Hello everybody, welcome back to the story. Previously, we had Niko, Johnny, and Luis have a run in with Merryweather. Additionally, Luis learns that Niko and Johnny played a part in having Merryweather attack him. Not only that but the IAA and Devin Weston requested that he kill Niko and Johnny as well. We're in the final stretch, ladies and gentlemen and it's going to be a long chapter, read on to find out what happens.

Luis couldn't believe what he learned from the past few minutes that he had alone after ditching Niko and Johnny. It turns out they were partly responsible for Merryweather attacking him and his mother, since he assumed that Merryweather also went after associates of Niko and Johnny. Additionally, he was given the prospect of killing both of them. However, despite the fact that these two were the reason why his mother was almost killed, Luis couldn't find it in himself to carry out the deed. If he did, it would paint him as a huge hypocrite for betraying Niko and Johnny despite them not really doing anything to him. Additionally, the three had been through so much together. As a result, betraying them would be a stab in the back for all of them. As a result, Luis realized that there was one only solution.

"Fuck. If I'm going to take these assholes on, I'm going to bring the fight to them!" Luis stated, pulling out his phone, "I'm going to need some help though. Hopefully Lester can do that."

Dialing Lester's number, Luis waited for a few seconds for him to pick up.


"Hey bro, I'm in some deep shit!" Luis told him.

"What type of deep shit?"

"The type of fucking deep shit where I got assholes trying to convince me to turn on my friends, that's what!"

"Okay, okay, I got you!" Lester replied, "Come over to my house and I'll see what I can do!" He told Luis before hanging up.

Putting his phone in his pocket, Luis wasted no time hopping into his car and driving off to Lester's home. As he drove to his destination, Luis felt like there were agents from the IAA watching him everywhere. Although he believed that was just him being paranoid, he knew that his feelings were justified. Eventually, he arrived at Lester's house and knocked on the door rapidly, barging in once Lester unlocked the door for him.

"What's the panic, bro?" Lester questioned, turning towards Luis.

"What do you think, Lester?!" Luis replied, "Just imagine a scenario where there's no fucking chance of winning!"

"Alright, I know." Lester told him, "Just tell me who want to kill your friends."

Sighing, Luis began to explain his situation.

"Shit, well the fucking IAA want me to kill Niko and Johnny." Luis told him, "Well, this guy named Edward T. Fortune wants me to do that."

"Okay, who else."

"The next motherfucker is Devin Weston; you know that…"

"Oh, that angry rich fucker from whatever hole he hibernates from."

"Exactly." Luis replied, "And now, these assholes got me in a tight spot and I don't know what to do now!"

The two men sat in silence for a while. However, Lester got an idea.

"Hang on, I got an idea!" Lester stated, rolling over to his computer.

"You got something bro?"

"One of your guys, Agent Fortune is under a lot of fire due to the IAA's involvement with the shootout at Kortz Center." Lester told him, "Devin Weston is known to be a major asshole and has a major share in Merryweather, as well as being on friendly terms with the CEO, Don Percival."

"Hm, so that's his associate." Luis mused.

"I think he actually owns part of Merryweather, let me see." He said, typing on his keyboard, "Right, eleven percent. Pretty good for a pseudo-liberal, owning a private army. So, I feel that these two would love to be able to take all three of you out, if given the chance."

"Alright bro, what's your plan."

"Head over to the foundry at Murrieta Heights. I'm to going to tip off both the Agency and Merryweather that you three are located there."

"Alright, I don't have any better ideas."

"Get yourself down there." Lester told him, "In the meantime, I'm going to get Niko and Johnny on board."

"I got you bro, wish me luck!" Luis replied, walking out of Lester's house.

Walking towards his car, Luis realized that he might want some backup on this operation, with mind going to Armando and Henrique. Luis had his doubts about them but realized that if he wanted to get out of his current situation in one piece, it wouldn't hurt to have some close friends there with you. Before he knew it, Luis grabbed his phone and called Armando.

"What's going on L?" Armando asked.

"Hey Mando, I'm kind of in some deep shit and I need your help!"

"Damn Luis, what's going on?"

"Five-O and Merryweather want to take me out, along with Niko and Johnny. I could use the help."

"No problem L, me and H will wait for you." Armando told him before hanging up.

Glad to hear that his friends were on board, Luis quickly made his way to his car and hopped in. Making his way to the nearby hotel that his friends and mother were staying at currently, he arrived pretty quickly. Honking his horn, he caught the attention of Armando and Henrique, who were standing outside waiting for him. They then walked over to his car and entered.

"Alright Captain Downtown, what's going on?!" Armando asked.

"A bunch of shit." Luis replied, "Look guys, if you don't want to get involved in the shit that I'm about to say, you can back out."

"We can take it, L!" Henrique told him, "Hit us with it!"

"Glad you guys are on board." Luis told the two, "Anyways, Five-O and Merryweather want Niko and Johnny dead and I'm trying to stop it!"

"Damn, that's some heavy shit, Luis!" Henrique remarked.

"Yeah, you sure you up for this?"

"Fuck yeah, it's been a while since I had some action!" Armando stated.

Pulling up to the foundry, the Northwood Boys got out of the car, with Luis walking over to the entrance of it.

"Alright, you guys let me know when the assholes show up." Luis told them.

"No problem, Mr. Bigshot, we're on it!"

"Good luck, L." Henrique told him, taking out a AA-12.

Walking into the foundry, Luis heard voices in the back. Going over to the source of the voices, he saw Niko and Johnny just standing around and talking to each other. They soon noticed Luis walking over to them.

"Luis!" Niko stated, "Look, before anything happens, me and Johnny-"

"Bro, I accept your apology!" Luis replied, running up the stairs, "However, Five-O and Merryweather are coming soon and we need to prepare!"

At that moment, Luis' phone started ringing.

"A, are they here?!" Luis asked as he answered the phone.

"Yeah L, they just rolled up!" Armando replied.

"Alright, thanks Mando!" Luis told him, hanging up, "Now, are we ready or not?!"

"Oh, I've been ready!" Niko remarked, wanting to get back at Merryweather.

"I feel the same way!" Johnny added, running down the stairs, "You know what, I'm going to wait for them by the entrance."

"Okay, do that!" Niko told him, "I'll stay right here!"

"Alright bro, I'm going to move over there!" Luis replied, running to the spot.

Soon enough, the three were in position and had their weapons prepped and ready. A short time after this, a Merryweather team walked into an entrance that Johnny was positioned above. Additionally, an IAA team entered through another door. Waiting until the two teams encountered each other, Johnny fired his AK-47 at them, catching the opposing forces off guard. That also gave Niko and Luis the incentive to open fire as well.

"We're not leaving until they're all dead!" Niko shouted.

The gunfight continued, with Merryweather and IAA being at a disadvantage to Niko, Johnny, and Luis, whose superior firepower and element of surprise worked in their favor. Not only that, they started fighting each other, allowing the three to pick them off. So far, the battle was going good, with Niko currently taking out some Merryweather on the cat walk. However, Luis' phone started ringing.

"Shit L, these motherfuckers saw us!" Armando shouted.

"Coño, I'm coming bro!" Luis replied, jumping over the railing.

Spraying any Merryweather and IAA in his path with his AA-12, Luis quickly made it outside and switched to a grenade launcher. What he saw was Armando and Henrique returning fire at Merryweather troops.

"There he is!" Henrique stated.

"I thought you wouldn't show up, Luis!" Armando added.

"Hey, I look after my boys, remember that!" Luis told them, firing a grenade at a Merryweather car.

Using his grenade launcher to thin out the groups of contractors trying to kill them, eventually none were left, which made Luis glad. However, he switched to his AA-12 and decided to stay outside so he could cover his friends. Meanwhile, inside the foundry, Johnny and Niko finished up mopping the rest of the Merryweather and IAA.

"Those deadbeats are done for!" Johnny remarked, switching to his Striker.

"Good, let's move onto the rest!" Niko replied, inserting a new clip into his M4.

Moving from their spot, Niko and Johnny exited the building and regrouped with Luis and the Northwood boys. With their forces combined, the group of five managed to shoot through the group of Merryweather operatives and IAA agents pretty quickly. Soon enough, they were all taken out pretty quickly and the group took some time to catch their breath.

"Shit, I hadn't felt like this in a long time!" Henrique panted.

"It feels good, doesn't it Rique?" Armando added.

"Yeah, this was too close for comfort though!" Luis remarked, "Thanks for the help guys but I think you should get back to the hotel."

"You sure L?" Armando asked, "I'm ready to take some more motherfuckers!"

"I'm serious A. Just sit this one out!"

"Oh okay, I guess we'll see you later." Armando replied, "Stay safe, L." He told him, sounding concerned.

With that, Armando and Henrique turned to leave and drove off. In the meantime, Luis regrouped with Niko and Johnny.

"Hey, you guys okay?" Luis asked.

"Never better." Johnny remarked.

"So what now?" Niko asked, "Do we just wait for more people to come kill us or do we take the fight to them?"

"The only way I see it bro is that we didn't even scratch the surface of this issue." Luis replied, "We got a lot of people who got serious shit with us."

The three then proceeded to walk over to their vehicles.

"I can name someone that we can take out." Niko stated, "Edward T. Fortune."

"Alright, how about those two that follow him around?" Johnny asked.

"Deng's fair game. We'll keep Karen alive though."

"I thought you had shit with her bro." Luis told him.

"I used to." Niko replied, "However, she's not as bad as you think. Plus, I feel that we need her so that nobody messes with us afterwards."

The trio soon reached their vehicles. However, they still had ideas on who they should take out.

"Hey Johnny, remember Wei Cheng?" Niko asked.

"You want to take him out too?"

"Sure, just to make sure he doesn't come back."

Johnny began thinking of a guy to suggest to take out as well.

"Hey, what about the guy who set up Armando and Henrique?"


Johnny nodded.

"Well, I've been meaning to get to him after shit he pulled." Luis stated, "Yeah, let's do it!"

"Alright, get Lester on the line to find out where these assholes are!" Niko told him.

Pulling out his phone, Luis called Lester and set the call to speakerphone.

"Who is this?!" Lester answered, "Stop calling this number!"

"Hey bro, it's me!"

"You're alive! I thought someone had your phone."

"Anyways, you're on speakerphone now."

"Oh, did Niko make it?"

"Yep." Niko answered.

"What about Johnny?"

"I'm here!" Johnny answered.

"Alright, you just calling for a chat?!"

"No, we need some whereabouts of some "old friends" of ours." Luis replied.

"Alright, who?"

"Edward T. Fortune of the IAA." Niko started.

"And motherfucking Devin Weston." Luis added.

"Wei Cheng as well." Johnny finished, "Also Luis' pal, Fernando."


"His full name is Fernando Gomez, bro."

"Okay, give me a few seconds."

The trio could hear the sounds of keyboard typing and computer notifications in the background.

"Got it, first off Agent Fortune is located by the Galileo Observatory, presumably for a training exercise." Lester told them.

"I'll get the pig for you Niko." Johnny told him, hopping on his Hexer and leaving.

"Alright, I got a signal on Fernando's phone, looks like he's at B.J Smith's recreation center."

Luis was glad that he finally found the person who gave him and his friends so much shit. However, he was unsure if confronting him would be a good idea, with Niko noticing this.

"Don't worry Luis, I'll get him for you." Niko told him.

"As for Wei Cheng, his son recently bought a Magnum at the beach club in Pacific Bluffs."

"Alright, I'm going to get that motherfucker." Luis said simply.

The two then proceeded to get into their cars and started driving to the location of their targets. Niko was the first to get to his target, since it was up the road from the foundry. Rolling up to B.J Smith's recreation center, Niko saw a group of Vagos standing in the middle of the baseball court. Getting out and walking over to them, Niko overheard one of them talking about Luis, Armando, and Henrique. Figuring out that it was Fernando, Niko called out to him.

"Hey, you!"

Fernando turned around to face Niko.

"What do want, puto?"

"Nothing, I just wanted to send a message from one of your friends, Luis Lopez."

With that, Fernando pulled out a M9 and aimed it at Niko's head. However, Niko quickly grabbed his hand, head-butted him, snatched the pistol from his hands, and shot him in the face. That got the attention of the rest of the Vagos in the recreation center, with Niko killing them with Fernando's M9. With the task done, Niko walked back to his car and called Luis.

"Luis, I'm afraid one of your friend Fernando had a tragic accident."

"Not my problem, thanks bro!" Luis replied.

In the meantime, Johnny had arrived at the Galileo Observatory and stopped his Hexer a short distance away from the agents in front of him. Using some binoculars to view the agents from where he was, Johnny eventually found Agent Fortune and his lackey, Agent Deng. Realizing that he needed to take him out quickly, Johnny drew his RPG-7 and found that he had precisely one rocket left. With Johnny understanding that he only had one shot at taking the agents out, he took careful aim.

"Say hello to the devil for me, pigs." Johnny quipped.

With that, Johnny pressed the trigger for the rocket launcher. The agents noticed the sound but before they could do anything, the rocket hit the vehicles that they were standing by and soon enough, the resulting explosions either killed them or left them critically injured. Checking to see if Agent Fortune and Agent Deng were dead, Johnny soon saw their disemboweled and blown up corpses. With his mission done, Johnny dropped his empty rocket launcher and drove off, calling Lester.

"Hey, could you tell Niko and Luis that their pest problem has been taken care of?"

"Sure thing." Lester replied, "Now, I found the location for Devin Weston, since a Merryweather team has been dispatched to protect him at his house in the Tongva Hills."

"I'm up for it, I'll get him and contact you when it's done."

At the Pacific Bluffs, Luis had pulled up to the beach club that Tao Cheng was at. Getting out of his car, Luis took cover by the outside gate and saw that Wei and Tao Cheng were leaving the beach club with a bunch of other Triads. Pulling out sticky bombs, he threw one on the three Landstalkers that were in front of him. Pressing the detonator, Luis blew up the cars, taking out Wei and Tao Cheng in the process, as well as his Triads. Satisfied, Luis hopped back in his car and called Johnny.

"Hey Johnny, those Triads are done for."

"Heh, that's a shame." Johnny replied, "Anyways, I'm heading over to Devin's right now."

Driving to Devin's house, Johnny stopped his Hexer in front of the house, got off his motorcycle, and took out his Striker. Jumping into the premises of Devin's house, Johnny started gunning down any Merryweather operators that stood in between him and Devin. Once they were all taken care of, Johnny holstered his Striker and drew his TA90 before pulling Devin out of his hiding place.

"Wait, hear me out!" Devin pleaded.

"Why should I?" Johnny questioned.

"Look, I... I can make you rich!"

That only caused Johnny to laugh.

"Nice try asshole." He told Devin, "I was going to ransack your house after we were finished with you!"


While the two were talking, a wounded Merryweather operator jumped on Johnny's back.

"Run, D.W!" The operator shouted.

Devin, taking good word to the operator, ran off. In the meantime, Johnny shook off the Merryweather operator and killed him. Running over to where Devin went, Johnny saw that he hopped into his car and was beginning to drive away. Despite Johnny pumping lead into his car, Devin managed to escape. Johnny then called Lester to inform him on the events that transpired.

"Hey Lester, Devin managed to get away." Johnny informed.

"I know, looks like he's heading to the airport and is calling Don Percival for backup." Lester replied, "I guess he knows that we want him dead."

"So, what now?!"

"One of us needs to get to the airport to intercept him!" Lester stated, "Niko's the closet so he'll do it!"

Hanging up, Johnny then proceeded to ransack Devin's house in search of any valuables. In the meantime, Niko received word from Lester that Devin was fleeing to the airport. Not wanting him to get away, Niko sped over to the airport, stopping at the entrance.

"Alright Lester, I'm here." Niko told him over the phone, putting on a Ushanka and sunglasses in a attempt to disguise himself.

"Okay, try to make your way to security." Lester told him, "Remember, Merryweather's going to have their guys watching out for you!"

"Yep." Niko replied, hanging up.

Getting out of his car, Niko walked inside the airport. He noticed the Merryweather operators waiting in the entrance area. Walking past them, Niko pretended not to see them.

"Hey you!" One of them stated, "Hold on for a second."

Looking back, Niko realized that they were talking to him. Realizing that his disguise hadn't worked in the slightest, Niko ran away from them and towards the check in area, dashing behind the clerks. The civilians in the airport saw this going on and fled from the establishment. As Niko ran, he noticed how ready the Merryweather operators looked hell bent on taking Niko out. Unknown to them, Niko felt the same way. Dodging some bullets that were fired at him, Niko jumped onto a conveyor belt that would take him to the luggage area, landing with a groan before getting up.

"Now, that's step one complete."

Throwing off his hat and glasses, Niko pulled out his M4 Carbine, checking to see if it was ready.

"Come on, assholes."

Riding the conveyor belt until he reached the luggage area, Niko saw Merryweather operators already prepared and waiting for him. Not wanting to give them the incentive to shoot, Niko dived from his position, taking out any unlucky Merryweather agents in his way. Getting up from the ground, Niko proceeded to take cover and waste anybody who decided to peek out of cover. Jumping over the conveyor belt, Niko noticed two more contractors running in on the catwalk above him.

Diving backwards, Niko shot the first operator with a few bullets. Landing on his back, Niko unloaded the rest of the clip into the second one. Getting up, Niko threw away his now empty M4 and picked up a dead operator's HK416. Grabbing any more ammo that he needed, Niko went up some stairs that lead to the catwalk above. Once he entered, more Merryweather came out to fight him, forcing Niko back into cover. Shooting any operators that were dumb enough to fire out in the open, Niko reloaded and moved up.

"I'll kill you!"

Once he heard his voice, Niko spun around and shot the Merryweather goon in the head. Taking a few seconds to catch his breath, Niko proceeded on, busting through some double doors. Turning around, Niko closed them and locked them with an iron bar. Hearing voices up ahead, Niko took cover and peeked around the corner. Seeing more Merryweather goons, Niko dived to the cover across from him, shooting anyone who he could see. Getting up, Niko proceeded to rush them, blasting anyone he could see in the corridors in front of him. Once they were all dead, Niko reloaded his rifle and moved on, grabbing any spare ammo that he could find.

Heading through the customer restroom, Niko took cover by the exit, peeking into the main terminal. What he saw was Merryweather patrolling the main terminal and civilians being moved.

"Heh, Devin is almost doing me a favor." Niko remarked.

"Hey, there he is!" An operator shouted.


Running for a luggage cart that was left in the middle of the terminal, Niko slid into cover and started firing at any Merryweather that he could see. However, they started engaging him through both sides. Having enough of this, Niko ran out of cover and rushed any operators hiding behind luggage carts and anything else. With all the people on the ground floor taken care off, Niko ran up an escalator and began engaging the people that were on the catwalk. Dodge rolling to avoid their bullets, Niko sprayed them with a MAC-10 before reloading his HK416. As he did so, Niko took a few bullets to the arm, shrugging off the pain for now. Proceeding forward, Niko heard the sounds of grenades being fired. Sure enough, a few exploded near his position.

"How did that get past security?!" Niko questioned angrily.

Grenades kept getting fired, forcing Niko to haul ass to avoid getting blown. Eventually, the catwalk couldn't take the damage anymore and began to collapse. Niko then did the unthinkable and dived over the railing and shot the fired grenade out of air, taking out the shooter and the last few remaining operators. Landing on the ground with a shout, Niko proceeded to pick himself up and continue on.

Exiting the terminal, Niko found himself outside and noticed the copious amounts of Merryweather patrolling the area around them. Niko also noticed Devin Weston's hanger and proceeded to make his way over there, sneaking by the patrolling Merryweather goons. As he did this, Niko was surprised on how many operators were stationed for the simple task of protecting Devin Weston. However, he figured Devin really feared for his life after Johnny's attempt to get him. Making a mad dash to the back of Devin's hanger, Niko stopped to catch his breath. Peeking from his cover, Niko noticed Devin talking to another man dressed in a Merryweather uniform, figuring that it was Don Percival. Cocking his HK416, Niko decided to make his presence known.

"Where do you think you're going, Devin?" Niko questioned, walking out.

"Oh, Mr. Bellic!" Don Percival stated, picking up a grenade launcher and riot shield, "I been meaning to finally meet you!"

After saying that, Don Percival fired a grenade at Niko, forcing the latter to run to cover.

"All units, prepare to engage the HVT!" Percival ordered, walking up some portable stairs and firing a grenade.

Niko reacted by shooting the grenade out of the air and proceeded to gun down any Merryweather that his sights. Killing a group of Merryweather goons in front of him, he turned his attention to a sniper on Devin's plane, gunning him down. A troop transport truck drove in, only to be blown up by Niko, who dodged another bullet fired by Percival. Reloading his HK416 in a flash, Niko stood up and mowed down a bunch of mooks who were firing at him by another set of portable stairs. Another troop transport showed up, with Niko killing the occupants. As he did this, Devin's plane began to leave. However, soon Niko and Don Percival were the only ones left. Percival began firing a ton of grenades at Niko, causing the latter to run up some portable stairs and dive off it, shooting the grenade just as he fired it.

As Niko fell to the ground, the resulting explosion caused Don Percival to be sent flying backwards. Not only that but it also blew off his arm and mutilated his skin. Getting up with a groan, Niko cocked his Desert Eagle and slowly walked over to a dying Don Percival. As he did so, Niko wanted didn't really think of anything, just being glad to finally get back at Merryweather for what they did to his friends and family. Standing over Percival, Niko raised his gun and fired a bullet into his head, ending his misery.

In the meantime, Luis and Johnny were driving in a Landstalker towards the airport. After taking care of their targets, they rushed to the airport after they heard that Niko was going to pursue Devin. Jumping a ramp into the airport, Luis landed in front of Niko and opened the door for him.

"Get in bro!" Luis told him, "We need to get Devin's plane!"

Hopping in, Niko equipped himself with a AA-12 with explosive shells.

"I'm in, just drive the fucking car!" Niko told him, standing up through the sunroof, "Go!"

Hitting the accelerator, Luis started driving after the plane while Niko and Johnny stood up through the open sunroof, both of them wielding AA-12's with explosive shells.

"Just get us close!" Johnny told Luis.

Taking aim, Niko and Johnny noticed Merryweather operators on foot taking aim at them. However, they were taken out pretty quickly. Soon enough, they encountered troop transports and a Maverick helicopter aiming at them. Thanks to the explosive shells, the vehicles were taken out pretty quickly. However, roadblocks started showing up.

"Shit bro, they're blocking the runway." Luis told the two.

"Push through!" Niko responded.

Blasting away the roadblocks along with the goons behind them, the three continued their pursuit. Dealing with more troop transports and a APC, the trio were in the clear. Now, all they had to do was to take down Devin, whose plane could be seen in the distance.

"That's his plane!" Niko informed, tapping the hood of the car.

Pulling up behind it, Niko and Johnny unloaded their entire clips into the plane, causing it to explode and break apart, skidding across the runway before stopping. A bloodied and dirty Devin then tumbled out of the burning wreck that was his plane. Stopping the Landstalker, Niko, Johnny, and Luis got out of the car and approached Devin.

"Oh, you don't look so good Devin." Niko taunted.

"L... look." Devin stuttered, "I… I know you are angry with me. If… if you let me go, I'll give you money, artwork, anything!"

"About that." Johnny replied, "I ransacked your house and found the cut for those cars. Plus, I let the Lost take anything that they wanted from your house." He told him, handing Niko's and Luis' cut.

Devin was at a loss for words, especially since he basically had no bargaining chip. Even if he did, these three didn't seem like doing that.

"Heh, sorry bro!" Luis taunted, "I didn't like what you were offering so I made my own deal! Everyone who ever fucked with any of us, gets what they deserve."

"You… you can't do this!" Devin shot back, "I got some important friends that will make you regret ever coming after me!"

"Oh really, is one of those friends Edward T. Fortune of the IAA? Or Don Percival?" Niko asked, smirking.

"No…, you didn't."

"What did we just say bro?!" Luis told him, "You fuck with us, we'll make sure that we return the favor."

"Anyways, our time's running out and we only need one more person that needs to be six feet under." Johnny stated.

"I agree." Niko added, "Just remember this Devin, you should've never fucked with us!"

"Wait! I can…"

Devin didn't finish his sentence because at that moment, the three drew their pistols and shot Devin point blank, killing him. After that, the three stood in silence.

"So, we killed all our worst enemies." Johnny stated, "Now, what do we do?"

"Now, I feel that we should put all this behind us and move on with our lives." Niko replied.

"Yeah, but let's keep in touch, you know." Luis added.

"Sure, to be honest, you people aren't half bad." Niko told the two.

At that point, Niko groaned and clutched his arm.

"Shit, you okay bro?" Luis asked.

"Yeah, I just got shot in the arm, I'll be fine. I just need some Burger Shot."

"You sure N? I hear that shit is a heart attack in a burger."

"I don't know what you're talking about." Johnny replied, "I have one every week and I feel fine."

The three had a chuckle at this.

"Yeah, I think we should get out of here." Niko told his friends.

"I agree, let's go!" Luis replied.

Hopping into the Landstalker, the trio left the airport. Along with it, they also left the destruction caused by their battle with Merryweather and the corpses of Devin and Don Percival.


It had been a few weeks since Niko, Johnny, and Luis had managed to beat the odds and defeat all of their enemies, with Niko currently sitting on the same bench on Vespucci Beach when he spotted Luis for the first time in Los Santos many weeks before. In that time, the trio's conquest against Merryweather was covered up as an attack by insurgents. However, with Don Percival's death, Merryweather's war crimes came to light and that resulted in many high ranking members of the organization being arrested and executed, causing Merryweather to be disbanded. As for Devin Weston's death, the LSPD simply stated he was collateral damage in the insurgent's attack. Additionally, due to the deaths of Edward T. Fortune and Agent Deng, the investigation of corruption against them was dropped, allowing Karen to get out of hiding and take Edward's position in the IAA, becoming the first female head of the organization.

As for Niko himself and his friends and family, Roman, Mallorie, and Kate were able to come back to the house without any fear of retribution from a group that Niko angered, just in time for Kate's birthday, Packie started a relationship with Paige, and Lester was able to get a lot of money by exploiting the liquidation of Merryweather through the stock market. Additionally, Johnny and the Lost MC expanded and pretty much ran Sandy Shores, although they began expanding into Los Santos, Luis managed to buy his mother a nice house that was next to his, allowing her to move out of her old home, and Armando and Henrique left the drug business and began doing contract jobs for Lester, gaining a lot of money and a reputation in the process. Finally, the movie "Meltdown" was a financial success, despite having mixed reviews.

As Niko watched the sunset, he reminisced about all the experiences which lead to point where he was now. Five years ago, Niko came to America to escape the problems that he caused for himself, only to end up doing the same things and getting into bigger problems, resulting in the death of someone he loved. Killing the person who murdered her did nothing to ease the pain, causing Niko to realize that it would be best to take his family somewhere else. In the end, he got into the same problems that he experienced in Liberty City. However, the only difference here is through his hardships, he managed to make new friends and get to a position in life which wasn't possible back at Liberty or his old country. Even though sometimes Niko still had his bouts of depression and survivor's guilt, he knew that his friends would be there to support him. Getting up and walking off, Niko uttered some words that while they once brought misery, they now brought a feeling of accomplishment.

"So, this is what the dream feels like, this is the victory that we longed for."

And that's the end of Liberty City Boys in Los Santos, everybody. Hope you enjoyed reading this chapter, since I spent a long time writing this and it took me approximately five hours to do it. This is going to be a lengthy author's note so if you don't want to read it, I can understand. Alright, although this story is my most popular, I don't really like it for what it is. The reason why I say this is because in the early chapters in this story in my opinion were pretty terrible. I say this because all I did was that I took the events of GTA 5, replaced them with GTA 4 characters and used the same script, and called it a day. As the story went on, I began added more "original" chapters or alternate takes to the events of GTA 5 but in the end, it was a copy and paste show for the most part, which is something that I'm sort of ashamed of.

What I wish I did was have the story be set in Los Santos but make something original of the events, while also mixing in the events of GTA 5, alongside its characters, instead of borrowing the plot. However, it's too late now. As for the future of my fanfiction account, it'll probably be vacant in terms of stories being made, since by the time I finished a story on this scale, I'm completely worn out. Maybe in the future I'll make something else but it'll probably something that only gets like one review or whatever. Anyways, thanks for sticking with me for all this time everybody, stay Cheeki Breeki.