Hello dear readers!

I love both Disney's Frozen and Stargate: Universe so I had this is little headcanon of mine: What if the Frozen canon was part of the Stargate universe and it turned out that Elsa was immortal.

This fic will be episode based and as it is I'm using the series' transcript on as a backbone filled in with observations and thoughts from Elsa which will also be the main point of view. All in all I'll follow the series' course, but there /will/ be deviations and they'll get larger the farther into the series we'll come.

What can the Frozen fandom expect? Well... Hopefully insight into how Elsa has mentally and emotionally evolved over around 150 years. Fans that expect Frohana will likely be disappointed at least until I'll be able to tackle season 3. Snow Sisters fans will have more fun though at first it might not appear as such. I have something planned for the end of season 1 however. ;) I currently don't intend to ship Elsa with anyone (except the ship itself maybe :P ) despite what you might read in the upcoming chapters.

Additionally this is my first fan fiction I write in more than a decade and additionally the first one in English. Constructive criticism is very welcome. :)

But enough of me talking. After the disclaimer we'll start right into the Prologue. :D

Disclaimer: Everything related to Frozen is owned by Disney and everything related to the Stargate Franchise is owned by MGM.

It was a nearly cloudless September night and a bright green aurora filled the night sky. The dancing waves seemed to touch the mountains that surrounded the little kingdom of Arendelle. The day's work had already been done for a few hours and the capital lay quietly at the fjord that was its main route of trade during the day. Only from a few windows came a shimmer of light. One of these windows belonged to a room of the castle. Through its triangular window shone the flickering light of a fire. It was a wide room with watermelon colored walls that were decorated with cerulean, stylized patterns of flowers. On the left side of the window, in the corner of the room, was the fireplace with a white chimney reaching up towards the ceiling, a blazing fire was burning in it. Next to the fireplace further into the room stood a two meter wide four poster bed. It's frame was decorated with the Arendelle crocus.

Elsa stood on the far side of the bed, dressed in a rather simple sky blue dress made of linen. It was sleeveless, but underneath she wore an ice blue shirt with sleeves ending above her wrists while the round collar merely went down to her breastbone. Her hair which she wore in a simple ponytail was colored light brown. All a necessity of the identity she needed to assume after she had feigned her death nearly four years ago.

Some months after her coronation the troll elder Grand Pabbie had approached her and disclosed that she was not only in the possession of extremely powerful control over ice and snow, but that she also was basically immortal and stuck with eternal youth. She hadn't further thought about it back then, but as the years passed she had painfully become aware that she didn't age further while her sister, her brother-in-law and all of her friends did. As the world wasn't likely ready for an immortal queen she decided to go into hiding. With Anna's help she had staged an accident in which Queen Elsa of Arendelle died a quick death. A few months later the new Queen of Arendelle, Anna accepted the services of a young brown haired woman from Prussia to help her in ruling the country. It had been none other than Elsa of course who had assumed the name of Gabrielle at that time.

The years since then had passed like they were nothing and then the unexpected had happened: Anna had gotten sick with pneumonia. The doctors merely had given her a few more days and the trolls also were only able to reduce the pain the Queen might experience. This had been five days ago and now Elsa was standing next to Anna's bed on which her sister's weak body was lying. She was wrapped in a blanket and Elsa could hear her wheezing breathing while she slept fitfully.

Looking to her left side Elsa could see the form of her trusty snowman Olaf who hadn't been his cheerful self for the last few days. His flurry had to work hard to fight the heat of the blazing fire despite them both being on the other side of the bed.

Elsa continued to let her gaze wander and it landed on the two people that stood on the other side of the bed. They were Kristoff, Anna's husband and their daughter Ingunn. She was a strong woman of sixteen years and was in on the secret of Elsa's true identity.

Kristoff wore woolen pants with his comfortable Sami boots, a simple, blue shirt with embroidery on its sides and a mildly colored scarf around his waist.

His daughter looked more like Anna than Kristoff, though she had her hair and eye color from her father. Unlike her mother however she wore her hair more openly than in braids. Like her mother's face hers was sprinkled in freckles. Her dress was as simple as Elsa's, but it was based on reds instead of blues.

What united the father and the daughter at this moment was the mournful look which they both directed towards Anna.

Elsa just wanted to continue her thoughts when a stirring from her sister's direction demanded her attention. Slowly the sick woman opened her eyes and tried to take in her surroundings.

"Anna", Elsa softly said and immediately teal eyes locked onto hers.

"Hey." Anna's voice was weak and rough. A series of coughs followed which Anna tried to cover with a hand brought up from below the blanket. "I can't go on any longer, Elsa."

"Don't say that!", Elsa exclaimed, shocked that her sister could even muster a thought like that.

"I can feel the pain." As if on cue Anna winced and pressed her hands to her chest. The magic of the trolls seemed no longer able to help the woman.

"Mama, please don't go!", Ingunn pleaded with a shaking voice.

"Sweetie, it's not my decision." Anna smiled a bit. "Maybe God needs a bit of entertainment."

"Then He should look for someone else!" Ingunn clenched her fists, tears started to run down her cheeks.

Another series of coughs stopped any discussion that might have arisen. Anna's hand now had a few drops of blood on them that she had caughed up with a few of the coughs.

"It was a wonderful experience to have you all in my life." She got weaker by the second. "I love you all." The last few words were nearly inaudible. Elsa just wanted to say something when she saw every last bit of tension that was still left leaving Anna's body. Her head tilted to the side and her eyes closed.

"No!" Elsa fell to her knees. This couldn't be happening. She just closed her eyes and wanted to shout out all the emotions that bottled up when she felt a hand on her shoulder.

"It's not the end, Elsa", a voice announced behind her. Elsa's eyes shot open, but as she wanted to turn around she noticed that the bed in front of her was empty. Kristoff and her niece as well as Olaf were nowhere to be seen. The fire in the fire place still burned, but it didn't seem to emit as much light as before as the room was cast in shadows. Finally Elsa turned around and out of shock at what she saw she nearly stumbled backwards towards the bed for it was her sister Anna who was standing there. But unlike the Anna she had just seen seconds ago this one looked fit and healthy and even younger. She wore a dress similar to the one she wore after the Great Thaw: a moss green embroidered bodice above a porcelain shirt together with an ocean blue, embroidered skirt.

"It can't be! I... I just saw you!"

The Anna or whatever it was tried to calm down Elsa. She held her hands openly in front of her body. "It's alright Elsa. This isn't real." She paused a bit. "But it's also not a dream", she quickly added. "I'm real, you're real, but this place is not."

"Then what is this", Elsa said while she finally got up from the floor.

"It's to say goodbye." Anna looked down sadly, but then her look brightened. "But it's not forever. I've been assigned to keep an eye on you."

"Assigned by whom?"

"I can't tell you."

Elsa thought a bit about that. "So, you're an angel now? My guardian angel?"

"You might say that. Though don't try to get into any dangerous situations. I'm not allowed to physically interact. Consider me more as an emotional guide."

Suddenly the window burst open, but instead of the outside there was a white, swirling surface that emitted a soft light.

"That's my cue. I need to go." Anna moved towards her sister and hugged her tightly with tears in her eyes. "I really enjoyed our time together, Elsa."

"Me too", Elsa encountered with tears in her eyes.

Anna broke the hug and placed her hand on Elsa's chest, right above her wildly beating heart. "I will be right here." With that Anna turned towards the window and stepped through. Elsa's view was blinded by an intense light.

After a few moments it receded into a part of her view in front of her. She was back on her knees on the side of Anna's bed and behind the light she could also make out Kristoff and Ingunn. Anna's body however was gone, the blanket collapsed upon the bed. Instead there was this light that wasn't in her imagination, but was really there, floating above where Anna's body had been. For a second Elsa thought she could see Anna's face in the center of the light until it started to move upwards towards the ceiling. She followed it with her eyes until it went right through and the room was merely lit by the fire again.

"Ok, what did we just see there?", Kristoff asked confused his sadness apparently forgotten.

"Oh, oh, I know!", Olaf jumped up and down. "Anna has become an angel!"

Kristoff and his daughter looked unconvinced at the snowman while a small smile appeared at Elsa's lips. She didn't know whether Olaf had witnessed the same as she had, but considering that all of them had seen the floating light she could also assume her talk with Anna was real. Anna has become an angel. Something didn't feel right though. Why would someone – was it God? - assign Elsa her sister as an angel? Looking back at the bed she sighed. Again there would be a grave without a body on Arendelle's graveyard. Slowly they all moved out of the chamber.

Soon after below the shining waves of the aurora the bells of the castle's chapel and the town's church rang through the silent night. For Queen Anna of Arendelle had died.

So... I killed off Anna. Sort of. Fans of Stargate SG-1 will of course know what's going on. :P (and yes, I used the episode "Ascension" as orientation ;) )

Ingunn is an OC of mine who will likely be mentioned here and then in the future.

Update: I improved some phrases and instead of having Elsa's cover identity come from Corona she's from Prussia now. I changed this because I've thought a bit about the direction I'd like to take the story to and having Corona in this universe as well would not work.