Phases of the Moon

By: ChocolateEclar

Disclaimer: All characters belong to the great authoress, Diana Wynne Jones. I just borrowed them. (I also admit I attempted to steal Howl for my own uses. Hehe, just kidding.) But anyway, in 'Howl's Moving Castle's' sequel 'Castle in the Air' Sophie mentioned a new apprentice. I gave 'the new apprentice' a name and put him into my story too, so I guess DWJ owns him too.

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Chapter One: In which Bronwyn is Introduced

Morgan scowled. He brushed a rebellious raven lock of hair out of his young face and stared grimly at the tiny child wrapped in a pale cerulean blanket. The bundle was in his mother's arms and she was rocking back and forth soothingly, on the armchair in front of the fireplace. Morgan's stomach growled with the hunger of a still growing boy.

His mother looked up at him, noticing his stomach's protesting, and told him, "Morgan hold your sister while I get dinner ready. Your father should be here any minute."

Sophie didn't feel totally all right with letting her five-year-old son hold his three month old baby sister but she wanted to try and stop Morgan's growing jealousy towards the new baby.

She placed little 'Wyn' into Morgan's arms carefully as he sat on a miniature stool in front of the fire grate. Wyn protested to being moved by whimpering slightly in her sleep, startling Morgan into almost dropping his sibling. Sophie gave him a bit of a maternal nervous stare and then, positive at the moment Morgan would be nice to his baby sister, proceeded to go to the pantry to grab the various foods they would have for dinner that night.

Howl's second apprentice walked in the front door as Sophie was searching for a jar of honey. His apprenticeship was ending within the year though and she had to admit she would miss his carefree stride as he walked through the door everyday.

His name was Tobias Fley. As he walked in, as usual Sophie noticed with motherly observation his auburn colored hair was as disheveled as ever and his shirttails were hanging out of his pants. It had amazed Sophie the first time she had seen Toby how very different Howl and Toby were in looks and partly in attitude. While Howl was often vain and cowardly, Toby didn't care about his appearance and could be brave if need be.

"Need help, Sophie?" questioned Toby.

"No. That's alright," she told him stubbornly. "Just make sure Morgan is careful with Wyn for me," she added softly.

"Alright," he replied good-naturedly. Toby went over to Morgan and Wyn and sat on the armchair. Calcifer was giving off a fair amount of heat as he sleep in his grate; the only thing that could be seen of him though was the green flames on top of his head, as he slept under the logs.

It was around this time Howl stepped into the house. He looked tired, but as soon as he saw Morgan and Wyn he perked up a bit. He went over to Morgan, ruffling the boy's hair affectionately.

Sophie glanced at Howl from the workbench were she was sitting, preparing dinner. "What did the king want this time?" Sophie asked him.

"Oh just the average spells here and there to help make the young princess's new room in perfect order," Howl replied off-handishly as he took Wyn out of Morgan's small arms. Princess Valeria was getting older now and her father had decided to 'give' her a new room of her choice.

'That's Howl for you,' thought Sophie. 'He either slithers out of answering your question altogether or doesn't answer straightforwardly.'

Bronwyn slowly awoke, her eyes opening slightly to reveal strange emerald eyes that looked almost identical to Howl's odd glassy ones.

Morgan glared upward at his sister jealously, his hair falling into his eyes as always, causing him to brush them away irritably. Wyn yawned softly; her hair wasn't like Howl's original color like Morgan's was. No, it was like Sophie's, a rich red gold color, but unlike Sophie's Wyn's hair was a little redder.

Howl turned to Toby then, holding Wyn expertly in his arms. "I've been looking for a special new spell for a while for you and I finely found it. I just forgot to give it to you," Howl told Toby.

Howl pulled a piece of yellowing paper out of his pocket. He was wearing a blue colored suit with golden lining. Sophie remembered him showing it off when he bought it a few weeks ago.

Toby took the paper and studied it for a few seconds. Then he said, "its a self transforming charm, right?"

Howl nodded and explained, "Start working on it soon. It's a good spell to learn for a magic duel."

"Okay. You've already taught me how to transform other people and objects. This is just the next step," Toby answered thoughtfully. They ate dinner and afterward Toby began working on his new spell.

Sophie tucked Wyn into bed later that night, feeling a strange uneasy foreboding in her heart . . .


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