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"All right, summer vacation is less than a month and a half away." Yukio said with a smile. I felt like I died a little on the inside.

Still that far away? Kill me now!

"But before the break you'll take this year's Exwire Authentication Exam." He said while the class really didn't care or even blink in caring.

"Exwire? What's that?" Rin asked. I smacked my head on the desk.


"A candidate to become an exorcist." Shemi said. Yukio held up some papers. I had learned in this class that Yukio holding up papers is the equivalent of the devil himself waltzing into the classroom.

"Please not homework…please not homework…" I chanted.

"Be aware, once you're promoted to exwire you'll be subjected to more combat training, so the exam won't be easy to pass. Therefore, next week we'll hold a week-long boot camp to prepare for it." Yukio passed out the papers.

"IT'S NOT HOMEWORK!" I yelled.

"Please sit down Lea." Yukio said and then he turned to the rest of the class. "As the camp isn't mandatory, indicate if you'll be participating as well as the meister title you'd like to acquire and turn in the form by Monday." Rin took one look at the sheet and almost cried.

"What's wrong Rin?" I asked.

"Meister? Title?" He mumbled to himself. I realized something, I hadn't even thought of a meister.

Sure, I could go for anything really, but what did I want to go for?

I didn't want to rely on Yajirushi completely because the flames were still and no-no, so what should I pick?

I wonder if Yukio would be mad if I get a knife or two and then get tattoos…

Rin walked over to Bon and shoved his sheet in Bon's face.

"What's a meister?" The Kyoto trio all looked at him like he was an idiot. He kind of was though, so I didn't hold it against them. "I mean, clue me in man. Please." He said please, so now they can't deny him.

"You don't know that and you say you're gonna become and exorcist?" Bon asked him. "Gimme a break!"

"Wow, you really are clueless, huh, Rin?" Shima said. Rin began to get pissed.

"Dammit, some of us in this world have no clue!" He said.

"Actually, it's just you." I told Rin. He glared at me.

"Not helping." Bon sighed and the trio proceeded to explain what a meister was, but not without several complaints about how much of an idiot Rin was. I turned to Shemi who was reading the form over.

"They're all crazy, aren't they?" She smiled.

"Especially your brother."

"And you haven't even been living with him for fifteen years." After a few minutes, we had to do a course on summoning. After the teacher explained how the circle worked we all had to try and summon. We were all handed slips of paper with magic circles on them and told to speak what comes to mind. I pricked my finger.

"Here my plea, answer to my call and to my flames." I don't know why I mentioned the flames, it just came naturally. After a second a black cat appeared out of nowhere. It had two small horns next to its ears and had small black wings not unlike my own sticking out of its fur. It looked at me.

"My name is Ochiba and I am here to answer to your calling." Ochiba said. She had violet eyes. She bowed with her head and then flew up and landed on my shoulder.

I wish I knew how to fly that well…

I thought.

"Don't worry master, I can show you later." I almost flipped out before she continued talking. "No one can hear me, but I can read your mind both because you summoned me and because of you being a demon." She said.

"Lea?" I heard.

"What?" I saw that it was Rin who said my name.

"You just blanked out there for a second, was your cat talking to you or something?" He asked.

"Actually, yes." I said.

"It's normal for familiars and their masters to develop a connection that allows telepathic communication." The teacher said and the summoning continued. After a few minutes Izumo had summoned two foxes and Shemi summoned a little greenman and it was adorable.

"It seems we have no shortage of tamer candidates this year." The teacher said. I suppose I could go for a tame meister now, but I'll want a backup plan. "Now then, the ability to manipulate demons during combat is extremely rare among exorcists, so tamers are highly valued." He paused. "A demon will never obey a master weaker than itself. So if its master lacks confidence it will turn on them and attack." I watched Shemi talk to her familiar, probably talking about him attacking her.

You won't hurt me, right?

"I would never. I know that the humans wouldn't trust you if they knew who you were and humans don't trust any demon. You'll trust me, right?"

Of course.

"I'll appreciate being trusted." I mentally laughed at the demon cat.

If you teach me how to fly and use my demon powers properly then I'll show you how to use emotion!
"I don't think I'll ever understand humans."

The teacher dismissed class right after demonstrating how to unsummon familiars. Rin and I left class to go home.

"So, can that cat really talk to you?"

"I can talk to you both at the same time, you know?"

"What the hell?!" Rin yelled.

"It shouldn't be that surprising, you both share demonic blood."

Hey Rin! Can you hear me?

We can do this too?

"Well, you can do it through my power but some of the power is our and you just don't know how to control it yet." Ochiba lept off my shoulders and we walked in silence back to the dorms. "So this is where we live?"


"Does anyone else live here?"

"Our younger brother, but that's it." Rin said as I opened the door. We walked in and saw Yukio grading some papers in the cafeteria area.

"I heard you managed to summon a familiar today." He said and looked at Ochiba. "You could use that for a meister." I pulled off my jacket and stretched out my wings. I sat down across from him.

"I don't know. I kind of want to go for a meister as a knight." I said and Ochiba jumped on a chair next to me. Suddenly, a purple cloud consumed Ochiba. When the smoke cleared and I expected to see a cat I saw a humanoid demon. She had long black hair that reached her knees and was braided in the front. Her horns were peeking out of her hair and were much bigger than before. She had the same pointed ears and fangs both Rin and I had but hers were longer. She was wearing a black dress with purple lace going down the front of the top and in circles going around the skirt and a small purple sweater that went to her elbows. She had wings like mine but they were black. She had black heel shoes with purple bows on them.

"Um…is that supposed to happen?" Rin asked.

"Since we aren't in the classroom anymore it wouldn't be distracting for me to be in this form." Ochiba said emotionlessly.

"We need to work on those emotions of yours." I said as I poked her in the arm. Her tail twitched. Yukio just sat still and tried to process what was going on.

"Well I am officially confused." He said.

"You're not the only one." Rin said and Ochiba changed back into a cat.

"I think I'll stay like this for a while." She said before curling up. I watched her wings go into her fur and disappear as she purred and went to sleep.

"I wish I knew how to do that." I said before gently petting her. Before I knew it, I was dozing off on the table.


I woke up and could immediately tell it was late at night. I turned and saw Ochiba getting up from her nap as well.

"Good evening." She said as she stretched.

"You too." I looked at a clock.

11:47? Perfect…

"Hey, Ochiba, do you think we could try flying right now?" I asked. She transformed into her humanoid form.

"Sounds like fun." She smiled.

"You do have emotion!" I said.

"Let's go, but try not to wake your brothers up." We walked up a few staircases in silence and then we were on the roof with stars as far as the eye could see. Ochiba's wings appeared again and stretched.

"How do we do this?"

"First you should make sure you have enough room to take off and land on. Since we're on the roof we've got plenty of room. Next you should get a small running start and don't let instinct take over. Just jump off the roof." She then ran towards the edge of the roof but lifted up before she could fall. I took a deep breath and expanded my wings to their full wingspan and mimicked what Ochiba just did. It worked.

I was flying.

Flying was one of the most amazing feelings ever. There were no signs or rules to tell you where to go. I could literally just go anywhere I wanted and no one could tell me no. Obviously I could only do it at night, but it was worth it. Feeling the wind rush past my face and my wings was awesome. I closed my eyes and glided…

…strait into a window.

But not just any window, no, it had to be his…

"It's the Barbie car guy!" I flew right into the window of the principal's office and was now standing on the windowsill with Mephisto right there watching me.

"Good evening!" I turned around.

"Nope." I jumped right off of the windowsill and unfurled my wings to glide away. It hurt a bit, but it was worth it to get away from that creep. After a while I landed on the roof of our dorm building and saw Yukio sitting on the roof with Ochiba (now a cat) sitting on his lap.

"I figured you'd be up here." He said as I folded my wings in.

"Couldn't sleep?"

"I'm just worried about how the evaluation is going to go and I figured you'd drag her up here the first chance you got." He gestured to the cat on his lap.

"I wanted to learn how to fly sooner or later, it might just save my life someday." I said as I sat next to him. We sat in silence for a few seconds. "Do you think Rin and I could ever live normally again?" I asked.

"What do you mean?"

"Like living like normal humans or at least not getting watched by exorcists who are waiting for you to screw up so they can kill you." It was a few seconds before he replied.

"Sadly, no. There's no way to go back to the way you lived before."

"I just wish that I could've helped Rin. I was there when he drew Kurikara and I could've stopped him if only I wasn't so weak and useless! He could've at least lived a normal life then and wouldn't be in this mess."

"Well, there's no way to change what happened. Remember, you're not normal either."

"I know, but I could've saved him."

"It's okay. Knowing Rin he would've drawn Kurikara sooner or later." Yukio handed me Ochiba and he stood up. "You should probably get some sleep, it's almost one in the morning."

"You too!" He walked back inside. I looked up and sighed. "If only. I could've saved you Rin, if I had been ready for the consequences of using Yajirushi I could've saved you and then you could still be human." I felt a single tear go down my face. "But look at us now, we're freaks, monsters, demons, inhuman…" I mumbled before I felt sleep overcome me once again.

I told you this would get good, didn't I?

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