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Also…if you didn't know already, all the fics in the Lea Universe are in her POV!

It was a dark and stormy night…

Just kidding! That's to cliché.

I'm Lea, just your average, fifteen year old girl, living with her two brothers in a church.

Well…I was average, until that day…yes, day, not dark and stormy night.

It was just another day really. My younger brother, Yukio, was packing to go to boarding school for rich people and my older brother got into a fight and was going to a job interview. It was normal, until he learned the truth.

The truth is, demons are real. You know, those things from Bible stories that we either think are fictional or disappeared long ago, those things, right? Well, news flash, they're real and all around you. Normal people can't see them, though. It's how society functions, well, I've been able to see them as long as I can remember and for as long as I can remember, I've known that my older brother is a demon. Well, he technically isn't, but that's because his demonic powers are locked away in a sword in our secret basement. And, no, we don't hide bodies in the basement. You see, not only is my brother a demon, but we're the children of the demon above all demons. We Satan's children. Spooky thought, right? Most kids don't want to do their homework or don't know how to talk to their crush, I don't want a demon to come up and drag me into the underworld. But that probably won't happen, because as far as I know, only my older brother, Rin inherited demonic powers, which he doesn't know about, so we're a pretty normal family…kind of.

At least that's what I thought…

…It all began on a horrible day when Rin got into another stupid fight, but this time the guys he was fighting with decided to waste him.

"Rin!" I shouted. Well, what else was there to say? My older brother was about to get wasted and he burst into flames, what can you say at a time like that? Our dad walked into the ally reciting scripture to get the demon that was attempting to take my brother to Gehenna away from him.

"Are you an exorcist?!" The demon shouted. Dad smiled and continued reciting. "I'll rip that mouth of yours apart, so you can never again utter such spells! The demon said dashing towards us, but it didn't work. With a simple flip of his hand, my dad had the demon down and exorcised it. The man the demon had possessed passed out.

"Rin! Rin, are you okay?" I said, running over to him. That bastard had almost killed him! I was so mad that I could kill! That's what I thought, thoughts couldn't hurt, right?

I was naïve to think that.

The second that the thoughts went through my mind I burst into flames.

But they weren't ordinary flames…

I was surrounded in blue fire.

I thought I screamed, but I wasn't sure and just as fast as they appeared, the flames vanished and we had a confused Rin to deal with.

"Is that guy okay?"

"I exorcised the demon who had possessed him. He'll come to in a moment."


"Yes Rin, you are surrounded by little black fairies, of course it was a demon!" Ah, sarcasm. Works every time.

"You can see them now, can't you?"
"You mean that these things are demons?"
"I know, they don't look like what you'd think they'd look like. But, these are demons, Coal Tar, to be precise."

"They like dark, damp places and introverts."

"Rin, you should know that our world is made up of two dimensions joined as one, like a mirror. There's our world, Assiah and a world inhabited by demons, Gehenna."

"Normally, there can be no contact between these two worlds, much less, travel, but demons are now invading."

"Rin, get up, because thanks to that fiasco they know of your awaking! Now demons will be coming for all sorts of reasons!" Our dad nodded.

"Before that happens, you need to hide."

"Hang on! I have no idea what you're talking about! Demons, and what the hell do you mean by awakening? What the hell am I, anyway?"

"Rin, Lea, you two need to listen. Neither of you are human beings."

"How?! You said only Rin was-"

"I said that to protect you!"

"Protect her from what?! What's going on?"

"You both are the children of a demon born to a human." He paused and demons began forming around the ally. I thought that I was human! Wasn't it only Rin that was born as a demon? "And not just any demon either…" He said while grabbing Rin and standing him up. "The demon of all demons…" It can't be true! Was he lying to me the whole time?! "You two are the offspring of Satan!"

Since school got canceled because of the crazy blizzard that all of my Canadian and some of my American readers got (I love snow!) I am planning to update all of my Lea Universe stories.

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