Dark Knight

Chapter 4

Mark pulled up in front of a small brick apartment building. From the looks of the neighborhood it looked like a pretty rough part of town, Mark thought. Before he could even get out and walk around to open the door for her, Emily had already hopped out and was at the doorstep fumbling around looking for her keys. By the time Mark caught up to her she had the door unlocked and he followed her in. Emily wasted no time in grabbing her things together. Mark watched her as she piled a few clothing items and a diskman and some CD's a handful of photos and a few personal items and an old jewelry box into a large backpack. Emily turned to Mark "I got everything" she said in a small voice. "That's it. you don't want to take anything else?" Mark said as he looked around, there really wasn't much else worth taking. "Everything else here is Kris's." Mark looked at her sadly. Everything this poor girl owned fit neatly in one backpack. They both got back into the SUV and Mark started driving. Mark broke the silence. "Sweetie, have you given any thought to where your going? I could help you find a shelter." "No! ...I can't go to another shelter." It got quiet again. "You could drop me off at the train station." And what are you gonna do there all night?" Mark asked. "I can sleep on a bench and in the morning I can find a pawn shop and try to sell some of my mothers jewelry to get a train ticket for somewhere." She answered. Mark shook his head no. "I didn't help you out of one dangerous situation to put you into another one." Emily started to say "I'll be." But Mark interrupted her. "No, Sweetie, I can't do that." Mark thought for a bit as he drove. I will take her back to the hotel with me for the night, the room has to beds and in the morning if she still wanted to take a train somewhere, he would get her a ticket. He decided. Mark pulled into the parking lot of the hotel he was staying at pulled into a parking space. He shut off the engine. He looked over at Emily. "There is an extra bed in my room you can sleep there for the night." Emily by this point was too tired to argue with him. So she followed him into the hotel and into his room. "Take your pick" Mark said. Emily looked over and saw two huge beds. She walked over to one of them dropped her backpack beside the bed. She pulled the covers down off the pillow and slid in. She was very tired it had been a long traumatic day. Mark heard the rhythm of her breathing change and knew she was fast asleep. Mark grabbed a pair of sweats out of one of his bags and headed to the bathroom. After changing he headed over to the other bed and climbed in. He reached over to the nightstand and picked up the remote. He found a music station setting the volume to low and putting the remote back on the stand and reaching up and clicking off the light. He soon too drifted off to sleep.