A compilation of 4 one-shots containing scenarios in which Sherlock finds himself in tears in John's presence. I have the other scenarios already written, but I wanted to find out how this would be received before I posted those. I am aware that this idea has been experimented with rather a lot, but I decided to write my own. They're nothing spectacular, but I thought I'd try my hand at this.

I apologise for any mistakes.

1. Sherlock ends up injured and overwhelmed.

The ex-army medic had witnessed a lot of injuries in his time, lost limbs, broken bones, bullet wounds; yet nothing managed to turn his stomach like the sight of his best friend lying at the bottom of the stairwell he had tumbled down moments earlier. The detective and his assistant had been trailing a suspect linked to the murder that Sherlock had solved just over two hours before; having solved the case Lestrade had set in front of him and tracking the suspect's whereabouts, the pair had chased him through a number of alleyways in the dark side of London and up and down numerous fire escapes before the ominous dark clouds that had followed them finally opened and allowed a flood of water to drop on top of them. Sherlock had refused to give up the chase and, as a result, had slipped on a puddle at the top of the fire escape the suspect had just escaped via and had bounced gracelessly down to the concrete floor below.

John automatically jumped to action, charging down the metal staircase, careful not to follow in Sherlock's footsteps, and towards his friend. Doctor John Watson bit his bottom lip as he regarded the consulting detective's form, his body shaking as the unmistakeable sound of crying met the ex-soldier's ears; the pained sobs emitting from Sherlock Holmes at his feet. John immediately switched on his 'caring doctor' mode and dropped to his knees beside his friend, his breath hitching in his throat as he caught a glimpse of the tears on the detective's cheeks. John attempted to assess the damage to his friend without touching him before he finally resorted to asking.

The detective's voice was tight, the words sticking in his throat, as he gasped out a response, clearly struggling to catch his breath as he painfully listed a number of injured areas; his left leg, his ribs and his right wrist, along with an obvious bump of the side of his head and a graze over his nose and onto his cheek below his right eye. He lay on his side, in too much pain to move, as John gently checked the injuries. His careful examinations discovered the diagnoses of the injuries. An obviously broken wrist, the joint slightly misshaped, bruised and swollen; the detective had gasped when John had carefully applied pressure to the area. Next were badly bruised ribs, the diagnosis a relief to the doctor who was worried his friend could have punctured a lung, the skin miscoloured and warm to the touch, John was careful not to apply too much pressure to the injury, not wanting to hurt him further. And finally John discovered a fractured tibia.

John found that he couldn't decide the source of the detective's tears, pain or shock, but a nagging feeling in his chest gave him the sense that it was likely both. The detective's thin frame was shaking as he lay beside him and John whipped out his phone from his pocket, taking advantage of the emergency call button on his lock screen whilst trying his hardest to console his friend. He had his hand placed on Sherlock's upper arm, gently running his hand up and down the appendage, trying to soothe the tears that continued to roll down his flatmate's cheeks.

When the emergency services finally arrived and Sherlock was loaded onto a stretcher and into the back of an ambulance, the detective was all cried out and, invisible to everybody else, John was aware of a rather large wet patch on the top of his leg; a wet patch that blended in with the dampness of his trousers from the falling rain. But John knew it was there, right where Sherlock had painfully placed his head, seeking comfort from his friend, and continued to sob with John gently running his fingers through his hair in a soothing manner.

Sorry its short.

I'd love to know what you think and whether I should post the others.

Thank you for reading.