Dark Knight

Chapter 1

Emily was so excited to be heading into the city. She was actually quite surprised that kris included her. He had said it was because he was trying to make up for all terrible things he had been doing to her. Emily really wanted to believe him and the worst was over and that things were getting better between them. Kris had told her that he was sorry it was just that he had been having a hard time getting use to the fact that they were going to have a baby and that was why he was drinking more But, that was all going to change, that he loved her. That was all Emily had to hear, she so wanted to believe him. It didn't matter that a few hours before she had every intention on leaving him. It didn't matter that he had gotten drunk the night before in a bar came home to her and took out his frustrations on her and their unborn child. All that mattered like always was Kris saying he was sorry and that he loved her and that it would never happen again. It was getting harder though for Kris his promises were wearing thin. He knew his words alone would not keep her from fleeing. Then he remembered the tickets to see WWE SmackDown for tonight. He was supposed to go with his friend Chad but he knew her eyes would light up seeing the tickets. Emily Loved Wrestling, she had been watching since she was a little girl with her Dad. Kris had been right his words along with the tickets did the trick. Now all he had to do is hold it together. He was sure he could make things right this time.

Emily was smiling as she sat next to Kris on the train. He had his arm around her. "We're gonna have a great time tonight Honey, Just you see!" Kris said as he kissed her cheek. Emily snuggled up closer to him. She loved it when he was like this. Which wasn't very often. TBC