When Swift Blaze woke up sometime later, he found himself in a hospital bed. He wondered how long he was out. The human looked around the room and saw that no other pony was in there.

As he tried to get up, a sharp pain throbbed in his head. Blaze took a wild guess that no one made it in time to catch him as he blacked out. He soon noticed that his gi was on a chair over in the corner. The human quickly looked under the cover and saw his undergarments were still on his body. As he breathed a sigh of relief, the door to the room opened. He saw the six ponies step in. Smiles appeared on their faces as they saw he was looking at them.

"Morning, Blaze. Glad to see you're finally awake," Twilight said.

Blaze replied, "Morning everyone. How long was I out?"

"Just the night, darling," said Rarity. "We took you here after you collapsed. Wanted to make sure that you were ok."

"Yea, the only pain I feel right now is in the back of my head. Guess no pony made it in time to catch me."

"Sorry about that," said the blue Pegasus, "You surprised us how quickly you went unconscious."

"It's alright, the pain will go away soon. Mind if we get out of here? I feel like I haven't eaten for at least for a week." His stomach let loose a loud growl.

"A week?" asked Applejack. "With that noise, I would have guessed a month."

They all laughed. Blaze was about to get out of bed when he realized that he was just in his undergarments. "Um, mind if I ask how I got undressed? I'm pretty sure my clothing still had the weight modifier activated."

"It did," said Twilight. "It took me and Rarity just to get that heavy top piece off after we teleported you here. The others took the hoof bands off you."

The orange Earth pony said, "You weren't joking that you released a heavy emotional weight after so many years. That hoof band almost made me fall face first into the floor when I pulled it off ya."

He blushed as he asked, "Um, did anyone decide to remove anything else?

The yellow Pegasus replied, "None of us removed your undergarments. Rainbow was about to, but we stopped her. We respect your reasons as to why humans wear clothes all the time."

"Thank you girls. Now then, if you could please leave the room, I'll get dressed so I can get out of here. Don't feel like scarfing down hospital food."

They all giggled and left, closing the door behind them. The human got out of bed and put his gi back on with no issue. Thinking about it, he could have some fun with this if he tossed a hoof band and altered the weight.

Once he was all set, Blaze left the room and saw the mares were waiting outside. He waved goodbye to the nurses and doctors as he left the hospital. They nodded to him with a smile on their faces.

The group made their way to a café for some lunch as it was around noon time. They took a table outside as it was a lovely day. A waiter came and took our drinks and food orders. The ponies soon discussed the things that happened yesterday.

"We saw you really enjoyed your antics yesterday. When you were showing off against that Trixie," Rainbow Dash said.

Blaze replied, "Like I said before, I didn't like how she was humiliating my friends. So I turned it around so she got a taste of her own medicine."

The purple Unicorn said, "I still hate the fact she had you thrown into jail under false accusations."

"She just never knew how I was doing what I was doing. If you never knew me and you saw an Earth pony doing what I was doing, would you think I somehow performed forbidden magic?"

Twilight was thinking hard on the question. After a few minutes, she said, "I can see how a pony would think that about an Earth pony. Luckily, you can't do all your chakra jutsu while in pony form. That would really scare the ponies that don't really know you."

The human wanted to perform jutsu in pony form. But he hadn't figured out the method needed to mimic hand signs. He decided to look into this further.

The blue Pegasus asked, "So what did you do while in the slammer, Blaze?"

"Trixie visited to gloat. But I gave her another black dusting on her face before she left. I then just took a nap to enter my mind space to learn some more jutsu."

"REALLY! WHAT DID YOU LEARN? CAN YOU SHOW US?" the mare shouted with excitement.

"Calm yourself. l'll show one move, but you have to guess the last element I haven't learned yet."

"Aw man, I hate taking tests. Any hints?"

"I have learned four of the the five basic elements. The last one will definitely surprise you."

The mares were thinking of what the last one could be. Out of any of them Blaze guessed that Twilight would probably come up with the answer first.

"OH! I KNOW! IT'S LIGHTNING!" Pinkie Pie shouted.

The human didn't see that coming. He replied, "She's correct. The last basic element was lightning. It's one of the most dangerous as you know what lightning can do. This move I'm about to show is dangerous so please don't disrupt my concentration."

He did the hand signs, then held held his right hand out while bracing it with the left. Blaze said, "Lightning Style! Chidori!" His hand was engulf in white light as small lightning bolts was sparking from it. The sound of a thousand birds was coming from it as it did from the show. Before loosing it, the human absorbed the chakra back into himself.

The mares were amazed that he could harness something that can be so dangerous. "Boy howdy, that might have have been useful yesterday morning when Trixie sent that lightning at ya," said Applejack. "You could have sent it back to her."

"I might have been able to. But, if I did, my chakra would have amplified it. The simple shock could have caused serious harm. The best course of action was sending it back to the clouds."

"You really do care about not wanting to hurt anypony. Even though that Trixie should have been punished a little more," the white Unicorn said.

"I'm surprised to hear that from you, Rarity. Yes, I could have harmed her and sent her to the hospital. But then, the other ponies might start to fear me and of my powers. I would rather gain their trust and give them laughter instead of that."

"I now see why you acted that way. It was uncouth of me to think like that."

"It's alright."

Their food arrived and ate it down. Blaze had several dishes, as he was starving. He believed he was getting the appetite of Goku. Soon, meals are going to be expensive when he ate out. They finished the meal and paid for what they ate.

Fluttershy asked, "So, what are your plans for the rest of the day Blaze?"

"Well, I still have to do some shopping in the market," replied Blaze. "Plans were kinda put on hold from dealing with what happened yesterday."

"Would you like me to help you with your shopping? You helped me with mine and sounds like you have several things you need to buy."

"I appreciate that. Thank you, Fluttershy."

The yellow Pegasus and the human made their way to the market. They visited almost every food cart and stand. After each purchase, Blaze created a clone to take them back to the house right away. He was buying a bushel of almost every veggie he liked, the same with fruit. The human also bought several bags of rice, as he planned to have it with almost every dinner.

Fluttershy offered him some of her chicken's eggs and some fish, knowing that a human needed protein. Blaze thanked her for her generosity. When we came to Applejack's apple cart, the mare gave him several bushels of apples, free of charge, for helping her out on the farm. He thanked her for them.

Once the shopping for the other items was done, the human offered the yellow mare to come over for dinner. He said he'd be making his stir fry again. She replied that she would like that and would bring over the eggs and fish when she does. They parted ways as she went to her cottage and Blaze went to his home on the hill.

His clones had already put the food away where they could and put the rest in the basement. It was acting like a fridge down there with all that stone. They took the initiative and made a walk-in fridge and freezer out of different stones. They also took care of installing the windows across the house.

The human started to prepare the meal by sharpening his new knife set for the kitchen. He got the rice cooking and chopped the veggies for the stir fry. As Blaze was cutting, there was a knock at the front door. He set the knife down, walked to the front, and opened to see who was here. Fluttershy was standing there with her saddle bags full.

"Hi Blaze. Hope Im not too early," the mare said.

"Of course not," he replied. "Come on in and make yourself comfortable. Are those the eggs and fish in the saddle bags?"

"Yes they are. Hope I brought enough."

"It's more than enough. Thank you again for offering me the fish you have for your animals."

"It's no trouble."

Blaze took the Pegasus's bags and brought them to the kitchen. He stored the contents in the fridge where he had room. He went back to preparing the veggies and some fish.

As the human was cutting, he asked, "Fluttershy, would you like something to drink?"

She replied, "Some water would be nice."

Blaze got a glass out of the cupboard and filled it with water. He brought it to her where she was sitting in the living room. The human went back to cooking. First dish to make was the stir fry rice as he now had the eggs. He then brought out two skillets to cook the fish in one and the veggies in the other. Once everything was cooked, he plated the food and brought it to the table.

"Dinner's ready," he said.

Fluttershy got up from the living room and joined him at the dining table. "Blaze, this smells as delicious as last time," she said. "You really do know how to cook."

"Years of practice. The first several tries resulted in conditions of," he cleared his throat, "frequent bathroom visits. I did finally get cooking down and now can make dishes like these that I like."

They ate the rest of the meal in silence as they savour the flavor. Blaze was enjoying eating meat again. Once everything was down in their stomachs, he gathered the dishes and brought them to the kitchen.

"Please, Blaze, you shouldn't have to clean the dishes. Allow me."

"Fluttershy, you are my first guest I've had over for dinner. Please enjoy yourself. It won't take long. I do want to show you something once I get done."

The mare nodded and went into the living room and waited. The human got the dishes cleaned up and put away in no time. He entered the living room saw her sitting on one of the cushions.

"What I want to show you is in my backyard. I think you'll like it."

Blaze took the yellow Pegasus to the back door and opened it. Her eyes went wide as she saw the finished backyard. The sun was setting and was adding a nice orange tint to the garden. They walked out onto the deck so Fluttershy could get a better look. She looked at everything the human had created the previous day. The mare had a big smile on her face.

"Blaze, this is beautiful," she said. "I never knew you were this creative with your ability." A small tear fell from her eye.

"I created this so I had a place I can retreat to if I ever get unbalanced again. This is called a Zen garden back on my world. It's designed to restore order and balance to oneself."

"Blaze, I'm sure you won't ever have to worry about getting that way again. It was a memory from your past that caused you to act out."

"You're wrong, Fluttershy. The memory brought back the pain that I received. I went to the castle to be alone and let my emotional state run out. I didn't change into . . . that enraged thing until the Timberwolves showed up. They didn't leave me alone to deal with my state. I never wanted to act like that way ever again."

"I don't blame you for killing those Timberwolves. You were only defending yourself. Like I said before, I was glad you didn't get hurt. You shouldn't beat yourself up for what you did."

Blaze moved over to the fire pit and lit it up with a quick fire jutsu. He stared into the fire as the yellow mare came over next to him.

"That's just it. I don't hate myself for what I did, I hate myself because I enjoyed it. That part of me is in every human. Anger, rage, and the enjoyment of killing. Yes, I killed them to protect myself. But, I could have easily killed you all when you showed up."

"But you didn't. You still had the good inside of you and that stopped you from hurting us. Please stop hating yourself Blaze. You're a good human and how you dealt with that Ursa yesterday proves it."

"Thank you Fluttershy. I wanted to show you this because you brought me back to myself that night. I don't know what would have happened if you hadn't."

"I was glad my STARE was able to reach the good you. I've never done that to a friend. I didn't want you to get hurt anymore, or possibly hurt our friends. Promise me that I won't ever have to do that again."

"I promise. Now let me get some cushions from inside so we can enjoy the fire."

Fluttershy accepted the offer. Blaze went back inside and got the cushions. He placed them by the fire pit. The human sat down, indian style, on one. The Pegasus went to the other, but sat close enough to him so she could lean against his body. He wrapped one arm around her to keep her close. They watched the fire dance away and causing the gems to glimmer.

The human didn't notice how much time has gone by. He looked to Fluttershy and saw she'd fallen asleep. The mare had a smile on her face as she slept. Blaze didn't want to wake her, so they stayed that way the entire night. He used his wood jutsu to keep the fire going. At some point, he too fell asleep.

When the human woke up, it was just before dawn, as usual. But, as Fluttershy was still leaning against him, he couldn't leave without waking her. Luckily, Blaze could make a clone to take care of the morning training. And that is what he did, as his copy left, it restarted the fire and added more wood. Soon, the sun was up. The light from it flickered into the mare's eyes, causing her to slowly wake up.

"Morning sleepyhead," Blaze said when she looked at him.

Fluttershy let out a tiny scream as she jumped up from the cushion. "I'm so sorry Blaze for falling asleep like that," the Pegasus said. "I was so comfortable that I dozed off. This has never happened before. I'll leave right away."

"Fluttershy, calm down. I didn't mind it. You were sleeping so peacefully, I didn't want to disturb you. Let's go inside and I'll make some breakfast."

They headed inside and the human began to cook up some scramble eggs and cut up some fresh fruit. Fluttershy went to the living room to wait till breakfast was ready. While she waited, his clone came through the front door. The mare had a confused look on her face.
"Blaze, I thought you were in the kitchen?" she asked.

"I probably still am," he replied.


"This morning, before dawn, the original Blaze you were sleeping against made a clone, that's me. I left to do the normal morning exercises."

"Ah, I keep forgetting your shadow clones can act by themselves."

"If you would excuse me, I need to let the other me know about something I agreed to this morning."

With that, the clone disappeared and Blaze received his memories. He continued to cook the eggs as he reviewed what my clone did. The human dished up the food and brought it to the table. He informed Fluttershy that it was ready and she joined him at the table.

"So, what did your clone do while exercising this morning?" Fluttershy asked.

"I'll start when he left the house."

- Early this morning -

The Blaze clone left the house and began his jog to Ponyville town square and back. He returned to the front yard and worked on his Taijutsu fighting style. As the human was doing them for a couple hours, he heard a young voice calling his name.

"Morning Swift Blaze!" The young pony voice said.

He turned and see Apple Bloom coming up the road from the farm. He figured the filly must be going to school.

"Morning Apple Bloom. You heading to learn more things today with your friends?" he asked.

"Sure am! Miss Cheerilee is going to be teaching us about different cutie marks that ponies get. I told her about you, and she'd like you to sit in and answer questions about yours," the filly said.

"That will be difficult as I'm not a pony. Plus, I didn't get to know about mine the normal way."

"That's why she wants you to come. The other fillies didn't believe I was friends with the human. Also that he was able to get a cutie mark. You just have to come!"

The Earth pony stared at the human with big puppy dog eyes. Blaze couldn't resist saying no to her face. He figured it would also be a good time for them to see they didn't need to fear him.

"Alright, I'll come to your school. Please, stop giving me that look. I'll be along shortly. Just need to get cleaned up after my morning exercise."

Apple Bloom was excited that he accepted. She quickly left and continued on to school.

- Back to the present -

"And that's when my clone came into the house and chatted with you," said Blaze.

"Sounds like you should get going before you're late for the bell. This time, I'll clean the dishes as you have a promise to keep," Fluttershy said.

The human quickly finished breakfast and headed upstairs to shower and change clothes. He went with the black with white trim gi as the only other clean one was full black. He guessed that he'll need to do laundry soon as he didn't want to be running around in his undergarments. Once the was cleaned and dressed, Blaze thought about his pony form. He wasn't sure if it too was cleaned when the human form was. He decided to not chance it when meeting the children.

He changed into his pony form, undressed, washed himself over the best he could, and got dressed again. Blaze was struggling with the pants, being all hoof. He thought about it and decided to keep them off. It wasn't that odd as hardly any ponies wears pants, except for very fancy functions. Though most don't wear anything at all, he could never go that far. Plus the fact that he needed the enchanted clothing he wore to move around normally.

The red stallion headed downstairs and said goodbye to Fluttershy. Not wanting to waste anymore time, he flew off to the school. He recalled where it was from Twilight's tour. Blaze landed out of sight and finished heading to the school on hoof. As he made his way to the building, he saw all the young ponies were playing outside and chatting among themselves. Apple Bloom was talking to two fillies. The yellow filly seemed she was not liking the conversation.

The bell rang and the stallion saw Miss Cheerilee step outside and called her class to come inside. They all do and he continued his trot to the school. The teacher was about to close the door when Blaze caught her attention.

"Good morning, Miss Cheerilee," he said.

"Good morning, um . . ." the mare asked.

"My name is Swift Blaze. Apple Bloom asked me to come as you were going to talk about cutie marks today."

"Ah yes, Swift Blaze. I was actually expecting to see your human form. Why are you here in this form?"

"I didn't want to scare the young fillies and colts first thing."

"I think that was a good idea. Come along so I can start the lesson."

They went inside and the stallion closed the door behind them.

"Alright, class. Settle down as we have an important lesson to cover and a special guest to help with it," Miss Cheerilee said to her students.

All the kids quieted down. Blaze saw Apple Bloom with a big grin on her face. She was happy that he came. He looked around and saw the other ponies with wondering looks at him, trying to figure out who he was. Snips and Snails were looking at the stallion for a little bit. Their eyes went big when they recognized him. But, the colts kept quiet so they did not get into trouble.

"Allow me to introduce you to, Swift Blaze."

"Hello class. I'm sure some of you recognize me around town. I can go into more about me when Miss Cheerilee finishes her lesson. If that's alright with her of course."

"Please, Miss Cheerilee?" Apple Bloom asked with the big pony eyes, again.

"But of course. Now then, class, today we are going to go over cutie marks. Can you all see my and Swift Blaze's cutie marks?" They all nodded their heads. "Like all ponies, I didn't always have mine, my flank was blank," Cheerilee said as she showed them a young picture of her.

Cheerilee continued telling the story of how she had received her and what it symbolized to her. Blaze watched the class as they paid attention. He then saw Diamond Tiara trying to get Apple Bloom's attention. He recalled what the filly was planning to do from the episode and didn't like it. A small change shouldn't affect any future events.

So, the stallion quietly released the weight modifiers on his clothes. He waited for the right moment. As Diamond Tiara was beginning to pass the note, Blaze moved within a half a second and took the blank piece of paper from her and returned back to where he was. Diamond Tiara was confused where the paper went. She went and retrieve another one from her desk and began to pass it.

"Diamond Tiara! Are you passing a note?" Cheerilee asked.

The filly replied, "No, Miss Cheerilee," while acting all innocent.

Blaze said, "Then can you explain this one I snagged from you?" He revealed it on his hoof.

"How did you . . ." Diamond Tiara started to say.

"So, you were passing notes. See me after class, Diamond Tiara," the purple mare said.

Apple Bloom was happy that she did not get caught in that trap. Cheerilee came up to me and whispered, "Thank you for catching her in the act. I don't know why she likes to pick on the others, especially Apple Bloom."

Blaze whispered back, "Probably because Apple Bloom doesn't have a cutie mark. So, Diamond Tiara thinks she's better than her because of it." He revealed the note to her and showed it was blank. "I think she was going to make a joke about Apple Bloom not having her cutie mark."

"Thanks for letting me know. How wereyou able to determine this from just meeting the children for the first time?"

"Back when I was young, I was the one picked on. So I know what to look for."

"Sorry to hear that." Cheerilee turned to the class and said, "I think we should now hear about how Swift Blaze got his cutie mark."

The kids cheered for it, except for Diamond Tiara as she didn't like the stallion getting her in trouble. He got up and stood in front of the class.

"Well then, let me start by saying I didn't get my cutie mark until much later. Probably the oldest than anyone else has ever gotten there. There's a reason for that. I'm not actually a pony." Blaze released his jutsu and returned to his human body. "I'm the human that came to Equestira just over a week ago."

Most of the kids gasped at his human body. The few that didn't just smiled. "Back on my world, no human ever receives these cutie cutie marks."

"Then how do they know what their special talent is?" Twist said.

He replied, "We go to school to learn the basics of life, like how you are. Then we went to higher education to learn skills that we like to do or to do for a job we wanted to have. Some didn't have a choice in what job they wanted if they wanted to survive."

"That sounds awful," a filly in the back of the classroom said.

"It was. I won't go into details about the lifestyle there. Now, back onto topic, exactly how can a human get cutie mark? Do any of you know a pony name Twilight Sparkle?" Several of them raised their hooves. "Well, when I first arrived, only a select few knew I came here. I had to wait for Princess Celestia to introduce me to your town. But, I wanted to see the town before the event. Plus I didn't want to be cooped up inside someplace. I just couldn't go out in my human form. Twilight had used her magic to turn me into a pony and that's when I found about my cutie mark. When I changed back, it stayed on me in my human form."

Blaze lifted his sleeve and pointed to it.

"What does that symbol mean?" Silver Spoon asked.

"The symbols is called the yin and yang symbol. What it stands for is the belief I have for balance and that can be anything. From sun and moon, good and evil, harmony and chaos, and right and wrong. Everything needs to be in balance, not just the body and mind, but everything in nature and in space. I hold true to this belief ever since I started my martial arts training as a child."

"You know how to beat up others?" Cheerilee asked.

"That's not correct. I know how to defend myself and others I care for. I never start the conflicts."

"Can you show us some of your moves?" Apple Bloom asked.

"It will have to be outside where I have more room to do it, and only if Miss Cheerilee is ok with it."

"I'd like to see it myself. Alright class, the rest of the lesson will be done outside."

They all cheered and quickly made their way outside. Cheerilee and Blaze followed them. The kids gathered in a half circle. The human stood the front and the purple mare stayed in the back.

"Ok, before I can demonstrate some martial art moves, I'm going to have to explain some other things I can do. Back on my world, we didn't have anything like the magic you have here, humans have no sense of magic. So what I'm about to show it's not a magic spell. I'm a unique human that has other abilities that look like magic when I do them. They allowed me to change into my pony form whenever I want."

Blaze did the shadow clone jutsu and made another of himself. The colts and fillies all screamed when they saw the other human. Apple Bloom stayed calm as she had already seen it. He realized his demonstration was going to take a while.

"Please, calm down. This is called a jutsu and uses chakra to activate that resides in my body," he said.

"That's forbidden magic! The Great and Powerful Trixie said so!" Snips said.

"This isn't magic, I can't use magic. I use chakra and hand signs to do jutsu," Blaze's clone said in a little angry tone.

"You don't need to be mean to the colt. He has only seen magic before. So, this is all new to him," the original human said.

The clone replied, "But, Trixie was the one that had us get locked up in jail because we showed her up."

"True, but Princess Celesita did pardon us. Plus we did have fun teaching her a lesson."

The class was giggling as Blaze was arguing with himself. "Wait, what were we going to do?" his clone asked.

"I can't remember, do any of you children know?" The original asked them.

Apple Bloom replied, "You were going to show some of your fancy martial arts moves."

"That's right, shall we begin, me?"


They walked away from the children a little bit for some more room. Both humans went into a fight stance. When each moved in for the attack, each Blaze stayed slow so they could see all the hits and blocks. The humans only did this for a few minutes and then stopped in their tracks. The original Blaze released his clone and turned to the kids.

"Did you enjoy the show?" he asked.

They cheered and clapped their hooves together.

"Are there other jutsu you can do?" A colt asked.

"There are. If I had to guess the number I have learned so far, I would say at least a hundred and they can be used for different situations. One thing I noticed you did not have here is some playground equipment for when you go on recess. Let this be a gift to you Miss Cheerilee and for your students."

Blaze headed to the back of the school and found an some empty space. The ponies followed and stayed behind him. Thinking about what he wants to create, it will require a lot of chakra. Just not the big amount that his house needed. He was doing lots of different hand signs. Then, shouted, "Multi Element Style! Playground Creation Jutsu!"

The ground shook a bit as the human pulled in several elements at once. Wood style came first and made a border of where everything was going to go. It then formed a jungle gym and playground fort. The last was the structure for a short climbing wall. Earth style came next and created a slide attached to the fort first. The slide part showed up as a polished and smooth stone. Blaze then made very colorful sea-saws out of a durable stone. With the last part, he had sand rise up from the ground in the boxed area.

Once it was done, the human collapsed to one knee as he caught his breath. He quickly got back up and turned around. The kids' faces were showing pure happiness at their new play equipment.

"Well, are you just going to stand there and look at it or are you going to go and play?" he asked.

It didn't even take a second before the fillies and colts ran to the new playground. Cheerilee came up to Blaze as they watched the children having fun.

"That was a very generous gift you gave them. I don't know how I can repay you," she said.

"Seeing them happy is all I need. I wanted to show that they don't have to fear me and they can come to me when there is trouble."

"I saw what you did at Applejack's ceremony and that was fun to watch."

"I'm going to head out and get some lunch. If you need anything, let me know."

The purple mare nodded and headed to watch the children. The human left and made his way to the cafe. He found a table outside and pulled up a chair that was leaning by the building. He saw Lyra come out and head towards him.

"Good afternoon, Blaze. You look exhausted," the Unicorn said.

"I feel like it," he replied. "Apple Bloom asked me to go to the schoolhouse to talk about my cutie mark and one thing led to another. Soon enough, I was building them a playground behind the school with my jutsu."

"They must be loving it. You really do have a big heart for us ponies."

"They were when I left. I just love how peaceful this world is. It's the complete opposite from my world."

"Sorry to hear that your world was so awful. Anyway, what will you be having today?"

"I think I will have the fruit salad and grilled veggies. Also three glasses of water."

"Good choice, I'll be back with your water."

Lyra headed inside while Blaze watched other ponies in the town square going about their day. He saw several Pegasus were moving clouds in. He wondered if they were going to make it rain. The human quickly looked around for a certain blue Pegasus to see if she was working. He soon found her plugging a hole with a cloud.

"Hey, Rainbow Dash!" Blaze shouted to her.

The mare looked around to see who called her, She then saw the human waving to her and flew down. "Hi Blaze, what's up?" she asked.

"Well, you were just up."

Rainbow started to laugh at the joke. "Oh Blaze, you are a riot. You really know how to tickle my funny bone."

"You mean this bone?"

The human tickled at the bone's location. The Pegasus laughed louder and fell from where she was hovering. He continued to tickle the spot as the mare was kicking about on her back.

"Blaze, please stop it. I need to breath," Rainbow said while laughing.

He did and allowed her to regain her composure. "Getting back to what I called you, is it going to rain soon?"

"Yea, the weather team scheduled for a thunderstorm for this afternoon. Suppose to be a good one."

Blaze nevered liked it when they said that about storms. It would usually cause them to become worse. "Well, I better get to my home soon." The Unicorn came out with his drinks. "Lyra, sorry to do this, but can you make my order to go? I want to get home before the light show starts."

"Sure thing. I'll bring the check as well," the mare said as she headed back inside.

Blaze turned back to the blue mare, "Rainbow, I know you Pegasi control the weather. How do the other ponies know what the weather is going to be?" he asked.

"Each day, the Equestrian Daily post today's weather forecast for each town."

"Where do I get a copy?"

"It get's delivered each morning to every home."

"By who?"

"A grey Pegasus named Ditzy Hooves."

Blaze had a feeling it was her. "Ok, guess I should tell her where my house is so I can get a copy."

All of a sudden, Blaze hear a faint sound from a pony. "Look out below!"

He looked up and see a certain grey pony coming in hot. The human got up and quickly performed a jutsu as he shouted, "Water Style! Dense Cloud Jutsu!"

He formed a cloud in front of them that was in the path of the gray Pegasus. He finished just before she collided with it. Blaze held onto the cloud as he slid back a bit from the impact.

Ditzy looked herself over for damage and realize she landed on a cloud. "How did this get here?" she asked.

The human replied, "I formed it to catch you. You're not injured, are you, Ditzy?"

"That's probably one of the comfiest landings I'll ever get. Nice job forming the cloud."

"Thank you, why were you dive-bombing so fast?"

"I had to find you and thank you."

"Thank me for what?"

"For the playground you made at the schoolhouse. My daughter came home on my lunch break and told me everything. She really loves it."

"That's nice. What is your daughter's name?"

"Her name is Dinky Hooves, but I call her my little muffin."

Dash was making the expression like she was going to gag. Blaze shot her a stern look and she stopped and flew back to finish getting the storm ready.

Blaze said, "You might want to head inside soon as the weather Pegasi are making a good storm from the looks of it. Also, could you put me on the list to get the newspaper in the morning? I was going to be out in this storm if I hadn't asked Rainbow about what was going on with all the clouds."

Ditzy replied, "Sorry about that. You'll get one in the morning. Where's your home?"

"It's the new one just outside of town with the outer walls made of stone on top of the hill."

"That is a nice house, but I don't recall seeing it there last week."

"That's because I built it a few days ago with my jutsu."

"That's cool. Better finish delivering this mail. Bye Blaze."

"Bye Ditzy."

Lyra came out with Blaze's lunch packaged up. He payed the bill and started to head home. The human saw other ponies were doing the same. Some were even closing the shutters on their windows. Blaze thought if they were doing that, he'd better pick up the pace so he wouldn't get struck by lightning.

He made it home as it started to rain. The human went inside and sat at the table to eat his lunch while the grilled veggies were still warm. Once the meal was done and the dishes were cleaned, he looked around the house. Blaze wondered what he should do while stuck indoors and not expecting any company. He figured this would be a good time to do some maintenance on his weapons from the human world.

The human faced an empty wall. On the other side of the house, there were the stairs that lead to the second floor. He placed his hand on the wall that released an illusion barrier jutsu. It revealed a door that went down to the basement.

Down there, Blaze used his jutsu to create an opening in a stone block that was in the corner. Inside were all the weapons hanging on stone hooks. The human sent out several ki energy balls and had them float to give off light for the room, the one space he forgot to run electricity and lighting for.

Some time later, Blaze heard his front door burst open. He quickly teleported upstairs to see who the intruder was. Laying on the floor entrance was Ditzy Hooves. The human ran to close the door first as the wind and rain was gushing through. He then went to her to check if she was alright. She was breathing, but looked exhausted.

"Ditzy, what were you doing out in this storm?" he asked.

"Storm grew out control because of another that rolled in from the Everfree Forest," Ditzy said while out of breath.

"You braved the storm to tell me that?"

"No, I came to ask you to help us. No pony has seen a storm like this. I'm worried about my little muffin being stuck at the schoolhouse."

"I'll see what I can do. You stay here and rest. I'll be back shortly."

"You're going out in this weather!?"

"No, I'm teleporting to the school. Be right back."

Before the mare could object, Blaze teleported out and arrived at the school. He was met with a branch hitting him in the face. The human moved it out of the way and looked to see what was going on. Several of the windows were burst open, letting in the rain and wind. Blaze saw the children and Cheerilee huddled in a corner. He made his way over to them while climbing over the debris.

"Everything is going to be alright!" he shouted. "Stay close to me and I'll get all of you to safety!"

Those who heard nodded and helped the other ponies get in close to the human. He teleported the group back to his house and appeared in the entryway.

"Dinky!" Ditzy shouted from the sofa in the living room.

"Mommy!" the little filly said as she ran to Ditzy.

"You'll be safe here in my house. Cheerilee, there are some towels in the upstairs bathrooms you can get to dry everypony off," Blaze said.

The purple mare replied, "Thank you for saving us. Where are you going?"

"Back out there to see if I can stop this storm."


"I have to see what I can do. The Pegasi can't stop this so I must try. Stay inside and away from the windows."

Cheerilee nodded and backed away. Blaze reactivated the illusion barrier on the basement door. He then summoned his samurai sword. The human teleported just outside of his home. He had to hold his footing on the ground as the wind was blowing hard. The clouds were pitch black and lit up with every lightning bolt either staying up in the clouds, or struck the ground.

Blaze couldn't believe how similar it felt to the ones that happen in the south central of the United States. The more he thought about it, the more he feared that something was coming. The human looked toward the horizon for the object that he hoped was not there. His hearing was picking up the sound from the stories of survivors. Way deep in the EverFree Forest is where Blaze spotted the weather monster, a tornado.

Guessing on the size, it was an EF3 or bigger. He first made several clones so they could help with rescues and warn the ponies. If the beast wasn't stopped, it would destroy the town. The Pegasi were having a hard time flying in the wind and were busy saving other ponies.

Blaze thought, I'm about to charge into a storm with a metal blade and it has a tornado. This is really going to hurt.

The human flew into the storm to face Mother Nature's beast. He kept his blade in its scabbard to avoid lightning strikes. He dodged as best as he could to get close enough. Once in place in the sky, Blaze drew the blade and channeled his chakra into it. Lightning was now hitting the blade, but his energy was holding it back from shocking him.

He thought me might as well use the storm's energy against it. Each strike was being absorbed into the blade. It caused the metal to glow pure white. His weapon kept on getting brighter and brighter, which he had to put more of his energy to keep blocking it. Blaze held it to his side, ready to release it at the right moment as the tornado was coming closer.

When the time was right, he shouted at the top of his lungs, "LIGHTNING STYLE! LIGHTNING BLADE SLASH JUTSU!"

He swung the blade at an upward angle, sending all the lightning energy from the storm with his chakra addition at the twister. You could see the slash path as it was pure white. When it made contact with the tornado, they both exploded, releasing all their energy. It sent the human flying back several yards.

The tornado had disappeared, but the dark storm clouds were still shooting lightning. Blaze put his blade back into its scabbard and flew into the clouds. Even with the destroyer of land gone, it could come back. He realized that he had to get rid of the clouds. WIth his chakra running on fumes, he only had one energy source left. It looked like he was going to need to summon it all to clear the skies.

The human started to power up his ki as he flew deeper into the clouds As the energy was rising, he started to emit a red glow around his form. The plus side of it was that it was deflecting the lightning strikes. Blaze was pulling with all his might to get every bit of ki that he had. He went as far as doing the scream they did on DBZ when they went to the max. The red glow continued to expand out as more energy was gathered. Once he felt he had it all, the human released his ki shockwave. It went in every direction and broke up the clouds.

Because he used every last drop, he didn't have any left to sustain flight. Blaze started to fall. He felt so exhausted, but he need to do one final jutsu if he wanted to save himself. He focused his thoughts and chakra into teleporting to Twilight's home. He closed his eyes as he hoped it would work. In a poof, the human was gone from his freefall in the forest. But, he crashed into the center table at the library. He was still barely conscious as Twilight ran up to him.

"Blaze what are you, OH MY! You're hurt!" Twilight shouted. "Blaze, stay with me! Rainbow go get the Doctor! Rarity, help me get him to the couch!"

The Pegasus bolted out the door. The Unicorns used their magic together and lifted the human off the table rubble. His clothes were torn and singed. He had bruises, cuts and burns over his body.

Rarity said, "What in Celestia's name was Blaze doing out in that dreadful storm?"

He mumbled out, "Save school . . . children. Stop . . . tornado in . . . EverFree . . . Broke clouds up."

"Hold on Blaze! The Doctor is coming! Stay awake!" Twilight continued to shout. "Rarity, help me get these clothes off of him. Well, what's left of them."

He did his best to stay awake. His adrenaline was wearing out. Soon, the pain became noticeable. The human couldn't feel the ponies tearing his outer clothing off. All of a sudden, a sharp pain came from his left leg.

"OWWWWW! MOTHERFUCKING BASTARD!" Blaze shouted on reflex.

Twilight and Rarity jumped away when he screamed out from what he's feeling.

"Please, hold on, Blaze. The Doctor will fix you up," the white mare said.

He was holding himself back from screaming out more in pain. The front door burst open and Rainbow Dash came in with the Doctor.

"Where is the pony that's hurt?" The Doctor asked.

"NOT A FUCKING PONY! THE HUMAN ON THE COUCH IS THE ONE WHO'S HURT!" he shouted as another wave of pain hit him.

"Calm down, Blaze. The Doctor didn't mean anything about it," said Twilight.

The human closed his eyes as the pain was increasing.

The Doctor pulled out a needle with some liquid already in it and injected it into Blaze's right shoulder.

"This will put you nighty night so you won't have to feel the pain," he said. "I'll have you good as new when you wake up."

The pain was dying off as Blaze lost consciousness.