Chapter one:

He was so tired. No exhausted. He doesn't even remember being this tired during the war, this took tired to a new level. They had been tracking Daryl for days now, he was obviously in a car and they were walking so it was taking some time to catch up with him, they would make it though, he was determined.

Harry met Daryl when he was twenty and travelling aimlessly around America with his 18 month old godson Teddy, he had been lost in both meanings of the word. Daryl had allowed him to find himself again and offered his home to them, even if his brother Merle hadn't been exactly happy about it. It may sound cheesy but Daryl had been his saviour, he had kept Harry grounded, after the war Harry hadn't known what to do or what to think, he had been eighteen years old and suddenly told he was in charge of a baby that was barely a month old. It was safe to say Harry hadn't known what to do. All he had known was he needed to get out of England, away from anyone who knew him, including his friends who luckily understood what he was going through, and start a fresh. Although when he had found somewhere knew, he didn't know what to, he was a war survivor with a new born baby in a world he didn't understand anymore, in country he had never been before. Luckily Daryl found him and took him even though he looked like some unstable kid with a new born baby. After the war Harry struggled with nightmares and was jumpy around anyone, even his friends. Ron and Hermione didn't know how to help him, Hermione suspected he had some form at what muggles called PTSD but didn't know how to help. Daryl may not have understood what he had been through but was able to help by being a calm presence that didn't constantly bombard him with questions or try and be overly helpful. He just helped him care for Teddy and was there to reassure him he was safe after a nightmare. As their relationship progressed the nightmares got less and less intense to the point where they barely existed, they would never truly disappear but Daryl's presence stopped them causing any pain.

Harry didn't know why but he felt safe with Daryl, even though Daryl looked and sometimes seemed like he didn't care Harry knew it was all a mask, he knew all about masks, half the wizarding world seemed to wear one. They connected through shared experiences and just seemed to fit together. They weren't overly expressive with their feelings but both knew how the other really felt and a year down the line Harry finally told him about magic. He knows he was supposed to wait till marriage but Harry decided most of the wizarding word thought him now dead considering he only met up with family in private and had practically gone muggle, so decided he was safe to tell him. He was the boy-who-lived anyway surely that had to come with some perks right? Daryl took the news with disbelief at first but seeing Harry do a few tricks and levitating him out of the chair Daryl started to believe him. It wasn't until one day when Teddy was curled up in Daryl's lap and suddenly changed his hair style and eye colour to match Daryl's did he truly believe in magic.

Now however four years down the line he was lost again and Daryl wasn't even there to ground him and help him look after his five year old godson, who now saw both him and Daryl as his parents. Harry was trying his hardest to find Daryl by tracing his magic but considering Daryl was a muggle there wasn't much to trace making it very hard to trace. The zombies or whatever it is people are calling them now aren't exactly helping, in fact there the very reason he's searching for Daryl in the first place.

Harry and Teddy had been visiting Ron and Hermione in England for a couple of weeks when they started hearing stories and dyeing people coming back to life and attacking people. However they just dismissed them as stories that got over exaggerated and started ignoring the stories like everyone was. A few days later they wished they had listened when Ron, who had become an auror, had got scratched by one of them and got seriously ill. When he then became one of them a day later that's when they realised how bad it really was. The hospital was probably one of the worst places to be and he only just got Hermione and Teddy out unscathed. Hermione and the Weasley's were distraught but refused to come to America with him saying they couldn't leave their home so he went back to America with just Teddy. They then found America was in just a bad a state and quickly made their way home to find Daryl had left, he had managed to leave a note saying he had gone with Merle to the woods were it was safer and to come find them at their hut.

It had taken them a few days to make it to the hut on foot as there was no cars left in their little village to take this meant Harry had barely slept a wink as he was too worried about looking after Teddy. Harry had put wards up around them but he had no idea if they would work as he had never had to try and ward away a living dead person before. Inferi were completely magical dead people, these zombie things were pure muggle, Harry didn't trust his wards one bit. It also didn't help that with the zombies and Ron dying Harry's PTSD had started showing its ugly face again meaning he refused to sleep encase he scared Teddy which was once thing he definitely didn't want to do.

Arriving at the hut they found it completely empty. Trying not to think the worst Harry used as much magic as he could to trace the little tiny bit of magic Daryl contained to trace his partner. Later on they came across a quarry that looked like it had been lived in not too long ago; Harry was hoping it wasn't just his wishful thinking, as there was evidence of a bonfire and a pile of bones and ashes that Harry was refusing to think about. Looking around Harry had come across a car with a map and a radio with note on for someone called Morgan telling them where to go if he made it here. Harry had stared long and hard at the car and then then looked down at Teddy and decided he needed that car if he was going to give Teddy a chance at survival. He left Morgan the map and radio attached to a tree and hoped the guy would still be safe.

This is where that had led up to, both him and Teddy trapesing through the woods following the tiny trace. Teddy fast asleep in his arms and Harry forcing himself to carry on walking that little bit further. The car had enough petrol to get them through the night, and he had managed to pick up some more petrol from a car on an abandoned farm but eventually it ran out completely forcing them to carry on, on foot.

A day later after Harry had had another sleepless night Teddy suddenly stopped, staring off into the trees, his brows scrunched in concentration.

"What d'ya hear cub?" Harry asked knowing what Teddy was doing. Being half werewolf meant he had much better hearing than anyone else.

"Someone cryin' dad, sounds like a little girl, we gotta go 'elp her dad" Teddy urged coming out of his gaze to tug on Harry's arm and direct him towards the girl. Running through the trees as quietly as they could they came across a little girl around the age of ten, he was rubbish at ages, being surrounded by three undead people. Harry quickly told Teddy to hide behind a nearby tree while he went and got the zombie things attentions.

"Hey come an' pick on someone your own size" Harry called out and immediately got their attention as they looked over at him and started to leave the girl alone, who seemed to be stood there in shock. Harry quickly pulled out his sword, the sword of Gryffindor, courtesy of Kingsley who understood that it did rightfully belong to Harry, and stood and waited until they came close enough. When they finally shuffled close enough he stabbed his sword into the closest one's head, then quickly turning and stabbing the seconds head. The third grabbed his other arm while his back was turned; Harry yanked his arm free and stabbed the third one in the head before it could get its teeth into him.

"Are they dead dad?" Teddy asked peering round from the tree gripping his stuffed wolf toy, Moony, in his hands.

"Yeah it's safe now cub" Harry soothed holding a hand out for Teddy who ran up to him and accepted the offered hand. Harry then turned back to the little girl who was now trembling and curled up against the tree she been backed up against.

"Hey there gone now sweetie, they can't harm you anymore" Harry told her softly as walked up to her slowly as not to startle her. The little girl looked up slowly her eyes scanning her surroundings and settled on the dead bodies on the ground. The trembling's of her body slowed down but her eyes stayed wide with fear.

"What's your name sweetie?" Harry asked trying to distract the little girl from the bodies in hopes of finally getting her to calm down so that they could work out where the rest of her group where, if there was any left Harry thought grimly.

"S-Sophia" The little girl stuttered looking up at Harry shyly.

"That's a pretty name" Harry complimented causing Sophia to blush slightly "Who where you with before those things chased you?"

"I-I was with my momma and some other people when a herd came through. We hid but a couple chased me, Rick went off to kill them and told me to head back to the group but I thought I heard some more and away but I got lost and some more chased me and now I don't know how to get back" Sophia cried, the trembling's returning to her body. Without realising Harry had pulled her into a hug and started soothing her to try and get her to calm down. Obviously exhausted from all the running Sophia promptly fell asleep in Harry's arms. Realising Sophia's crying probably caused a lot of noise Harry quickly stood up, well as quickly as he could with a kid in his arms, got Teddy to hold on to his free hand and left the area. Not too long later Harry realised they were going to have to find somewhere to set up camp as carrying a sleeping kid when you were exhausted yourself was tiring work, not that he'd be able to sleep but at least his arms could rest.

The next morning when they had all eaten some canned beans Harry had picked up from their house they set off in the direction of Daryl's trace, which was getting stronger which he hoped meant that he was getting closer. However the amount of energy it was taking out of him combined with how little sleep Harry's had the past week meant that he was struggling to carry on going any further, but Harry known for never giving up and he wasn't going to start now so he kept going. Sophia and Teddy had seemed to bond over the fact they were searching for their parents and were happily chatting away. Well Teddy was doing most of the talking but Sophia had a smile on her face so he counted that as a win. He was glad Teddy was making a friend god knows how hard they are going to come by nowadays. The smile's on the kids' faces helped Harry keep going that bit further.

Later on in the day Harry was finding it harder and harder to put one foot in front of the other and his eyes kept wanting to close no matter how hard he tried to keep them open. Daryl's trace was even stronger now and he was convinced that the family would be re united very soon which meant he wasn't going to stop till he found him. He could hear Teddy asking him if he was okay but his mouth refused to co-operate with him, he tried to tell Teddy he was fine but all he managed to do was open his mouth slightly before his legs buckled beneath him and the world turned black.

Notes: I know I shouldn't be starting another story but I got this in my head after reading some other Harry Potter and Walking dead crossovers. Let me know what you think!