Inside a slightly worn down bungalow on the outskirts of Magnolia, just before the entrance to East Forest, the sun was making its presence felt in the eyes of a pink-haired young man. He groaned, tossing and turning in his bed as he tried his best to ignore the transparent rays bleeding in through the wooden blinds, but to his annoyance they followed him. Realizing his persistence was for naught he slowly opened his eyes. Even more slowly he rose upright to a sitting position. He yawned as he scratched the back of his head.

"Ok, I'm up." he groaned to no one. Feeling a weight on his lap he looked down and saw a slender arm. His eyes following the length of the arm, he found two women lying near the edge of the right side of his bed. The one closest to him had long red hair that shone vibrantly in the filtered sun rays; it was to her that the arm belonged. Her shoulders were bare, the bed blanket covering the rest of her form. Although the pinkette knew that she was most likely bare under there as well. Next to the redhead was a blonde who slept with her back to him. Unlike the red head she was sleeping on top of the blanket, her unmentionables covered by blue and white lingerie.

A low moan came from his left and he turned his head to see two more girls sleeping on the left side of his bed. Both of them had white hair, although the hair of the girl closest two him was much longer. Unlike the previous two women, these white haired maidens were nuzzled into one another; the short haired girl's head resting on the chest of her long haired sister. He smiled at them briefly before exiting the right of his bed, being careful not to rouse the blonde and the redhead from their slumber.

He stepped onto the wooden floor, making his way to the bedroom door before his foot grazed against something soft. Again hearing low moan he looked down to see another girl. This one had long, slightly wavy, brown hair. Her tired head rested on the left side of a long pillow. A blanket covered her legs, but only to the middle of her calf, the rest of her golden tan skin exposed to the air of the room. The only cover for her upper body being a dark blue bikini top.

The pink-haired teen looked down, noticing that his foot was against her leg. He moved it away, hearing another moan, this one more sad than irritated.

He smiled at her frustration. "Sorry." His eyes trailed over to the next of her, where he saw a girl with dark blue hair sharing the other side of the long pillow. Unlike her companion there was a wide smile on her face as she mumbled to herself.

"Natsu…stop…everyone's watching." She continued muttering unintelligibly to herself and soon her ramblings quietly quelled, although her dreamy smile was still present as her cheeks grew redder.

Natsu stepped past them and opened the door to the bedroom, taking one last look at the ladies inside before stepping into the foyer. The house had certainly become bigger since he and Happy had first built it, their proudest addition being the bigger kitchen area. He used to sleep on a hammock in the common area of the house, but when she arrived he had to build a bedroom. Then the next one arrived and with her came a small increase in the home's size. With each new arrival came more building, but he didn't mind. He considered the added construction an extra form of training. He also didn't mind the extra company that had been brought to him over the past couple of months. While he was still curious as to why they chose to stick so close to him, he wasn't in the right state of mind to question it.

The dragon slayer walked outside, the warming breeze caressing his face as he breathed in the even more of nature's warm morning air. The low trees in the distance provided the perfect window for the rising sun. Natsu breathed in deeply, exhaling a low stream of fire courtesy of his Dragon Slayer magic. He stretched his arms over his head, the last remnants of sleeping melting away when he heard a voice call to him.

"You're up late."

Natsu looked over to the left tree line and saw a smiling blue haired girl walking towards him, a flying blue cat at her side. She was holding two bags at her sides, her slumped shoulders indicating that both bags were rather heavy. The cat was only holding one bag as he floated next to her.

Natsu met them halfway before they reached the doorway. "I was wondering where you were, Levy."

"Happy and I went to get groceries." Levy said. Although her breathing was slightly labored due to her load, she managed to smile softly. "I was going to ask if you wanted to go, but you wouldn't wake up."

"Yeah, sorry about that." Natsu smiled wide. "I was having this really cool dream."

Levy's interest level rose to mildly curious. "What was it about?"

"It was about..." Natsu's eyes widened as he looked up and down as well as side to side. "Wait." He was trying hard to remember his dream. He shut his eyes hard, trying to force the memories to the surface.

"Don't hurt yourself." Happy commented, seeing how much the Dragon Slayer was straining.

Still drawing a blank, Natsu opened his eyes. "I can't remember." He laughed.

Levy laughed with him, before the weight of the bags reminded her of her sore arm muscles. "We should hurry and get these bags in the house before our arms fall off, Happy." She smiled at the Exceed.

"Aye." Happy nodded. He tried to look strong but the weight of the bag slowly made him descend to the ground.

Before Levy could continue her route, Natsu stopped her. "Here, let me." He took the bags from her and Happy, cradling them as best he could.

Levy blushed at their brief contact as she watched Natsu. "Thank you."

"No problem, we should probably hurry up inside before the others wake up though."

"Good point." Levy smiled.

"Natsuuuu!" a loud, but lazy, moan echoed from the house.

Happy floated down to the ground and let his wings fade away. "Cana's awake."

Natsu sighed. His exasperated posture caused the contents of the three bags to jostle. "Yeah I know. She can be a real pain in the morning."

"I guess we don't need to rush then." Levy commented.

"Guess not." Natsu smiled.

Natsu, Levy, and Happy walked towards the house. Levy making sure not to stray too far from the pink-haired dragon slayer. The three entered the house, not at all surprised to see a half awake Cana sitting at the dining table. Her brown haired was tossed, rather sultrily, over the left side of her head. Natsu powered through his arousal and set the bags in the kitchen, Levy close behind him. Happy floated to the dining table.

"Forgot your pants again?" he asked Cana.

Cana looked down at her bare legs. "I thought it was a bit cold in here."

"Where are the others?" Levy asked, looking back at the pair.

"Still sleeping."

"Man, you guys are lazy." Natsu smirked.

"Not everyone is up at sunrise like you two. So where were you anyway? Did you guys sneak a quickie before the rest of us woke up?" a mischevious smirk crept onto the fortuneteller's lips. "I didn't know you were so bold, Levy."

Levy's face flushed red as she quickly turned around. "That's not what happened at all!" she squealed. "Natsu was just outside when Happy and I returned from the market."

Cana continued her teasing. "There's no need to lie, Levy. I would have done the same thing."

Levy let out another loud denial. "I'm not lying!"

Cana laughed at girl's embarrassed reaction while Natsu sighed. Soon a voice came from the bedroom.

"It is far too early to be this noisy."

The four looked over to see the rest of their companions emerging from the room, Erza leading the slow charge. Unlike Cana they were fully clothed in pajamas, or in Mirajane's and Juvia's case, a night gown.

"Good morning, everyone." Lisanna smiled as she sat on the couch, Erza sitting next to her.

Mirajane went to the kitchen, she and Natsu exchanging warm smiles as he side stepped to allow her space to get by.

"Good morning, my love!" Juvia greeted happily as she grabbed Natsu from behind before he could sit down at the table, burying her face in his bare back. He used to be startled by this sudden action, but like everything else in his life it slowly became routine.

"Morning, Juvia." the dragon slayer smiled. The rain woman's heart leapt in her chest.

Lucy took her seat next to Cana at the table. "I could have helped you with the shopping, Levy." she said.

Levy smiled in reply. "Don't worry about it, Lu. I didn't want to make you lose sleep."

"She wouldn't be able to wake you because of your snoring anyway." Happy chuckled.

"Quiet, cat. I don't snore!" Lucy defended. She then looked over to Erza, covering her mouth as she whispered to the red head. "I don't, do I?"

Erza took a sip of her morning cup of tea that she received from Mirajane. "No, but you do have the tendency to talk every now and again."

Lucy's face grew red from embarrassment.

"Did everyone sleep well?" Lisanna asked the group.

Every nodded, each voicing their various yes answers to the question.

"Like a baby." Cana answered as she stretched her arms over her head.

"Cana put on some pants." Erza said not looking at her as she took another sip of tea.

"Oh, lighten up, Erza." Cana then looked over to Natsu, her gaze giving off the not so subtle hints of lust. "Besides, Natsu doesn't mind."

"Hm?" Natsu looked up at her. He made it to the table, taking the seat next to Levy. Juvia was still behind him, her hands having moved from his abdomen to being wrapped around his neck. The rain woman glared at the brunette, who seemed to welcome to the challenge.

"He may not mind, but I certainly do." Erza continued. "It's unbecoming to be half naked so early in the day."

"Says the requip wizard."

"Calm down, you two." Lisanna said with a nervous smile. "There's no need to fight so early in the day, is there?"

"We aren't fighting, Lisanna." Erza corrected. "We're just having a discussion."

Cana stood up, her chair sliding back a small way. "Fine. If it'll make 'Saint Erza' happy, I'll put on some pants."

"That's all I ask."

"Yeah. Yeah." Cana trudged towards the bedroom. Her mouth hidden by her teacup, Erza wore a satisfied grin on her lips. She was most proud of her small victory. She then turned her attention to Natsu. "You should really be more assertive." she said to him.

"Why?" he asked.

"This is your house, Natsu, you can't just let anyone do whatever they want whenever they please."

Natsu tilted his head in confusion, Juvia's head also following him. "But I thought this was our house."

Erza blushed slightly at the statement. "Well, be that as it may, be more careful in the future."

"Um, ok. I will." Natsu had no idea what Erza was talking about, but he decided to end the topic quickly by giving the answer he thought would appease her the most.

Mirajane emerged from the kitchen with various plates or different foods in her hand. She walked around, handing a plate to Natsu and the rest of the girls. Cana received her plate as she walked out of the bedroom. Breakfast for all was served.

"Thanks, Mira." Natsu smiled.

She retruned it with her own. "You're quite welcome, Natsu." she then looked up at the clock on the wall and her eyes widened. "Oh my, look at the time. I have to hurry and open the guild hall."

Mirajane rushed back into the bedroom, emerging a few seconds later in her trademark red dress.

"Do you really have to leave now?" Lisanna asked, slightly saddened that her sister wouldn't be eating breakfast with the rest of them.

"Sorry but if I don't hurry, Master will be angry. I'll see you all at the guild hall later." Before she departed she walked over to Natsu and kissed him on the cheek, much to Juvia's ire. "Bye." she said with a wink. With that she exited the house and made her way into town.

"So what are we going to do today?" Lucy asked the others.

Soon Natsu was drowned in the discussion between the girls and Happy about the day. He leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes thinking back to how things ended up this way before Lisanna called to him. Noticing his seemingly sour facial features.


He opened his eyes, and tilted his head back down, seeing all of the girls – minus Mirajane - looking at him with concern.

"Are you ok?" Lisanna asked.

"Did you catch something outside?" Levy asked next.

After her was Lucy. "Are you still tired?"

Then Cana. "Maybe you should go back to sleep."

Then Juvia, who had a hint of pep in her voice. "I'll stay and take care of you for as long as you need."

Last was Erza. "What's wrong?"

He took glances at all of them, slightly caught off guard by how quick they were to take care of him. It was something he had grown to liking about all of them. He admired all of seven of them in different ways, but he didn't prefer one girl over the other. While all of them were beautiful, he liked them for their traits as people. Levy's innocence and teasing, Erza's strength and stubbornness that rivaled his own, Lucy's optimism, Cana's blunt nature, Lisanna's kindness, Mirajane's sense of responsibility, and even Juvia's often dangerous sense of dedication. Each girl had endeared themselves to the Dragon Slayer in one form or another, and he had done so with them as well. As the girls continued to look at him, Natsu smiled wide, putting to rest their worries as they returned his smile with their own.

"It's nothing. I'm fine." He said, his toothy grin still on lips as he resumed his meal.


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