So GTA V was out for a year now and by now people have been divided about the new guys, Michael, Franklin and Trevor. Since that's the case, I'm going to be rewriting the story of GTA V through the eyes of Niko Bellic, Luis Lopez, and Johnny Klebitz. Also in GTA V, John Boy is already in Los Santos so that's a load off my back. Anyways, here's the prologue of the story.

"Perhaps here, things will be different."

Those were the words spoken by Niko Bellic the moment he stepped off the plane to Los Santos. Ironically, they had been the same exact words uttered when he first stepped onto the shores of Liberty City in 2008.

His attempt to escape the problems in the home country had fueled his decision to come live the American dream with his cousin and long-time Liberty City resident Roman, who had moved to America for the same reasons he did. After a while, it felt as though the problems from the old country had accompanied him to his new life and the work proved no better, often landing him in a position where he found himself irritated but forced to accept it due to not being in any secure position to question the motives of his "employers." Any person could look at his resume and be able to tell his work usually consisted of putting a bullet in someone's skull but after a while, his motives shifted from filling his bank accounts to following Roman's footsteps and finding someone special to settle down with, especially after discovering his first girlfriend Michelle had turned out to be an IAA agent named Karen.

There had been special someone: Kate McReary, sister to one of his friends, Packie.

The dream to settle down never came true, unfortunately, when Kate had been gunned down outside the Cathedral where Roman and Mallorie had been married. The blame for her death had been pinned on Jimmy Pegorino, one of Niko's bosses, but after killing the bastard in cold blood, the barren hole left behind by Kate's impermanent absne. The day afterward Niko hunted down Pegorino with Roman and Little Jacob, one of his friends and killed him on Happiness Island. After this event, he knew that Liberty City was not for him anymore and so desperately tried to get enough cash to take him to a place far from Liberty, that place being Los Santos.

"Come on Niko; let's go check out our new house!" Roman excitedly told as he led Mallorie and his 3 year old daughter Kate to a waiting taxi cab, which Niko reluctantly followed as well.

"Where to?" asked the taxi driver?

"Rockford Hills, Portola Drive." Niko responded, getting into the cab

During the times were he spent most of his time getting money to move to Los Santos, Niko didn't want to have to start over when he got there and possibly get back into the same shit all over again, so he bought a house before he got there, so when he did arrive, he'd already be set up.

"How do you think the house will look like?" Roman asked his cousin'

"It's a mansion, Roman, and why does it matter, this place will probably be worse than Liberty ever was."

"Come on Niko, lighten up! Who knows, maybe it won't be like you think it is!"

"Let's hope so, Mal."

As the taxi drove through the city to their new home, it showed the many buildings and locations that put the places in Liberty City to shame. While Mallorie, Roman, and Kate looked in awe, Niko just sat there uninterested, since this place had all the things he hated about American culture, multiplied by a thousand. After a while, the car arrived at the new house, with Niko paying the cab driver, the Bellic family approached the front gate and opened it, revealing the fancy building in front of them.

"Mallorie, Niko, Kate." Roman started "We finally made it! We're finally living the dream!" He shouted as he rushed inside the mansion with Mallorie and Kate close behind, leaving Niko outside by himself.

"Sure we did, but at what cost?" Niko told to no one in particular, not forgetting what happened 5 years ago and what he did to get them here, before heading in himself.

"Hopefully here, things will be different."

These words were spoken by Luis Lopez, upon arriving to Los Santos with his mother and two friends, Armando and Henrique, who initially didn't want to go but gave in on the promise of expanding the drug empire they were building up. By the time of the arrival of Niko, Luis had been in Los Santos for 5 months. In Liberty City, Luis was the bodyguard for Anthony Prince, also known as "Gay Tony", who ran the two hottest nightclubs in Liberty, which were called Hercules and Masionette 9. However, during 2008, Tony ran into trouble with him not paying his taxes to the city and being in debt to the Ancelotti's, one of Liberty City's Five Families. As much Luis tried to help Tony, they seemed to get into more trouble, such as buying diamonds from a dealer, only to have to deal with a Russian mobster named Ray Bulgarin.

Eventually the clubs were shut down for Tony not paying taxes and during that time, Luis dealt with the problems, first killing an Ancelotti named Uncle Vince and scaring off another called Rocco Pelosi, and taking down Bulgarin himself in his private airplane. After these events, Tony decided that he didn't want to deal with being part of the high life and moved to a location that even Luis doesn't know where he is. Before he left, he gave ownership of Masionette 9 to Yusuf Amir, who was friends with Luis and Tony, who then franchised the clubs as he promised earlier to them that year. Luis himself, also tired of the high life, needed a fresh start and he found it one day while cruising around Broker, which was a billboard that had promoted travel to Los Santos, only $199. Since the high life was behind him, Luis worked for a crooked car dealer named Simeon Yetarian with his friends Armando and Henrique. Unfortunately for Luis, things were about to change.

"I hope that things here will be different."

These were the words spoken by Johnny Klebitz; leader of the Lost MC, a motorcycle gained which came from Alderney to Los Santos. By the arrival of Niko and Luis, Johnny had spent 5 years in Los Santos, in a place in southern San Andreas, called Blaine County. Back in 2008, the Lost MC leader Billy Grey was released from rehab, he started to do things that Johnny and his best friend, Jim, did not approve and would probably end up fucking them all over. It eventually did when they tried to sell back some coke to the Triads after the Lost stole it from an Angels of Death clubhouse.

The Triads took it as an insult and began to shoot at Johnny and Jim, who had to fight their way out. Upon escaping, they witnessed Billy being arrested before Johnny, Jim and a fellow Lost MC member Brian escaped shortly afterward. Upon arriving, Brian accused Johnny of selling out Billy. What happened shortly afterward was a civil war between Brian's faction and Johnny's faction of Lost MC. Eventually, Johnny got work for a man called Ray Boccino, who wanted him to go to a deal with Niko to trade some diamonds. However the deal was ambushed by Luis and Niko and Johnny had to escape. In the crossfire, Johnny took the money but instead of giving the cash to Ray, he instead handed it to Jim. However, a few hours later Johnny received a text later from Jim to meet up at the restaurant Ray usually is at. There he saw Jim getting the shit beaten out of him in the basement.

However they managed to escape and split up, with Johnny having to deal with some of Ray's goons halfway from making it to the clubhouse. However upon arriving, Johnny received news from his ex girlfriend, Ashley that Jim has been killed. Shortly afterward Johnny received news from his corrupt politician friend, Thomas Stubbs III told him that Billy was gonna pin a drug dealing ring on them to the police and then end up in witness protection. However it was prevented when Johnny, Terry, and Clay stormed the Alderney Correctional Facility and killed him personally. However, they came back to see their clubhouse in shambles in which they burned it, knowing that Alderney was no longer for them. Shortly afterward, Johnny took all remaining Lost MC on his side to Los Santos where he started a new chapter. However, things were about to change.

And there you go! This was just the prologue chapter and I know it was kinda boring, since I had to put some necessary exposition so I show why the guys came here. Anyways check back later to see the first mission of GTA V with Luis and his pals, A H. See you guys later.