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Chapter 3: The Elven Friend

Hashirama, Leina and Nowa were making there way to Nowa's home which happens to be just a small hut. Along the way, Nowa has been asking a lot of question about the two, mainly Hashirama. He answered many of her questions and asks about her as well, Nowa tells them that she is the Forest Keeper, one who is dedicated in protecting the forest, she also introduced her friend monkey Ru, Hashirama and Leina were astonished when they learned that the monkey can stretched it's body and made it's skin hard as a rock, Ru have saved Nowa numerous times thanks to it's ability.

When they got to the door, they saw an person standing there. "Captain?!" Nowa said. At that moment, Nowa realizes something. "Oh no! I completely forgot. Humans are not allowed in the forest." She sulked that she failed at maintaining that rule. "Captain Alleyne is definitely going to punish me for this."

Hashirama heard about the elves being strict when it come to protecting their border and dealing with humans. "We can immediately leave the forest so you won't get in trouble." Hashirama said.

"That won't be necessary." The elf woman interjected as she approached the trio.

"You're not angry that me and Hashirama are in here?" Leina asks, surprised that the elf woman showed no hostility.

"On the contrary. We elves have witnessed your fight with the pawn of the Swamp Witch." She replied to Leina. She then turns to Hashirama. "Not only did you drive her back, you also use your unique power to restore the forest. For that, we are grateful and we like for you to stay here and reward you with a feast."

"Guess we worry for nothing then." Leina said with relief. Many people knew that the elves will not hesitate to kill humans if they trespass in the forest.

"I believe we haven't properly introduce ourselves, I'm Alleyne, Combat Master and Captain of the Elven Warriors. You two already met my student Nowa."

"Hashirama Senju. You already know me as the Wood Sage."

"Leina Vance."

"Now that the introduction is out of the way. Follow me. The Elven Council want to meet you." Alleyne lead the way as the three follows. Not knowing that a certain blue haired angel is following and watching them from afar.

"Consider this a great honor. It is very rare for humans to be welcomed and have a feast in the Elven Village." What Alleyne didn't tell them is that there is more to just a reward and lodging. When Hashirama shows his power to grow an entire forest in an instant, the Elven Councillors planned to know more of Hashirama's magic. Alleyne remembered that moment when the fight between Hashirama and Airi is over.


Alleyne went to Council Chambers and took her place, standing next to the leader like a guard. Once everyone in the council is present they begun their discussion. "As you all know, the menace who is causing destruction in our forest has been driven out. Now we discuss the presence of a certain human."

"Why do we even need to discuss this?" Spoke the first councilman. "We all know the law. Humans are forbidden in the forest!"

"You're being too rash. Have you not saw the battle, not only that human have taken care of our problem, but also revive the forest with his strange magic."Said the second councilman.

A third councilman stood up and gains their attention. "Yes! Don't you see? This human have exactly that we all need. The power to create forest."

The fourth spokes up. "If we manage to convince that human to share this gift with us. Then we no longer have to worry about that accursed Swamp Witch and her lackeys. They can destroy as much of forest they want, and we can simply regrow in a blink of an eye, and not only that, we can even control the trees to attack our enemies. Just think of the possibilities we can do if we were to obtain it."

At this they began to think more about it. And the longer they think, the more they saw the usefulness of such power. The leader soon spoke, gaining everyone's attention. "I have spoken with the Oracle this morning, she foretold that a great evil will rise and it'll come to lay waste on our land." worried whispers and mutters but they stop when the leader continues on. "But she also foretold a man with powers of a demigod will rise to become a king and defeat this evil."

"Is she saying this 'Wood Sage' is the one she saw in her visions." Asks a fifth councilman.

"We must think more about this. For all we know, he might have different other kinds of unknown magics, magic that proves useful and worth our time."

.The leader turns the Combat Master. "Alleyne, What are your thoughts on this human?"

"He have impressive strength and capabilities. The way he fight, his graceful reflexes and his tremendous energy. This is surprising but... I give him a score of 100." The score surprises the Elves in council room. It was very hard to earn a perfect score from Alleyne who is very calculating and strict.

"So what should we do regarding this human?"

"We should befriend him." All eyes turn to the leader with surprised look, as it was the unbelievable thing they ever heard in their life. They would've object or said something but they remain silent thinking the leader must have a plan. And they were right. "If we are to acquire this strange magic of his, we must first befriend him and It must be done on slow and steady pace. And also find out more about the nature of his ability. If we can't acquire this magic, then at least we can have him as a close ally."

End Flashback

Alleyne mission is clear; befriend the Wood Sage and learn more of his secrets. It might be an easy one though, judging by the way Hashirama speaks with Nowa and Leina, she can easily tell that he is a kind, gentle and respectable man, and only shows that harsh and intimidating look in a fight. After several minutes of walking along the path, they finally arrived at their destination, the Elven village.

Two warriors who are guarding the entrance flinch and straighten up when Alleyne passes through them, they take a glance at the two humans and recognizes the Wood Sage, normally when they see a human they would react hostile and force them out of their sacred forest, but that's not the case with this one, as two know what he's capable of.

While the four were walking through the village, the two humans look around with awe, Leina saw that all of their houses and structures are connected to trees, while Hashirama admired the way they built their homes, with trees growing healthy leaves on top, the village will be very difficult to spot from above. It kinda reminds him of the Leaf Village, though without the structures attached to trees.

Many of the Elven folks took notice and looked at them.

"So that's the Wood Sage?"

"I'm surprised that the council would even let him in our village."

"But he did save our forest and fixed the damages. Maybe he's not that bad."

"If he's an elf I would love to ask him to be my lover."

"Yeah. He's handsome for a human."

Hashirama and Leina heard the gossips and whispers. "Seems like they're warming up to us." Hashirama said.

"They' all seemed fixated at you. But I wouldn't be surprised considering what you show in that fight." Leina said, referring to the Wood Jutsu that he used. She was a bit jealous and wish that she could have done more against the Swamp Witch's minion,

They arrived near a huge tree with a building attached to it, Hashirama guessed that this must be where the leaders live and do meetings. "Ah! You two must be Hashirama Senju and Leina Vance. Welcome to our Village." Greeted the Leader. "I'm Elromes, Chieftain of the Elven Village."

"It is an honor to be in your village sir." Leina Vance said with humble.

The leader nodded in acceptance, focusing on Hashirama, observing him. He raise his hand and gestured the two inside. "Come. We'll have some tea and something to eat. Surely walking all day and fighting that menacing wraith make you tired"

The Elven councilors invited them for some refreshments. Hashirama then notice that Nowa is not coming. "Is something wrong Nowa?"

She and Hashirama saw that she have that insecure look. "Nothing. You go on ahead. I have some um... Other things to do." She said with a nervous tone.

The Elven Chieftain quickly spoke up. "She have other duties attend to..."

Hashirama can see the angry and distrustful look in the eyes of the Elven people when they glare at Nowa. He planned to Nowa about this later on as he and Leina entered the building where they were served meals.

The two humans and the entire council talk while enjoying the food. Though most of the time, the council members mainly asked questions about Hashirama. He quickly became suspicious when all of their questions are all about his Wood Styles and his other techniques. Not wanting any trouble, he answered half of their questions, not revealing too much. After the quick meal, they take a tour around the village, the council members again asks more questions about his Wood Style.

Later that night

After a long day of chatting and touring around, the human guests turns in for the night. They settle in a nice little cottage that is attached at the side of a tree, like many of the Elven homes.

"This place is sure is peaceful, don't you think Hashirama?" Leina asks as she puts on her white night gown. Hashirama just nod, looking out the window. Leina notices the look of concern in his face. "Is this about the Elven council members asking you all those questions." She notices earlier that the Elves were so eager to learn of Hashirama's Wood magic. Her thoughts proven right when he nod again.

"It's too easy tell. Most of their questions are all about my Wood Jutsus." He mused.

"Maybe they want to learn it so they could used it in restoring their destroyed forest. You know that the Swamp Witch is destroying their land."

Hashirama shook his head and turns to face Leina. "It's not possible, I can't just teach this technique. The Wood Release is a Bloodline Line, meaning that only I and my future children can used it."

"They'll be very disappointed when they hear that." Leina said as she pull the covers of her bed. "You're not sleeping."

"In a moment. I'll take a short walk for a while."

Hearing this, Leina replied with a nod before she close her eyes. Hashirama went out through the door and closed it. Before he could begin, he decided speak to the person who's spying on them. "You've been listening to what we're saying. Alleyne." He called out to the Elf woman.

Sure enough, Alleyne reveal herself to him with a surprised look. "Impressive. Very few were able to sense me coming." She compliments. Alleyne may not be an assassin, but she's skilled enough in stealth to be one.

"I'm very good at sensing someone who are hiding. That skill saved me a hundred times already." Being Head of the Senju Clan and a Hokage, he's always being targeted by assassins from another nations and shinobi factions. This made him remember the time when a shinobi manages to slip pass all of the villages' security to get to him, Hashirama just easily defeats him. The last time he heard of the enemy shinobi is that he learns a forbidden jutsu and use it to rip out the hearts of the village elders.

"I see. Well. I was ordered to be your guide." Alleyne stated. Though Hashirama can see that she's hiding something.

The two walk around village and the forest, enjoying the scenery. It was this time that Hashirama's turn to ask some questions. "By the way. Where's Nowa?"

"On her usual duty, guarding the forest. She is after all the Forest Keeper." Alleyna replied, narrowing her eyes on him. "Why do you ask?"

"Well, for starters. She seemed lonely and nervous of being in the village, I can see it on her face. I also notice the angry and hateful look that your people giving her. Did she do something wrong?"

Alleyne expression soften a bit, her face change to a sad one. "No. She didn't do anything wrong. For years, Nowa is working hard to earn the Elves' trust. You probably didn't know this but, Nowa is not a pure elf, she's a half human."

"Hold on!" They stopped on the path as Hashirama looks at her with a disbelief look. "Are you saying that the Elven people are angry at Nowa for being a half human. Something that is not her fault."

"I understand how you feel. The Elven people can't let go of their hatred for the human race ever since they savagely attack and prosecuted our people two centuries ago."

"That's a long time ago. Your people should have let it go. They're acting like the people they hate." Hashirama argued.

Alleyne remained silently for a minute and completely agrees with him. She spoke. "Can you take Nowa with you."

Hashirama raised his eye brows in surprise. "What? Why?"

"The people may dislike Nowa, but the council hates her to the extreme. They even blame her for the destruction of the forest and have decided to banish her."

At this point, Hashirama is clenching his fist in anger. "That can't be right! I restored the forest. They should not blame her for that!" He couldn't what he heard, they willing to throw her out just like that.

"I can't change their minds. They are all convinced that Nowa's human blood is a curse to the Elven race and believes that it'll bring destruction to us." Alleyne said with regret in her voice. When she heard the council decision to banish Nowa, she is tempted to bash them with her staff but manages to keep herself from doing that. "I fear for Nowa's safety when she leaves the forest, she's not ready to face the human society. Please, take her under your wing and care for her." She said, almost begging.

After hearing this, Hashirama calmed down. "Alright. She'll be under my care, you don't have to plea though."

Alleyne sigh a relief at his answer. "Thank you, that put me at ease. I know she be safe with you."

"So what would the council's reaction would be if you told them about my Wood Jutsu."

"Pretty disappointed no doubt."

After some time, Hashirama went back to the cottage. He stopped for a moment and grins evilly, thinking of a plan to prank the Elven council. "I'm starting think like Mito." He thought. His wife Mito, behind that serious look hides a mischievous side, he learned that during Mito's childhood, she used to play pranks on many people. He have heard rumors about the Uzumaki clan that they have favorite past time, which is a pranking contest.

After a minute or two, Hashirama walk the other way, intending to give the council members a little punishment.


Nowa is in her house, a small hut that's outside the village. She is packing her things in a pack, with a sad look on her face, though her little monkey friend is dancing around to cheer her up, she put a small smile as she watched Ru playing around. Just when the sun comes up, her mentor Alleyne came by, and to her shock, told her that the council have decided to banish her. Though she always knew that someday that she'll be banished all because she have human blood flowing through her veins. When Alleyne told her the news, her voice is filled with mixture of sadness, regret and anger, no doubt angry at the council for being bigots.

Alleyne and Nowa can't do anything about it, so they decide to spend time together as much as they could before Nowa departs. Alleyne also told her that Hashira agreed to take her on his adventure, at least there's one good thing that happened.

A knock on the door is heard, Nowa went to see who it is and to her delight, It's her new friends, Hashirama and Leina. "Oh. Good morning friends." She greets.

"Good morning to you too Nowa." Leina greeted back with a warm smile.

"Ready to go." Hashirama said. "Me and Leina are already packed."

"You're leaving already?" Nowa said with a surprised tone. With such beauty and breath-taking scenery in the forest, many would want to stay a little longer.

"We love to stay for lunch, but me and Hashirama have to move on and reach our destination. Gainos." Leina stated.

"So, ready for some adventure." Hashirama said to which Nowa said yes with enthusiasm.

Before they could leave, Alleyne went and give something to Nowa. "I almost forgot. Nowa, here's something for your trip."

Leina and Hashirama watches as Nowa takes a small jar. "What it is?" Leina asked.

"Elven medicine, made from Aurora Flower, these plants can only found in the Elven Forest." The Combat Master answered Leina, she then turns back to her student. "Use this wisely Nowa."

"Yes Captain..." Nowa accepts the medicine and put it in her pack.

"So you're sure you don't want to stay until noon?" Alleyne asks the two humans.

Leina smiled as she shook her head. "We respectfully decline. As I said before, we must get to Gainos so we can prepare for the Queens' Blade tournament."

"I see. Well, I'll be escorting you three to the forest border." She said as she lead the way.

Acknowledging her words, the trio followed her through the forest. After some time, they arrived at the end of the forest and Alleyne is instructing them on the way. "Here, Just follow this path. It'll lead you to the main road."

Hashirama take a short bow. "Thank you. And thank you for the hospitality that been shown to us." He said.

"You're welcome." She turns back. But something stopped her, looking back she saw Nowa embracing her from behind. "Nowa?"

"Captain... Everything you did for me, everything you taught over the years, I won't forget them... I-I... I'm going to miss you." Nowa's starting to cry as she hugs Alleyne tighter.

Alleyne looks back at her precious student, sadness on her face as she's going to miss her as well. "be strong Nowa. And be safe." She comforts her. She then looks at Leina and Hashirama. "Please take great care for my student."

Hashirama smiles. "Of course. I'll insure that nothing bad will come to her."

After a tearful goodbye, the trio embarks on their journey. They reached the main road that leads to Gainos. "So Nowa. Are you okay?" Leina asks the half elf when she saw that she still sad.

Nowa smiles, gaining her usual happy self. "Yeah. I shouldn't always be sad. And beside, I have new friends. You and Hashirama." She said cheerfully.

"That's the spirit! Don't let your banishment brings you down, you should consider this an opportunity, a chance to make more friends." Hashirama said.

They stopped on their tracks as Nowa spoke up. "You're right. I'm so happy that you two became my friends."

Before the two could say anything, a gust of wind past by, lifting Nowa's skirt, for some reason, Nowa's is completely oblivious in what is happening. Leina and Hashirama were shocked, Nowa is not wearing anything underneath, nothing at all. Hashirama had a nose bleed and pass out while Leina gawked at this. "W-What?! She's bare down there? why isn't she wearing any underwear?!" Leina thought.

"Oh no! Something happened to Hashirama! Is he sick?" Nowa worriedly said, still oblivious.

Meanwhile at the Elven Village

The council is gathered to hear Alleyne's report. Needless to say they were disappointed to hear about Hashirama's Wood Magic. "So only he and his future offspring can use this magic." Spoke the Leader.

"Yes" Alleyne replied.

"I guess we only have two choices; secure him as our close ally, or convince him to wed with one of our people." Spoke Elromes. Though he can see that many of the council members were thinking of the second option, they really want that power.

Before they could continue, the window burst open as hundreds of birds flew in, were they began to pecking or pooping on the councilmen heads, strangely enough, the birds didn't bother Alleyne which made her wonder if this is something to do with Nowa. "What is going on?!" Cried one of the members as he try to run away as five birds are attacking him.

What they didn't know that Hashirama is the one responsible for this, a trick he learn from his wife.

Chapter end

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