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Chapter Two

"This isn't right," he said. "The wards are...The wards, Minerva they're down!" Albus Dumbledore shot up from his seat and ran, faster than he could ever imagine, yelling" Minerva! Minerva!"

Hu turned left and right, it occurred to him that he could've just apparated to her dorms, but figured it would not be too appropriate, should she be doing what usually did in her nighttime routine. He turned to a corner and bumped right into the person he was looking for.

"My goodness, Albus!" she yelled at him. "What are you rambling on about at ten in the evening?"

Dumbledore grabbed her by the shoulders. "The wards, Minerva," he panted. "They're down"

"No, no, no" she shook her head. "It can't be... No that's impossible! You yourself said there was no one else other than Hagrid, you and I!" The look on Dumbledore's eyes said so. Minerva McGonagall gasped "Wait for me"

The aurors all around 4 Privet Drive drove the muggles crazy with curiosity. They wore long coats furnished with silver and blue linings. They all held little sticks with them, some waving them around the air chanting and some walking around the corner, making sure no one unwelcome surprised them.

"I'm so sorry Professors," one of them said "But there is no trace left of whomever had taken Harry Potter."

Those were the words both Dumbledore and McGonagall feared the most. Harry Potter, the almighty saviour of the wizarding world was gone, not three minutes after he was laid on the Dursleys doorstep! McGonagall turned to Dumbledore.

"This is all your fault! Had you not put Harry here, this dreadful mess should never have happened!"

Dumbledore looked down in shame. McGonagall seethed in anger, her face redder than a ruby. The auror squirmed from where he was, looking uncomfortable as he saw his former Professors argue in front of him.

"You-Harry-Lily and James" McGonagall spluttered. "Minerva, please~"

"Oh don't you Minerva me, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore!" she screeched, almost ruining the ears of the aurors all around. McGonagall was screaming so loud and so much, that the aurors had to perform several silencing spells, so that the muggles wouldn't get involved. It was bad enough that every single auror had to come here and investigate, capturing the attention of a few muggles, unfortunately having to obliviate them leaving them confused and anxious. Yes, they were all too busy trying to find out and investigate what had actually happened. Who took Harry Potter? And if he was taken, where could they be?

In the meantime, while the wizards were sorting out their problems, something else important was happening. A man was running errands, trying to find out what makes a baby happy. He tried toys, played with him, fed him, burped him and much to his utter embarrassment, even carried him around the house, while his partner went to go and buy whatever a baby would need, like cribs, diapers and all that.

"Come on! Hurry up! I won't survive playing daycare for much longer" And just like that the person he was waiting for appeared right in front of him.

"Where are all the stuff?" Crowley asked her. She looked at him weirdly. "What did you expect I would carry all that stuff up here by myself?" she asked him ridiculously. She took Harry from his arms and started singing him a lullaby.

"Did it not occur to you could've just teleported it?" she looked at him again. "Well then I guess I was too eager"

"Why did you take the baby anyway?" Crowley asked. "He could've been someones for God's sake!"

"I'm pretty sure he didn't belong to the people on the driveway, dear. They would have stood outside waiting for Dumbledore and~"

"Mummy, why is there a baby in your room?" The conversation froze and they both slowly turned to the doorway. Outside stood Danika and Benjamin, their six year old twins, the latter rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. Danika held Billy, her teddy bear on her hands and leaned in to her brother.

"Well, you see honey~" Crowley interrupted her. "Your mother found him on a doorstep in Surrey."

Benjamin's eyes widened in surprise and Danika ran to her father. "What's his name, Daddy?"

Crowley looked at his partner. "His name is..." she stopped mid-sentence. "I actually don't know what his name is, love"

Benjamin looked up at his father, a hopeful look on his face. "Can we name him?" Danika jumped up and down. "Oh mum, dad, please? Please?"

Crowley looked at his partner and she looked at him. They sighed but before they could even answer Danika and Benjamin yelled, "Henry Callum Thomas Albert MacLeod!"

Crowley thought it over, before deciding: "I like it." His partner sighed. "Good" she s. "Now go bring up the furniture and all for me, honey?" she gave him her trademark pouty face. He sighed."Whatever you say, Naomi. Whatever you say"

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