Alright, this is my first attempt at a Twilight fan fiction. I'd first like to clear up with everybody that I really don't like Edward. i thinks he's too controlling over Bella and she hasn't got enough balls to hate him. He's her obsession.

Anyway, I've always shipped Bella with anyone other then Edward, Jacob or Carlisle (come on he's like her father. it's kinda weird)

ENJOY! and leave a review to tell me what you think.


Even with his superior memory, its all a blur.

But he does remember everything centered around her. Her blood.

One second, he's all for taking out the Cullen's and killing the pretty little human. Then the next, he's second-guessing everything.

He still follows Victoria. She's still all he's ever known in this life. He can't remember anything else.

Then the pretty human cuts her arm, drawing blood. His eyes zero in on it. Running down her arm, bright red against her pale skin. She smells so good. So sweet.

The sweetest thing he has ever smelt.

And he wants to protect it.

The mind reader throws him off and he lands right next to the pretty human.

How convenient.

He's up in an instant, Victoria, the mind reader, the battle all out of his thoughts and he focuses on just her. His eyes look down to where her blood is running and he reaches out his hand, paler then hers, to grab her wrist gently.

In all his vampire life –maybe even his human life- he holds her wrist with the most gentle of touches. He could snap it in a second. It would take more effort for him to breathe.

The pretty human lets out a little gasp as he lifts her hand to his mouth, planting a small kiss to the blood and meeting her soft eyes. It was such an intimate moment and the world stopped. She was beautiful, pale against the even paler snow, her dark eyes and hair with little snowflakes caught in it.

He pulled his mouth back slightly, so there was just a slither of space between his cold skin and her warm wrist. He uses his tongue to wipe her blood of his lips and his eyes almost roll back into his head, but he can't look away from her.

If he thought her blood smelt nice, but this? This was beyond comparison than to anything on this Earth.

He can hear her heart speed up.

Thump thump, thump thump.

Suddenly, almost as if a mist that kept everything away from just them, lifted. The angry snarls and growls from the fighting force him to turn around. To let go of her.

The werewolf was still passed out against the rock, and he didn't know how long he would have.

First, he had to get rid of the real problem.

He knows the pretty little human is staring only at him as he walks towards the two fighting vampires. They don't even notice him until he grabs Victoria's head and rips it off.

The mind reader stops instantly and looks up at him like he had grown two heads. And sprouted out magical sparkles and rainbows from his hand too.

The other vampire didn't look like one who had been surprised much, and it made him smug that he had achieved it.

Then the pretty human ran over to the mind reader and stumbled down on her knees next to him, calling out "Edward!"

He stared at the pretty human's dark mahogany hair. Almost the color of dried blood. The flow on her arm was starting to dry.

It smelt even better. Like what Heaven would if it existed.

It made him want another taste.

A sudden growl erupted from the mind readers chest, snapping him out of his daze. He stood up threateningly, but he wasn't really intimidated. The mind reader fought like shit. The vampire tensed even more at his thoughts and snarled, snapping his teeth angrily.

Then the there was a flash of large teeth and claws and the pretty human scream (such a heart wrenching sound) and Riley couldn't remember much after that.