Jade opened her eyes before Daphne could wake her. Her body protested getting up. If she was in San Fransisco she would be going to bed. Stupid eight hour time difference. It wasn't too big of a deal. She did travel a lot with her Uncle Jackie and was used to having a sporadic sleep schedule. Even if it did get her in trouble with her past teachers and maybe more than a couple detentions. It wasn't her fault that she spent so much time running from crazies when she traveled and her adrenaline just didn't drop as fast as other people.

Just when she heard the steady droning of her bored teachers and questionably behaved students did her body demand rest.

Sitting up, she looked at her watch, placed on her nightstand. Six AM. Ten at night in San Fransisco. It was too late to call her Uncle Jackie, Uncle or Tohru. Actually, did they even have service in a magical castle? Or even a phone for that matter? Because she didn't think that an owl could fly all the way across the ocean. Or did they teleport the owls? Or maybe they had special mail carriers who took the mail from the Owls and delivered it. Probably government. Oh. That would mean they could read her letters. Looks like she would have to wait to tell her family what she had... Borrowed from Section Thirteen.

Oh she was going to be so grounded later. But that was later. Quietly, she grabbed her suitcase and unzipped the main part. She shuffled through the clothes she hadn't unpacked yet and pulled out a small grey box. She grinned impishly opening the box. Inside were twelve gleaming rocks with different animals on them. She looked over the little troublesome talismans with some consideration. With a grin, she plucked the dog, horse, rabbit and snake from the case. Rabbit to get to her classes and for some exploring around the castle, snake to hide from any really agressive bully. Not that she couldn't take them, but she'd rather skip her Uncle Jackie's lecture.

As for the horse and the dog? She had seen the stairs move. And she wasn't too keen on falling and dying at her age. And she loathed getting sent to the nurse either.

With that thought, she also grabbed the Rooster Talisman. Accidental magic was acceptable wasn't it? Even if it wasn't exactly an accident. She wasn't stupid. She had heard no magic using in the halls. But if it were say, an accident, well then no one could really fault you for that. That was her story and she was sticking to it.

She glanced over at her still sleeping roommates, one of which was snoring rather loudly. Neither were going to wake up soon. Unless there was a magical alarm spell. Because seriously, she did not see one alarm clock. Or an outlet for that matter. Best magic school huh? Well, one thing was certain, Uncle would agree that no technology was a good thing. Damn computer murderer.

Ignoring the lack of electronics for now, she snuck out of her room into the Slytherin common area. A few students seemed to be up. Students who were more than two years older than her at least. One boy with dark hair and horrid teeth gave her a look.

"What are you doing up? Couldn't sleep?" he asked. Jade was almost surprised by the gentle tone of his voice. Almost. After all, Tohru was much more intimidating until she found out what a softie he really was. Why couldn't this guy be any different?

"Eh, I'm usually up. Name's Jade. What's yours?"

"Marcus Flint. I'm one of your prefects."

"So... Like a teacher?"

"Kind of."

"Kind of? Look, I'm going to go exploring, Mr Something-like-a-teacher Flint."

Something sparked in his eyes. And it didn't seem like it was from the impromptu nickname.

"Wait. Don't go out alone."

Jade looked at him in confusion.

"Why not?"

The older boy looked a tad uncomfortable.

"It's not safe for a young snake out there."

Jade couldn't help but think of the irony. From her little ride on the train, Ginny mentioned that her brothers, all six of them, were able to walk the halls alone. And apparently the older three also talked of meeting up with lone Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw students. Why was Slytherin so protective? Especially when snakes were well off on their own once they were born. Shouldn't it be the reverse?

"Why not? I'm just a first year like every other kid who had to wear the magical singing hat," she stated. The boy chuckled.

"No. You were placed in Slytherin. A proud and noble house. A pure house."

"Pure from what? People not from Europe. Cause let me tell you, I've lived in America recently and Hong Kong before that," she grumbled. Marcus looked confused before chuckling again. Low in octave and a little gravely.

"No. Pure blood. Meaning that you have a long history of magical users."

Jade was about to comment about how the only magical person in her family was Uncle, who even then had questionable relation when she stopped herself. The conversation with Daphne and Romilda bled into her mind. Something about keeping her family a secret. Everyone seemed so damn proud of their purity, at least from the conversations she overheard at dinner, would it be anything but trouble to admit that she wasn't one? Well, she wasn't going to lie, nor was she going to tie her own noose.

"Oh. Well, it's not as important in America."

Okay she wasn't going to lie about her family line. She didn't know anything about the magical culture in America. Her extent of magical knowledge was limited to Chi magic. And demons. And talismans. And perhaps a few magic relics. In fact, the only thing that seemed to be similar between the magics of her history and her foreseeable future was the art of potion making.

"Huh. I think I might visit one day."

Jade didn't say anything more to him. Instead, she explored the Slytherin Snake Pit until she could leave with a group without anyone comment and meet up with Ginny and Luna.

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