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I've had this sitting in the wings for a while now. But this story is getting so many alerts and favorites that I felt the need to update it, for all of you awesome people who have loved it! This is the last one for a while though, I have the end of the semester RIGHT HERE, and then I have some summer courses too. But I do have ideas…

Chapter 3

Elemental Opposites

Wendy and Natsu sat waiting for the others to arrive; last Natsu had seen Lucy was that morning after she kicked him out the window with a glare that could have rivaled Erza's. Almost. Gray was accidentally attempting to evade Juvia, and Erza was eating her cake at the bar as Mira constantly placed more on the counter. Wendy was sitting in a companionable silence with Natsu; however she turned to him when out of the corner of her eye she saw him shiver.


"Huh? Yeah, what's up Wendy?"

"W-well… Are you feeling cold?"

"Not really… I was just remembering something…"

"Oh, what were you remembering?"

"Why Gray makes me so mad, it makes me want to punch the guy."

Macao, who had been walking past at that moment found a sudden interest in the conversation. "Why is that?" He asked, sitting down across from them.

Wendy got a 'oh!' look, "Oh… Now that I think about it… That makes sense!"

Macao wanted to know and turned to her next. "What makes sense?"

"Well, okay, so you know how dragons are attuned to a certain element or skill right? Like how we have Metalicana as a metal dragon, and Igneel as a fire dragon right?"

"Yea… But what does that…?"

"Well, there's sort of a balance due to their elements, so for example… Say you put Igneel, Ustila the ice dragon and Lignum the Forest dragon in a half mile radius. Ustila and Igneel would instantly know one another was near because their magic types are so opposite it would severely aggravate their moods, and I'm pretty sure every time that happened there was with a large amount of destruction, or a few big earthquakes in the area from the fight… And Lignum would fly away because Igneel's element literally eats his. However if Lignum were to meet Metallicana – since their elements are as opposite as can be they'd probably begin to fight as well. It's the reason that the dragons have-… had their specific domains, to keep one another from causing total destruction. Since we're their children, it would make sense that the same thing happens to us. Therefore Natsu gets instantly annoyed by anyone who wields Ice magic, and those who wield Earth magic and possibly Shadow types of magic will kind of annoy me. But I'm not positive on the shadow since I never actually met Skiadrum before, so mom didn't either when I was around."

Macao sat there for a moment thinking… Finally he nodded. "That makes a lot of sense…"

Wendy grinned.

With that Macao grinned, gave a farewell and headed off to the request board.

"Wait so then why don't I remember ever getting into fights with Raena…?"

"I don't know… It's been a long time so…" Wendy said.

A month later Wendy realized who might know why Natsu never remembered – so as she sat at the table with Erza, and Lucy, she waited for her target to pass by.

"Hey, Gajeel?" Wendy asked, she didn't yell since she knew the other dragon slayer would hear her easily. With a distinct roll of his eyes he turned to Wendy.

"What raindrop?" He asked gruffly.

"Well, I have a question-"

"That was obvious." Gajeel grumbled, as Lucy watched from her seat and Erza discretely listened.

"Ah… Well, Natsu and I were talking a while ago and we explained to Macao about the elemental annoyances. But then Natsu got to wondering why he doesn't remember ever fighting with Raena… Because well… You know…"

Gajeel smirked, it was an amused and evil smirk that made Wendy shiver. "You ask why? Cause the first time the two kids met Salamander got knocked into oblivion after the crazy girl iced him for being a furnace! They were kept as far apart as possible after that… not that it always worked…"

Without even a moment to let them respond he turned and headed for the request board.

The three girls were still sweatdropping when Gray, Happy, Carla, and Natsu showed up.


BWA HA HA HA HA HA! I always have had this theory in my head and as soon as I got the chance I totally wrote it out. Seriously, you should see the Forest Dragon Slayer around Natsu (I've got a backburner with an encounter between them, though that story is sort of at a standstill)… Ah yes, it's hilarious. Natsu doesn't even have to try, that kid just jumps like a freaking bear jumped out and tried to attack him.