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Chapter Seven

"Growley!" Henry yelled, in glee as the hell hound bound to him. He plopped down on the ground right next to it. It had only been seven years since he Naomi and Crowley declared him as one of their own, but he was already growing so fast. Henry, or 'Tommy' as Benjamin and Danika call him.

"Henry, darling!" Naomi called. She tried not to make a face at the dog. After all, she still remembered that incidence, which promptly included her being chased around the house with a dog. ( If you guys want to know what happened, read 'But It's Only Growley, Mummy.) "Come on, Henry. We're going to Diagon Alley!"

At the mention of his personal favorite hot spot, Henry perked up and excitedly asked, "We're going to Diagon Alley?"

"Yup!" Benjamin bound from the stairs. He was dressed in jeans, a Ravenclaw shirt and scarf, and a long black robe. His hair, as usual, was messy.

"Finally!" Danika yelled, over exaggeratedly. "Girls are supposed to take longer than boys, but I've been waiting for eternity!". Their father rolled his eyes. "It's only been ten minutes, Danika. Now go if you want to go shopping!"

Naomi teleported to Diagon Alley, making sure all her children followed her lead, before ushering them to Flourish and Blotts to get the twins necessary books.

"You coming?" Naomi asked Crowley. Before he could even reply, Henry grabbed his hand and started pulling him to the bookstore. Crowley let out a yelp before running to keep up with his son. Naomi laughed before following them inside.

It was cool inside the store with Henry dragging Crowley over to every single shelf, the excitement glinting in his green eyes. The store keeper laughed at his enthusiasm. "Keen reader, eh?" he asked.

Naomi laughed and nodded. "Very! You've got no idea how many night-time stories we have to read to him every night, before he finally closes his eyes!"

Then she caught a sight out of the corner of her eye that took her breath away. It was Benjamin having an intense conversation with the one person Naomi always comes to when she was distressed.

It was Andromeda Tonks.

"Kendra!" Minerva called. "Kendra, please, for the hundredth time, clean your room!"

The reply came in the form of a groan. "Mum, it's still early. Sod off!" Minerva stomped into her daughter's room, and promptly threw off the blanket.

"MUM!" Kendra whined. Minerva didn't even flinch when Kendra jumped off the bed and stomped to the lounge. "Your room!"

Kendra stomped back into her room, a pout on her lips. Minerva smiled at her daughter's hate for cleaning. The smile fell off though, when her eyes rested on her lips. Her pout and all... it was all from the one man and girl Minerva loved the most. His pout and her laugh... Unknowingly, tears started to form and fall from the woman's eyes and she tried to wipe them off. However, what happened in the past was in the past, and nothing could change that. "Mum?" Kendra asked.

Minerva snapped back to reality. "Yes, dear?" she sniffled. "You're crying," her daughter observed. "Oh goodness, mother, please tell me it's not about Harry again! I know you're blaming Dumbledore..."

"It is Dumbledore!" Minerva intervened. "I told him that those muggles were completely unfit! But of course, he doesn't listen, and only God knows where the boy has disappeared and gone too! He could be very well in the hands of Death Eaters, right now!"

"We know, mum. We've tried the hardest that we can, but we don't even have a clue on where to start! We tried to trace back anything that might have taken Harry," Kendra pointedly looked at her sister. "But we've found nothing. And yes, you have every right to have specific expectations because we promised we'd find him, and Dumbledore failed you..."

"It's not about the expectations, it's about his safety. We all made a promise to the Potter's that their boy would be safe... And now he's gone!" she sobbed. "We don't even know if he's alive or not!"

"Don't say that, mother!" Kendall yelled. "No negativeness! A person coming by might just have decided to take him in! Perhaps someone better than the Dursleys!"

Oh, she had no idea how right she was.

"Andromeda!" Naomi yelled. "'Dromeda!"

A woman with light brown hair stunningly dark eyes turned her way, and smiled. "Naomi?" she walked a little bit closer. "Naomi!"

The two women hugged each other and exchanged kisses on the cheek. "Oh, it's been forever since I last saw you! " Naomi laughed. "How's Dora?"

"Oh she's doing pretty well!" Andromeda said. "She's doing well, actually. She's in the Quidditch Shop checking out some stuff. I should go get her!"

"Mummy!" Danika suddenly called. "I'm done my books!" She came out from an aisle and dropped all her books. "Aunt 'Dromy!"

"Danika!" Andromeda greeted, and accepted the bear hug her god-daughter threw around her. "Oh, look how much you've grown! " She pointed to her chest."You were only this tall last time I saw you! Now you're on my shoulders!"

"Aunt Andromeda?" Benjamin asked. "Where's Nymphad~"

"You looking for me?" a pink haired girl asked.

"Dora!" Danika tackled the older girl."I missed you!"

Nymphadora laughed. "Relax! You've only seen me two weeks ago!" Then suddenly she got a mischievous glint in her eye. "Say..."

Before she could even finish the sentence, the twins had already dragged her out. "Hey, wait for me!" Henry whined, before running behind his siblings and Dora.

Andromeda chuckled. "Children at heart, as always."

"Yes," a snide voice from behind said. "Children who refuse to grow up and accept responsibilities."

Andromeda's blood froze and Naomi felt like smacking the woman upside the head for ruining the moment.

She turned around and faced a blonde haired woman with icy blue eyes, and an angled face, her hands poised perfectly on a book. To say that she wasn't beautiful if not flawless on the outside would have been a lie. She was the epitome of what a man would have dream of having. The perfect trophy wife who never missed a chance to flaunt her 'perfection'.

"Mother," Andromeda replied coldly.

The woman didn't even look up from her book. "And who is this friend of yours? Another mudblood?"

To say that Naomi didn't want to rip the bitch's spine would have been a lie. She would have loved to hear her scream in agony and beat the woman with it. "Naomi MacLeod," she smiled coldly. "I assume you know already who my husband is, considering your, ah, status."

This time she looked up from her book, and had the audacity to look insulted. "Of course I do," she huffed. "With my status, I know everything that goes around in this world."Then she gave Andromeda another one of her snide smiles. "Glad to see you've finally made a proper pureblood friend on your own, Andromeda."

"Mom..."All three women paused their conversation and turned their heads towards the girl. Danika paused at the woman before them and raised her eyebrows. "Oh, hello..."

"My daughter," Naomi acknowledged, but Druella simply ignored her. And Crowley calls me a stuck up bitch, she thought.

Druella looked at the girl snidely. "And who might you be, young lady?" Danika gave her a look. She must be a real loon to ignore Naomi. But to her surprise, her mother's eyes simply just twitched.

At this point, Naomi wanted to beat the woman to a point that no angel could bring her soul back from hell. She already ruined the conversation, for God's sake! Naomi opened her mouth, but even before any words came out, Danika had already spoken.

"I," she pointedly said. "Am Danika Naomi Helen Samantha MacLeod, daughter of Naomi and Rodrick MacLeod, the co-heir to everything MacLeod related." Danika raised her eyebrows at the woman in an inquisitive way. Naomi couldn't help but feel pride rush into her. For all their life, she's taught to stand up for what's right. She was more than elated to see that teaching stick with her.

"Any more questions?" Danika asked the spluttering woman, who was not used to being talked to that way. "None? Okay. Excuse me while I borrow my mother and her bestie." And with that she dragged both her mom and godmother away form the shell-shocked woman and the little audience they had gained.

They stopped just outside of Gringotts. "Who was that?" Danika asked. She got the vibes that neither women liked her.

Aunt Andromeda sighed. The woman you met... That was my mother, Druella. We've never had a proper mother-daughter relationship, and we lost contact and disowned me when I married Ted." she smirked. "Totally worth it, though."

"I can see," Danika said. Naomi and Andromeda laughed.

"Well, looks like you ladies are enjoying themselves," Crowley mused. He had been looking for them for over ten minutes, along with his two sons and Nymphadora.

"Hi, dad," Danika grinned. "Guess who I met?"

"Gilderoy Lockhart?" He teased. He already knew that Danika would never bother with the man. He was, apparently, too blonde and way too Ken doll-like for her tastes, and if all those suck up witches who think they're head over heels in love with him weren't going to disappear, the poor population of the Wizarding World would suffer.

Crowley shone with glee and pride when she told him that those type of girls needed to be disposed of as soon as possible. Naomi wasn't exactly pleased.

She gave him a disgusted look. "Ew! Papa, no."

Crowley laughed. "Ah, Andromeda! A pleasure to see you again!"

She returned his smile. 'I could say the same, Rodrick!"

"How are the children and Ted?"

Oh, I think they're enjoying life a little too much."

"That's good to hear!"

Naomi would definitely tease Crowley later on. He, for one, had never liked socialising, and to see him trying to make an effort to talk made her laugh. "How is Nymphadora with her schooling?" She asked.

"Oh, she's doing well. I heard Danika had been sorted into Slytherin and Benjamin in Ravenclaw?" Naomi didn't miss the way Andromeda said Slytherin. She sighed.

"'Dromy.." She tried, but the woman raised her hand. "I know, I know." she said. "It's hard to let go of habits, Naomi. Danika is one of the best Slytherins I know. And I know that she knows she'll never be like...like..." she trailed off, not wanting to sound biased.

Naomi sighed. "I understand."

Andromeda smiled. "So, Henry," she called out to her young godson. "What house do you think you'll be in?" The young boy shrugged. "I don't know, Aunt Andy." he said thoughtfully. "Although I hope that I'll fit in in my house."

Then Henry groaned. "But that's not until four years!" he cried out.

Crowley chuckled. "Time flies, my son. Believe me." He looked at the three other women. "Are we all ready? Nymphadora and Ben are in the quidditch store looking at a bunch of brooms. Ben told me he's going to save money and someday buy the latest broom. He's looking forward to all the matches he and his team are going to play."

"Oh, papa!" Henry cried gleefully. "Can we go to some of those matches, too!"

"Sure we can!" his father replied. Naomi felt a smile ghost her lips. Oh, she can tell he was trying hard. Before any of the children, Crowley was nothing but a fling to her and her to him. Then they'd done the frickity frack and she ended up pregnant with his spawn. She had hesitated in telling him, but in the end she'd decided to bring him in. No matter how demonic the father was, Naomi didn't believe in keeping something as huge as babies from him. That'd be too cruel. They needed a father figure in their life, and Naomi was in no way close enough to any of her siblings to trust them with the fact that she was carrying two half demon, half angel kids. She wasn't willing to give them up either, for the fear that someday, some mighty presence might find them and make her babies their spawns.

After all, it was all she ever wanted from God.

But that's another story. Crowley saw her smile and naturally gave her a stoic look. She bit back the laughter threatening to burst out. "Let's go, shall we?".

"Kendra?" her twin sister asked. "What'ya doing?".

Her sister whirled around to face her mirror. "Nothing. Just organizing some photos..." her voice fell silent as she stared at one phot particularly.

"Hey do you know who this guy is?" Kendra asked. Kendall shrugged. "I'm gonna go ask mum." She made her way into the lounge, where the tall Scottish professor stared out into the open, sipping on her tea.

"Yes, dear?" Minerva asked. "Mum, do you know this man?"

In that moment, Minerva felt time slow down, to a point where she felt like she was stuck. She stared at the old black and white photo of her and a someone who could possibly the most handsome man in the world. His teeth were white, his black hair slicked back and even though his eyes were black in the picture, Minerva could remember the deep set of almost indigo eyes gazing at her deeply.

"Mum?" Kendra asked. "Are you alright?" Minerva took a deep breath and sniffled. "I'm alright, dear." Then the mother of currently two smiled.

"This man, was the most handsome, most gentlemanly and intelligent boy in my years..."

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