Phases of the Moon

By: ChocolateEclar

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So here's the 'finale' of 'Phases of the Moon . . .'


"Is she dead?"

"No, she's still breathing a little."

"Then let's bring her to Lady Kachioin." The two figures loaded the woman they had found in the desert onto their oxen-pulled wagon and road off.

When they reached a small village filled with tiny grass huts, they gently carried the woman into a larger hut in the middle of the village. "Lady Kachioin, we are sorry to disturb you but we've found this woman in the desert and-" one of the men began as they stepped into the hut.

"HUSH! Let me see her! I am a healer after all!" a young woman with raven black hair and ruby red eyes in a huge long flowing oriental gown said. The men brought the nearly dead woman forward silently and set her down in front of the healer.

The woman stirred and opened one chocolate colored eye slightly. She quickly closed it again when her head began to throb but she still managed to give a satisfied smirk.

'I'm coming for you 'Maiden,' Kamania thought right before she slipped back into unconsciousness.

The End

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