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Chapter Eight

"Mommy! Mommy!" Henry yelled in glee. "The owl's came! The owl's came to deliver Dani and Ben's letter!" Naomi chuckled at her son's enthusiasm. She and Henry were all alone today, as Crowley had gone off to take care of his... business.

"Henry!" she called out. "Can you bring the letters up here in the sun room?"

"Coming!" he replied. She heard tiny and quick footsteps and then the tousled hair of her young son. Naomi patted the seat beside her and smiled. Henry leaped up and bounced on his side before holding out the letters to his mother.

"Don't you want to open them yourself?" Naomi asked. The young boy fist pumped and ripped it open. Then he read,

"Dear Mom, Dad and Henry,

We miss you all. It's only our first day as a third year here in Hogwarts, but we're enjoying it! This year we get to go to Hogsmeade and but chocolates and all kind of stuff! Don't worry, Henry, we'll make sure to buy you something, as well. Ben's so excited for his Quidditch matches, and I'm excited for all the potions and transfigurations.

Oh, mom! I heard prayers last night! This man's son was in a hospital suffering from clots in his organ system. The son had already went into coma and the healers are all trying their best to make him better. It was really sad, so I decided to make the poor boy's condition slightly better. I made his clots disappear, and also decided to raise their bank money a little bit. Just a little bit.

Either way, that was that, and the ghosts are annoying the living daylights out of me! Peeves was singing this annoying tune while we were walking down the halls and I almost smited him. Kendra and Kendall are always there to brighten up my day. I finally found out why Daddy passed out all those years ago, mum. Kendall somehow manage to pull through Papa's mother's magic, which in turn, passed through him, because he's her only living descendant. But I'm at loss as to how Professor McGonagall was not harmed. I mean if the magic was pulled through, wouldn't it have to be pulled through her?

At the mention of the names, Naomi's head snapped up. It had been over six years since she had last made contact with the two redheads. Something about them made her wary about them, but not exactly in a bad way. Somewhere, beneath all the magic, Naomi could feel something powerful underneath. Hell, even if the twins were squibs, they still would have been just as powerful as a normal magical person. Believe it or not, their souls were powerful enough to withstand the presence of an angel in their body, as much as their bodies. So was their mother.

But now that she had over six years to dwell upon what had happened all those years ago, she felt herself smile. Really, it was all quite amusing to her, now. Kendra's nickname for her sister, how Kendall somehow managed to channel magic from a witch generations upon generations in her bloodline... it all made Naomi want to laugh.

"Mummy?" Henry asked with a furrowed brow. "What's so funny?" His mother shook her head. "Nothin, darling. Just reminiscing over events that had happened such a long time ago!" Her little boy nodded and continued reading.

"Those twins are a funny lot. One time, a ghost was became so annoying one of them threw a handful of salt right into its face! It was hilarious! Well, for those of us who got what they were doing, anyway. It's just a plane shame they're hunters, though... Dumbledore, the headmaster, annoys me quite a bit. He always has this bright twinkle in his eyes as if his eyes are flashlights themselves. It's quite unsettling, really.

Professor McGonagall's brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! She showed us new spells, and even showed our class how to transfigure a table into a live pig! Someday I wanna learn that, and turn some dumb furniture into an awesome pet.

Well, that's all for now. Our third year certainly looks promising and enticing. Unfortunately, Divination is a class, and although, it's elective, the death predictions..." Henry trailed off and then looked at his mother with wide eyes, filled with fear.

"Death predictions, mama? The teacher can predict death? Mama, what if she predicts Danika or Benny's death? Mama, what are we gonna do?" the young boy yelled frantically.

"Henry, darling! Calm down!" Naomi replied and soothed her son. "Professor Trelawney has certainly "predicted" many deaths, but as far as I know, no students have died in Hogwarts in the past few years. She is not a true prophet, certainly no angel or even God would have chosen her to be one. She is, what many people, call a fraud."

As harsh as it was, it was the hard truth. Henry took a deep breath. "Really, mama?" Naomi nodded. "Read on,"

"The death predictions are, as far as I can tell, going to be a pain in my gluteus maximus," Henry giggled. "It means your bottom, right, mama?"

"Not quite," Naomi said. "Gluteus maximus is your muscle in your bottom, but most people think it's your tushy."

"Oh," Henry commented. Then the young boy continued reading.

"That's all for now, I think.

Goodbye for now, Mum, Dad and of course, Henry.


Danika and Benjamin

PS, Benjamin has a quidditch match two weeks from now. He think it's too much to ask for, but I know that he wants you to try and watch.

The young boy's eyes were bright with excitement. "Can we, mama? Oh please, can we?"

Naomi laughed. In all her million years of existence, laughter was not something she was known for amongst her siblings. She was the serious, no-nonsense, down-to-earth type. Or in Crowley's words, a bureaucrat. "Of course we can, my love."

"So, Kendra..." Kendall continued, blowing a strand of her red hair out of the way. "What've you got?" She rested her elbow on the table, opposite to her sister.

Her sister looked at her. "Nothing new," she shrugged. She stared at the cup of coffee before her, before taking a sip out of it. However the treasured silence was broken when their lovely, clumsy owl Athena, crashed into the window. Kendra rolled her eyes and set the coffee back. She walked over to the window and unlocked it. Immediately, the owl rushed in a flurry of feathers and screeches. Athena dropped the newspaper that she was carrying from her foot and took her normal perch by the branch hanging by the doorway. Kendall tossed her a dead mouse. Athena caught it in her beak and swallowed it-whole and all at once.

Kendra picked up the copy of the Daily Prophet and let out a growl, before throwing it down on the table. Her sister took a look at it. The headlines of The Daily Prophet were outlined in big, bright and bold red letters. There was a moving picture of a room in St. Mungo's filled with rows of children in bed. They all looked pale and gangly and thin. The text said:


by Rita Skeeter

Recently, over the past 5 weeks, more than a 10 children had been submitted to the children's ward of St. Mungo's. Children from different families all suffering the same symptoms, have pushed the Healers pass their limits. Children were first reported found in their beds in a weak state before being taken to the ward. Illness then start to take hold and their immunity declines after which fatal diseases take hold. Unfortunately, at least three children have already succumbed to this deadly and mysterious illness and worse, the parents have said that their children were faring well only the night before!

A picture scene then showed a family weeping and heckling over by the bedside of a fairly young boy that was half-way covered by a white sheet. Kendall's heart went out to the family, but the oldest rule in the book dicated everything.

You cannot save everyone.

But if you can't save everyone, then save all you can. It was the only counter-rule.

There was no warning that the illness was going to strike down the child. Parents are advised to strongly watch their children and report any unusual symptoms or submit any information that they think will be useful. Not even the strongest of healers have made progress and no potions or potion master have yet to brew a potion that will diminish this deadly illness. Could it be prevented?

"You think it's a case?" Kendra asked.

Kendall shrugged her shoulders. "Could be one, could be not. I mean for all we know it could be some type of unknown magical disease that chose to target children. It could also be some kind of big bad in the lore that preys on children. Either way, I think it's worth a shot. We've got nothing to lose."

"Case is in." Kendra stated. In less than half an hour, the twins were settled for a trip to St. Mungo's children's ward.

Upon entering the hospital, Kendra could immediately sense the stench of death. Over by the admittance section, she saw a child getting levitated by the healers, no doubt to bring him to the children's ward. Kendra approached the possible parent.

"Excuse me?" she asked politely. The weeping woman turned to look at her. " Are you the boy's mother?"

The woman shook her head. "No," she sniffled. "I'm his aunt. Tyler's mom is... gone."

Kendra pitied the woman even more. Losing your sister was hard, but possibly losing the only connection you had to her? That was even worse. Kendra couldn't imagine ever losing Kendall. She had already lost one and she couldn't risk to lose another.

"I'm Kendra," she offered her hand. The woman took it greatly. "I'm Leslie. Leslie Barden."

"I'm sorry about your nephew and sister. Could you maybe tell me about how your nephew got sick?"

Leslie's expression suddenly turned into that of anger. "Were you here to offer your condolences or here to ask me about Tyler's condition?"

Kendra's eyes widened. "No! No! Of course not! Its not like that! I went here to find out more about this "mysterious illness" and get to the bottom of it. I didn't know that you would be here and I certainly don't plant to take advantage of your nephew's condition! I mean so many children have already fallen ill, and we can't risk any more. If we don't investigate more about his illness, more would suffer the same fate. I don't think anybody wants to deal with a plague around here."

Leslie's hard expression immediately softened." I apologize. I mean with all this," she gestured around her with her hands. "I've been pretty desperate to rush my nephew here and do anything to protect and save him." Her face turned solemn. "Ever since his mother died, I treated him like my own son. To see him suffer so much like this..." she sniffled.

Kendra put a comforting hand on Leslie's shoulder. "I'm really sorry, Leslie." Kendra's attention was taken away when her sister called her over.

Kendall gave Leslie a wave and beckoned to Kendra, who entered the room that Tyler was currently being kept in. The boy was in a small cot, covered by blankets, however there were no healers in sight. "Are they just gonna leave this kid like this?"

Of course, the doctor or whoever was in charge chose to come in. He was a middle-aged man, with graying hair, and a no-nonsense type of aura. "Excuse me, ma'am, but you can't be in here without permission."

"Apologies, Healer..." Kendra smooth rolled.

"Healer Jasper," he supplied.

"Of course, sorry. We were just in here because Tyler's the nephew of our good friend. Sorry to bother, but how many children have been rushed to the hospital already and suffered... fatalities?"

The healer peered down on them from his glasses. "Why do you ask?"

"Nothing just curious," Kendall forced a smile. In the hunt, every man was a suspect.

"Three, didn't you read?" Healer Jasper said. Well, he was rude. There was an annoyed glint in his eyes, but there was something else, too. Something wild, and... a hint of fear.

But Kendra couldn't be sure for the fear passed as quickly as it appeared.

"Are you done asking your questions, ma'am?" Healer Jasper snapped rudely. "Because I don't have anytime for it. "If I may?" He gestured to Tyler's bedside.

"Yes, of course." Kendra apologized ruefully. She stepped out of the way and patted Tyler's leg before leaving the room.

"What an ass," Kendra muttered to her sister, who had a 'million miles away' look on her. Her eyes were staring at a man not far away. He had tousled brown hair and was wearing a fedora, wearing a cheap wool suit. He looked mopey, staring down at the cold and unloving floor , as if it was the only existing thing in the world.

"Remus," Kendall whispered underneath her breath. Suddenly, she started running towards him and Kendra yelled at her.

She doesn't even know if it's Remus or not!, Kendra thought frantically, so she ran after Kendall.

Kendall touched the man's shoulders and he looked up, confused by the sudden woman. Kendall immediately withdrew her hand.

"Sorry, I thought you were someone else." she said, before turning back and walking to the exit.

Kendra stopped her and looked into her sister's teary eyes. "I'm sorry," she said. Kendall simply nodded and shrugged off her sister's efforts.

Kendra sighed.

Inside Motel, Chadron State Parks, Nebraska, United States

"Dean," the little girl complained. "When will we go hunting?"

The blonde boy looked at his sister amusingly. "Soon, Savannah, soon. When dad comes back..."

Peak of the devil. Lo and behold, John Winchester came in the door, a hardened look in his eyes. "We've got a hunt. Where's your brother?"

"Sleeping," both Dean and Savannah replied, pointing to a bed in the corner, occupied by none other than Sam Winchester himself.

John Winchester walked over to his youngest son and smacked his feet. "Wake up, son."

Sam immediately woke up, although tiredly. "Huh?"he said exhaustedly.

"We've got a hunt, Sam, wake up!" Savannah yelled excitedly. Although John Winchester seldom smiled, he failed to hide it.

"Just over in the next town, there's been reports of people being mauled with their hearts missing~"

"Werewolves!" Savannah exclaimed.

John looked at her. "Let me finish, kid." Savannah looked down embarrassed.

"There's a good chance that they might be werewolves for sure, but we won't know 'till we investigate it further. Let's pack up our bags and move quickly, before it disappears. GO!" John commanded them. All three kids moved automatically, getting the jobs done as quickly as possible or maybe it was the fact that they didn't have much stuff to carry around. Unfortunately, most of their belongings did not survive the fire.

Their mother included.

Even though it was years after Mary's death, John could never heal the wound that his wife's death had left. Mary was the most beautiful, kind, charming and brave woman he had ever met. Their union created three beautiful children, Dean, Sam and Savannah. If anything, John wished everything would return back to normal.

But alas, God was cruel and capricious. Sometimes John regretted ever dragging his children around hunting. He didn't know if he would be able to survive if one of his children ever died. It would be too much.

But John wouldn't let his wife's killer run loose. And for as long as he was living, he swore he would hunt the monster down and he wouldn't stop until it was dead.

Hey guys, sorry for the long wait. Funny story, I have a friend that has a situation with one of our classmate and now I'm in the middle of it and it's amusing from my perception. Also, while I was writing this chapter, while I was on the part where I was writing about the Winchesters, I had actually forgotten Savannah's name because I haven't written in so long! I promise to update a little faster next time. Bye!