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We began to run. Where to, you ask? We were just running. Well, away from the demons, that is. With our dad reciting scripture the whole time. When jumping from roof to roof, Rin almost fell off of a three story building.

"Rin!" I grabbed his hand at the last second. "You're going to get yourself killed, you know." Unfortunately, the building we jumped to wasn't any better than the last one. We were surrounded by undead dogs. It was kind of creepy, actually.

"Stray dogs? They stink!" Rin immediately covered up his nose.

"They're ghouls, demons who possess the dead."

"That's lovely."

"Luckily for you two, we're in Japan and don't have to deal with ghouls in human form!"

"There's nothing lucky about this!" Rin said as our dad pulled the pin out of a grenade. "Is that a bomb?!" Rin shouted as he threw it.

"Relax, it's just holy water." He said as the dogs dissolved. He ran towards the door on the roof, slamming it shut after Rin and I got through. "It's not exactly easy to babysit at my age, you know."

"Who're you calling a baby?!" Rin said, but it's best to ignore him sometimes, so we did.

"Now then, let's head home while we can."

"Are you saying it's not over yet?"

"Didn't I tell you? Demons of all species will be coming after you for every kind of reason. The sun will set soon and that's when demons become active."


We ran down the sidewalk and into the monastery. I peeked outside and saw several low-level demons attempt to get inside without success.

"Come with me." I saw our father go into a cellar that I only knew existed but had never been inside. He opened up a drawer and revealed the Koma sword. "The Koma sword." He said. "Also known as Kurikara, it's a legendary demon-slaying sword from ancient times. I have transferred your demonic powers to this sword and sealed them in its scabbard." He pulled it out of the drawer and revealed it to Rin.

"My…powers..?" Rin said in a confused manner.

"What about me?" I finally said.

"You also inherited these powers however, yours aren't bonded to Kurikara. Yours are bonded to Yajirushi."

"Yajirushi?" I asked as he pulled an un-strung bow out.

"It is an ancient demon-slaying bow. Your powers are bonded to the string." He handed the bow to me.

"Listen, these weapons are more important than your lives. Don't ever let them fall into anyone else's hands. Always keep them by you, even when you sleep. And remember, you are to never use them. If you draw the sword or you fire that bow your demonic powers will be awaked and you'll never go back to being human again." Rin got a serious look on his face.

"If we're demons then what about Yukio? Don't tell me that he's one too!"

"Yukio was underdeveloped and frail when born, he proved too weak to sustain the power. Only you two inherited it." There was a moment of silence, we just stared at each other.

"Did everybody else know about this?" Rin finally asked. "That we're not human…that we're devil's spawn?!" He paused. "Why'd you keep quiet all this time about something so important? Sure, Lea knew, but she didn't know about herself!"

"I'm prepared to raise you as long as you remain human. Because in order to keep you alive- you two, of demonic origin- that was the one condition I had to meet!"


"I wanted to raise you both as human beings, that's why I chose to say nothing. Nothing at all about the secret of your birth…" He said before the entire building began to shake.

"They're getting closer…" I said to myself while looking at the bow in my hands.

You- of demonic origin…

Those words echoed in my mind. I always knew that Rin was a demon, but never knew that I was. But my quick moment to think was soon over.

"Come on!" We ran out of the cellar.

"What the…" Rin said, staring at the massive wreckage in front of us. A huge truck had been smashed through the building and demons were walking in from every direction.

"I have come for you, my young prince and princess. Let us all return home to Gehenna, together!" The demon said as several mushrooms and other various plants grew. His had stretched and grabbed Rin's ankle. One of the priests threw holy water on the demon, though, causing him to retract. I felt a hand grab me and yank me back into the cellar.

"Come morning, demonic activity will taper off. You must leave and hide where the demons won't find you."

"Hide? Where, for Pete's sake?" I watched as a cell phone was shoved into Rin's hand.

"Here's my cell phone, there's only one number saved on it. He's a good friend of mine. Call him as soon as you leave the monastery. I'm sure that he'll take the two of you in and protect you both."

"Hey-"Rin started but got cut off when he was thrown down the stairs. "We're not done talking yet!" He shouted, banging on the door. I stared at my bow. Yajirushi, arrow. The bow was silver with a blue and black accent paint. I held the string in another hand. It was blue and black strands tied together to make it strong and durable. The bow had a red and black carrying case just like Kurikara. Rin pounded harder on the door.

"Let me out, old man! Let me out of here!" He yelled, continuing to pound. He eventually got it open. He threw a pitchfork at the demon.

"I said we're not done talking yet!"

"Young prince…what on earth…" The demon said. He had a shotgun pointed at his head before he was banished from the body he was in.

"Bring the car around."

"Wait a sec! Shouldn't you be getting those wounds looked at?" Rin asked.

"Right now our first priority is to get you into hiding. Don't ever forget that it's you two the demons are after."

"Is that right? What you're saying is that everything will be fine, as long as we're history!"


"Fine, I don't know about Lea, but I'll be happy to bounce. You'd feel better if I do, right?"


"Let go of me! You just kicked me out yourself! I know that I'm the screwed-up child anyway, no…we're not even related. Strangers, right? Admit it, why don't you? You're just sick of pretending to be my family! Or is it against your religion to say something like that? Or wait, is it because you just want to play the perfect dad one last time! Give me a break! You're not my father-you're nobody to me! Don't ever let me see you trying to act like my father again!" Rin said all those hateful things before he got interrupted by a slap.

"It will be morning soon. Hurry, go get your things."

"Okay…" Rin mumbled quietly. He turned and walked away when our father suddenly collapsed.

"Oh…no…" He said. The other priests ran towards him. "Stay away! Don't…come near…me…" All of the light bulbs shattered.

"What's going on?" Rin asked, looking around. A sickening laughter was heard throughout the building.

"At long last…I've claimed this body as my own!"


"We meet at last…my son!" He said before bursting into blue flames.

"Satan..?!" I said, staring at him.

"Yes! I am Satan, and you must be my princess, princess of Gehenna, how does that sound?"

"That's Satan?"
"That's right! I am your one and only father." Despite the warning, the other priests ran forward to try to protect our father, but burst into flames.

"Don't you dare spoil our touching reunion, time is running out for me!" He said while ripping his hand open. The blood dripped on the floor and began to form into a shape. "You see, my power is too overwhelming for Assiah, and so whatever I possess is doomed not to last very long. Just like this man's body and just like your mother's." The blood had formed into a rectangle and began bubbling. It shaped into some sort of demonic gate.

"What the hell is that?!" Rin yelled.

"Gehenna gate, the magical door linking Assiah and Gehenna! Now then, let us be off to Gehenna!"

"S-stay away from me!" Rin shouted, backing away. I had my bow ready for me to string…if it came to that. I didn't want it to, but if it did, I was ready. Rin burst into flames, but Satan only laughed.

"What's up with that? Did you just piss your pants or something? Pathetic…just get your demonic powers back already!" He said as he began dragging Rin towards the gate.

"I'm not a demon! I'm human!" He shouted, struggling, but no success.

It's time…

"Hey!" I shouted. He stopped walking towards the gate and faced me. I strung Yajirushi and drew it back. An arrow made of blue flames appeared. "Burn in hell you bastard." I said, releasing the arrow. It flew at him, but no avail. He summoned a wall of blue flames and the arrow was destroyed when it made contact.

I sacrificed my humanity for that shot…and I missed…how could I miss?

Rin…forgive me…

Satan continued to drag Rin to the gate and I had no more options. We were going to go to hell and die. Satan threw Rin into the gate.

"Rin!" I shouted.

"Don't worry, my princess, you'll be following right behind him!" Rin shrieked. "Today is the day of your rebirth as a demon, my son!

"Someone!" He shouted. "Help me!"

"No…it's not true…" My father suddenly came back and stabbed himself in an attempt to save Rin and me. "Those two…are my children…and I'm taking them back…"

"C-curses…damn you, exorcist!" His body fell into the gate. "You mean to sacrifice your own life? You astound me, wretched priest! However, it's too late! Gehenna gate had taken hold of you…and it will never…let you go…" The voice slowly faded.

"Dad!" Rin yelled. "Hang on, dad!" The sunk lower and lower into the gate and I didn't have any way to save them. He grabbed Kurikara. "Koma sword…"

"Stop Rin! Did you forget what your father told you?" One of the priests asked. "If you draw that sword…you'll…" He gripped the hilt. With tears and determination in his eyes, he pulled it out of its hilt.

I'm sorry, Rin…

I couldn't stop you from doing it…

I couldn't protect you…

I'm sorry…

Was the last thing I thought before I gave in to the darkness.

Well…that was…sadder than originally anticipated…

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