Hey all. Most of you recall that Blackest Night-Harry Potter x-over i did in the Dust Bin? Well, I based that of information i had based on the first three issues of Blackest Night. Now i got issues 4-7 and have a much more clearer understanding. As a result, i went back and crafted a new plot from the first chapter. This one will be short, at least 5-6 chapters. Trust me when i say, though, it will be EPIC. Now i gotta warn you, this isn't for the faint of heart or extreme fans of beloved HP characters. There will be gore and death, lots of it. but why ramble when you should be reading!?

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The universe is made of Light. It was born from a single seed of Light into several more pieces of Light. With this now splintered Light, there came emotion in the form of seven colors; Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, and Indigo. These seven became known as Rage, Greed, Fear, Will, Hope, Love, and Compassion. These emotions soon gave rise to beings called an Entity, each one representing the dominate emotion. But just as there is Light, splintered though it is, there must always be an opposite. For Light and its splinters, this is Darkness, the absence of Light.

From Light came life and emotion, from Darkness comes death and emptiness. Out of all eight Darkness had no entity and was content with that. But it knew...it knew that a being betrayed by its own kind would give rise and end this universe...or at least end its home-world and ascend to being its Entity. It was patience to wait for this. So for many Eons everything was balanced...until Life emerged on a tiny ball of rock and water called Earth where a community had set the ball rolling for the Entity of Darkness's rise.


Thomas Marvolo Riddle, otherwise known as Lord Voldemort, smiled as he saw a messy hair seventeen year old boy step into the clearing in the Forbidden forest. His most loyal of death eaters, Bellatrix Lestrange, cackled madly at the sight of the boy. Voldemort chuckled himself as he made himself known. He heard the half breed Hagird shout, but he ignored it for his moment of triumph.

"Ah...Harry Potter...The boy who lived." Voldemort taunted with a cruel smile on his face. "Come to face me."

Harry simply stood in his place.

"I've come to finish this, Tom." The boy said with defiance.

Bellatrix hissed and Voldemort snarled at the use of his muggle name. The dark lord raised the Elder wand, pointed it at the boy, and gloated for one last time.

"Yes, you have finished it, Potter," Voldemort sarcastically stated as the tip glowed green. "Avada Kedavra!"

There was a flash of green, the sight of it hitting the boy, and the life leaving his eyes. The body fell to the ground in a heap. Voldemort smiled as he lowered his arm as he gazed at the sight.

"Harry Potter...is DEAD!" Voldemort crowed making the Death Eaters cheer and congratulate him. "ONWARDS TO HOGWARTS!"

The forces of Evil marched out, dragging Hagrid with them, large fat tears escaping his eyes as he looked at the body of his first friend. Lucius Malfoy stopped long enough to grab the glasses of the dead boy before rushing after the others.

Soon, the group was gone, leaving the stillness of night around the body. However, unaware for the group, a small, round black object fell from the sky. Zooming in, it is revealed that its a ring, a black ring with an upside down triangle and four small rectangle blocks in a straight line above it.

The odd symbol was glowing as it arrived at Harry's resting place. It seemed to consider the body for a brief moment, before a gravelly voice spoke, emanating from the ring.

"Harold James Potter of Earth-13," The ring said as it attached itself to the right ring finger. "RISE."

The ring glowed at the final word and lighting spread out through Harry's body.


Voldemort grinned at seeing the assembled students. He watched as the Slytherins stood proud and grinning mockingly at the other houses. Bellatrix giggled like a child at seeing the Longbottom child. He gave a look at his SIC and silenced her with the look. Play would come later, for now he had an annoucement to make. He cleared his throat and spoke.

"Your Savior...Harry Potter...is DEAD!" Voldemort thundered making many people gasp in fright and scream in disbelief. Voldermort grinned as he listened to the outrage before Lucius came forward and threw a pair of glasses at the feet of the Gryffindors. He sneered at them.

"He died bawling like a baby, begging to be spared...so much for Gryffindor courage." He sniped at them making the protests die.

Voldermort nodded in approval before turning to darkened hallway.

"You may come out now...Albus." Voldemort said with a dark grin.

Everyone thought that the Dark lord was off his rocker when to their shock and joy a man with a long beard walked out in outlandish clothes. The joy quickly turned to dismay as the man grinned at Voldemort and clapped him on the shoulder.

"Thank you Voldemort...with that pest gone, we have the world as our oyster." Albus said with a grin making Voldemort nod.

"Thank you again Albus and I as told you, you alone can call me Tom." Voldemort explained. "Cunning to the last. A brilliant plan...it would make Salazar proud that you were once in his house."

The man of many titles nodded and turned to the assembled.

"Now you know the truth. For years, I have plotted and planned for this day...the day of taking over Britan with a man worthy of being an equal to me in power. Grindlewald was once such a man but he was blinded by my brat of a sister. So I did what any chess-master would do...get rid of the pawn and make myself a more powerful piece." Albus explained to the growing horror of the wizards and witches. "I waited decades for the right wizard or witch to join me. I watched so many and felt dismayed until Tom here was found...I knew I had the right one. It took the better part of five decades and one setback with that damnable prophecy but finally...finally we will rule this world and the muggle."

The two dark lords started to laugh making everyone shudder in fear. For years, they had looked up to Albus Dumbledore and to see him there...laughing alongside Voldemort...it was too much. They all hung their heads, knowing that they had ultimately lost. A blonde haired girl with dreamy eyes watched before her eyes rolled up in the back of her head and her voice echoed with thousands.

"The Blackest Night has heard Death's cry

Close to two decades The Master of Death shall rise

The darkness will grow and consume his enemies lives

With his hands and Hollows, the Past shall rise

All shall end with his soul's rage

The Blackest Night has heard Death's Cry."

Only a Asian descent girl heard the prophecy given and could only stare at the blonde girl as she returned to normal. Only a single thought entered in the girl's mind.

'What is Loony talking about?' She thought.

Welp, there we go. and what a rather chilling prophecy Luna has given us. I would like to point out that the Prophecy mentioned is based off a Fan's own Black Lantern oath with a few altercations to it and is used with his permission.

Here's the Original:

The Blackest Night has heard our cry

The Darkness consumes our enemies lives

It craves their hearts and minds

Light shall tremble at our cry,

Black Lanterns, RISE!

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