed.

"Well, well, so you're Harry Potter. I heard a rumor that you were in Diagon Alley several years ago. And that you were responsible for Professor Snape's death," the man said cocking his head to the side.

"What's your name?" Harry asked ignoring the remark.

"Draco Malfoy, son of Lucius Malfoy," he announced proudly.

"Yah, nice to meet you, you already know my name. That's my little brother Adam," Harry said in a bored tone.

"So where have you been all these years? Why didn't you fight in the war?" Draco asked.

"I grew up in the good old U.S. of A. and it wasn't my war to fight," Harry explained with a shrug.

"Sounds like a coward's excuse to me," Draco spat out.

"Don't you ever call my brother a coward. Harry's one of the bravest men I know," Adam snapped defensively.

"Relax Adam," Harry said. "Are you done?"

"Yah, I'm done," Adam said standing up.

"Go get some sleep," Harry said motioning towards the door with his gun.

"You sure you'll be alright with him alone?"

"Don't worry, I don't need your protection, little brother," Harry answered with a grin. "You want a drink? I want a drink," he asked Draco when Adam left the room.


"How in the world can you drink this horse piss?" Draco asked putting the shot glass down.

"You know I'm pretty sure that I've got a bottle of firewhiskey somewhere in the kitchen," Harry answered getting up from his chair.

"Tell me something Potter, do you or your brother even know magic?" Draco asked.

"I do. My brother's a muggle," Harry answered showing his own wand and still feeling weird with the word muggle. Placing the bottle of firewhiskey on the table and a couple of clean shot glasses he sat down across from Draco.

"How did you end up in the States?" Draco asked watching as Harry poured them a drink.

"It's a long story that I'd rather not get into. But I'll tell you this much, I'm proud to call the man who raised me father," Harry said taking a drink. "Wow, that's got a kick."

Draco laughed taking his own shot, "I think that horse piss you've been drinking has made you weak Potter."

Harry didn't bother to respond as he poured the two of them another shot.

"Why follow Voltimore? Why become a deatheater? You don't seem like the evil wizard type," Harry asked downing his drink and letting out a breath. "Can't believe my brothers and I didn't get into this bottle sooner."

"Brothers? You have more then just the one?"

"Two more older ones," Harry said holding up two fingers. "How about you? You got family?"

"I have a father. He's in Azkaban. Been since after the war," Draco sighed looking into his drink. "He's the reason that I became a deatheater."

"The sins of the father," Harry said in a low voice.

"You think I was wrong to follow in my father's footsteps?"

"Did he give you a choice?" Harry countered.

"It's what good sons do," Draco answered defensively.

"But that's not what a good father does. A good father allows his children to make their own choices in life. To decide what's the right path for them," Harry argued back.

"And what would you know about being a good father?" Draco spat.

Harry took out his wallet pulling out a picture and placing it in front of Draco.

"His name's Haydon. He'll be five this June," Harry said watching Draco's reaction.

"You have a son? He's a handsome boy," Draco said looking at the picture with a sad expression on his face. "You're married I see," he said noticing the ring on Harry's finger for the first time.

"Since I was seventeen. Hermione and I eloped together," Harry told him.

"Not, Hermione Grainger," Draco asked with a smirk.

"You know my wife?" Harry asked.

"We went to Hogwarts together," Draco answered. "I have to admit, I was always curious about what happened to her after she attacked Dumbledore."

"Well, now you know," Harry said not wanting to discuss the past with Draco.

"You know we dated for sometime," Draco said leaning forward with a smirk.

"What Hermione did before we met is none of my buisiness. So if you're trying to make me jealous, forget it," Harry said downing another shot.

"That's good to hear, not the jealous type," Draco said with the same smirk.

"So what about you Draco? Do you have anyone special or do you just jack off to memories of my wife?" Harry asked as he poured the two of them another round.

"Are you trying to get me drunk Potter?" Draco asked excepting the glass.

"No, I'm trying to get myself drunk. So you going to answer my question?"

"Rosalie, we met after the war. While on the run from the Aurors," Draco admitted.

"You're on the run?"

"For the last two years now. After Voltimore was defeated we were scattered to the winds and been hunted down since," Draco explained. "Many of us were captured and sent to Azkaban. But something has changed in the last year."

"What do you mean?" Harry asked curiously.

"The Aurors have stopped trying to capture us."

"They're letting you go?"

"You don't understand. They're not interested in capturing us anymore Harry. They're killing us off," Draco explained.

"How do you know this?"

"Rosalie and I were hiding with her brother when the Aurors came for us. We surrendered, but instead of taking us prisoner. They killed her brother in cold blood. We barely got out alive," Draco told him.

"Who's doing this?"

"You believe me, don't you?" Draco asked not quite believing his own ears.

"So far you haven't given me a reason not to."

"I attacked your brother."

"You were frightened. You had no idea where you were and obviously you were being chased," Harry told him sitting back in his chair.

"To answer your question. I don't know who exactly, but I do know that it's someone in the Ministrey. It goes farther then just killing Deatheaters. They're killing our children," Draco explained.

"Why?" Harry asked comfused and a bit sicked by the news.

"To wipe out the next generation of Deatheaters. Although Voltamore was defeated that doesn't mean he can't rise again."

"I don't understand how could he rise again? In fact how did he rise this last time? I thought he had been killed when he killed my parents? Or at least that's what I was told," Harry asked pushing the bottle of firewhiskey towards Draco.

Pouring himself another drink he quickly downed it and then leaned forward.

"Do you know what a horcrux is?"

"No, I've never heard of it," Harry said.

"It's very dark magic, Harry. I've only studied it a little, but of what I know it's about splitting one's soul. Placing it in different objects. Essentially making the person immortal," Draco explained pushing the bottle back towards Harry.

"Are there more of the objects out there?"

"I'm not sure. It's damn well possible. Anyway, whoever is ordering the killings have also blamed us for several atrocities as well."

"Like what?" Harry asked pouring himself a double and pushing the bottle back.

"There was a massacre at an orphanage. The offical story is that Deatheaters did it. All of the names of the children were changed for the papers. The truth is they were the orphaned children of Deatheaters and they weren't killed by us."

"Maybe my brothers and I could help. Look, I live in the U.S. and I have some connections with the Department of Magical Citizens of the United States. You and your wife could come with me, we would protect you," Harry offered.

"Thank you Harry. That's a generous offer," Draco said with a smile. "But the Americans want no part in the war over here and there's a good chance if they catch us they'll send us back here. There is one way you could help though. If you're really willing to help?"

"Yes. Of course, anything."


Both men were transported a few days later deep into the woods near a cave by Draco's house elf, Dobby.

"Draco!" a young woman shouted running up and throwing her arms around him. Draco picked the young woman up off of her feet hugging her close and kissing her deeply. Harry looked down at the ground feeling a bit awkward.

"I want you to meet a new friend of mine," Draco said motioning towards Harry. "This is Harry Potter, him and his brother nursed me back to health. Harry I'd like you to meet Rosalie."

"So you're the famous Harry Potter," Rosalie said taking stock of the man in front of her. "Thank you Harry. Thank you for helping Draco."

"It was my pleasure Rosalie," Harry said looking over at Draco.

"Rosalie, would you please get Lucius for me please, love."

"Yes, I'll be right back," Rosalie said going back into the cave. She returned several minutes later holding a small child in her arms. The child put on a large smile when he saw Draco. Draco scooped him up out of Rosalie's arms spinning him around in the air.

"This is Lucius. Named after my father," Draco said proudly.

Harry smiled looking at the child that sat comfortably in Draco's arms. He had the same pointed looking face and white blond hair like his father. His eyes were a bright blue like his mother's.

"He's a beautiful little boy," Harry commented looking at the ground saddly.

"Thank you, he just turned one on February 28" Rosalie said rubbing the little boy's back happily.

"Rosalie, we need to talk," Draco said.

Harry listened to the young couple argue as he played with Lucius in the dirt.

"No Draco, how could you think of giving our child away," Rosalie said.

"We're not giving our child away love, we're giving him a chance at a better life. Look around you," Draco indicated with his arm the cave that they've been hiding in. "Is this the life that you want for him? Running from Aurors the rest of his life. Never having a real home."

"But we will be together, that's all that matters," Rosalie argued.

"And what happens when the Aurors catch us?"

"If they catch us," Rosalie countered.

Draco shook his head, "you're no fool, Rosalie. You know as well as I that it's just a matter of time before they find us. When they do, they will kill us and they kill Lucius as well."

Looking over at Harry playing with Lucius Rosalie sighed, "does he even know anything about raising a child?"

"He has a wife and child himself."

Harry stood up as he saw Rosalie striding over towards him, "why would you do this for us? Is there something you want from us? Because we have nothing to give."

"Rosaile please," Draco pleaded with her.

"No, I need to know why he's willing to do this."

"I've got lots of reasons," Harry explained. "Do you know what a hunter is Rosalie?"

"You hunt animals?" she asked unsure.

"No, I was raised to hunt and kill ghosts and creatures that kill or harm humans. I don't get paid nor do I get credit most of the time for risking my life to help others."

"Why are you telling me this?"

"Because I want you to understand that not everyone has a motive for what they do, not everyone wants something for helping others. I don't want anything from either one of you. I just want to help, because it's the right thing to do and it's what my adopted father would expect from me," Harry explained.

"You will give him a good home?" she asked looking down at Lucius.

"He'll want for nothing, I promise you that and I'll raise him like he was my own," Harry answered.

"Tell me something Harry, do you think you could do this? Do you think you could give away your own child to a stranger?"

"That's a difficult question to answer Rosalie. To tell you the truth I'm not sure, but I do know that I would do anything in the world to protect my child. Even if it ment giving him away. Rosalie trust me," Harry said putting his hand on her shoulder. "My family and I will protect him with our lives if it comes down to it. I'll never let anyone hurt him."

Sighing, Rosalie crouched down picking up the toddler, "goodbye my darling child. Remember that I love you and will never forget you," she said kissing his forehead as tears rolled down her cheeks. Handing him over to Draco she wiped fiercely at her tears.

"Goodbye my little prince. We will meet again someday," Draco said holding Lucius close for a moment and kissing the top of his head, he then handed him to Harry.

"When the time comes and he wants to know about his true parents I'll tell him how brave you were and what kind of sacrifice you made for him. And god willing he can know you someday," Harry told the young couple.

"You will also tell him what we were. Although it is true that we didn't do all of the things that we were accoused of, we did commit many war crimes. Tell him that we followed Voltimore and we were wrong to do it. Teach him that hate is wrong Harry. That he should except people for what they are," Draco said.

"I will Draco, I promise," Harry answered. "Goodbye and good luck my friend."

"Thank you again Harry, for all you've done for me and my family. Dobby!" Draco called out to the house elf. "Take them back home."


With a pop Harry and Lucius were sent back to the Potter home. Sighing Harry looked at the little boy in his arms.

"Kreacher!" Harry called out.

"How may Kreacher help master Harry?"

"Get Haydon's old crib and high chair and you might as well get his old toy box as well. Set the crib and toy box up in Dean's room and the high chair in the dining room," Harry ordered.

"Yes master Harry," the old elf bowed and then left to do what he was told.

"Everything go alright?" Adam asked coming down the winding stairs.

"Yah, I know that this is the right thing to do but it didn't make things any easier," Harry answered walking over to the couch and placing Lucius down.

"How do you think Hermione's going to react when she sees him? In fact what are going to tell her where you got him from?"

"I'll tell her I picked him up hitchhiking," Harry said sarcastically making Adam roll his eyes. "I'm going to tell her the truth."

"You think he's hungry, I know I am," Adam said noticing the little boy looking around the room.

"How about chocolate chip pancakes?" Harry suggested.

"For dinner?"

"Sure, why not," Harry said with a shrug.


Hermione and Haydon waited at the old rusted mustang sitting in Bobby's salvage yard that served as the permanent portkey to the Black manor. The boys would have to travel from the Potter manor back to the Black manor in order to get the statue out back that served as the permanent portkey in England.

"Welcome home," Hermione greeted as she watched the two brothers floated down on a cushion of air.

"Daddy!" Haydon yelled running into Harry's arms at full speed.

Holding Lucius in one arm and scooping up with Haydon with the other Harry never thought fatherhood could feel so great.

"I missed you so much," Harry kissing him on his cheek.

"Who's that?" Haydon asked looking over at Lucius.

"This is Lucius," Harry said looking over at Hermione a bit of worried. "He's going to be staying with us for awhile."

"Is he my new little brother?" Haydon asked excited.

Harry couldn't help but smile. Haydon had been asking for a little brother for the last year so he could be a big brother like Dean.

"Yah baby, he's your new little brother. Hey, Adam you mind taking the boys into see their grandpa?" Harry said putting Haydon back down and handing Lucius over to his younger brother.

"He's a beautiful little boy," Hermione commented as she watched Adam taking both the boys into Bobby's house. "So who is he, exactly?"

"He's the son of an old boyfriend of your's. Draco Malfoy. Am I in trouble?" Harry said running a hand through his hair.

"First of all Draco was not my boyfriend, so yes you are in trouble for that," Hermione said with a smile.

"He said you two dated?" Harry asked confused.

"Please, I hated him. He use to call me a mudblood," Hermione said. "He was probably trying to make you jealous. Did it work?"

"Nope, told him he could take over the payments anytime," Harry said making her laugh.

"I'm sorry that we fought. After everything that's happened I think that if our son wants to join you as a hunter, I suppose he could decide to do worse things. But, he needs to have some kind of career. I don't don't want him to be a full time hunter," Hermione told him.

"I'll agree to that and if he doesn't keep his grades up, no hunting," Harry said with a nod.

"So why did Draco Malfoy give you his son?" Hermione asked.

"Lets go into Bobby's house I've got a lot to tell you," Harry said putting his arm around Hermione turning her towards the house.