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Chapter Four

"That this is your life and it can rule you.
You believe that things are better when left unsaid.
Well you're a fool 'cause
you don't believe anything good
can happen to the people it should.
Well I believe in you,
So get over yourself."

- Nico Vega.

She was starting to become very fond of the Fox, although she wasn't sure how much of their budding friendship was tactical or just pure kindliness and empathy. It was all very strange. The political side of the league was a surprise to her. She knew very little about the wars between Noxus and Demacia, and knew next to nothing about the other places like Ionia or Piltover or Zaun. As far she had made out back at home, the League of Legends was simply there to settle disputes, there was hardly anything political about it. Apparently it was a completely different story here. However, something very good about staying at the Institute: the food. Ahri escorted her to lunch after the training, even though it was probably more breakfast for Elizabeth. Once again, she loaded her plate with food, looking scornfully at Ahri's plate of fresh fruit and vegetables.

"I thought foxes ate insects and stuff?" She questioned, sitting down at a table.

"Since I transcended into my human form, I have not found a need for meat to sustain myself." Ahri shrugged, tails twitching.

Elizabeth was burning to ask questions about Ahri. Her knowledge about the lore of champions was very limited, the only thing she could remember about her was that she was from Ionia. Is that where Lee Sin is from? I bet he'd be interesting to meet. Didn't he set himself on fire? What an odd thing to do. She refrained from asking questions; she didn't want to lose the only person (friend?) that was willing to spend time with her.

They ate in silence for a while, and it was then she realized how empty the room was. She expected it to be awash with champions and summoners alike, but there was no one in here except her and Ahri, making the silence a little peculiar.

"Where is everyone?"

Ahri frowned. "What do you mean?"

"Well, there's hardly anyone in here. I thought this was a communal space."

"Most of the champions are on leave. This happens a lot when the rift is being renewed and new champions are introduced, they usually go to visit their family or take time off."

"Then why are you here? Why is Lux here?"

"The League is my home now." She said firmly. "There is no place for me elsewhere. As for Luxanna, she usually stays behind on time off. She considers it her duty to stay completely dedicated to the League."

"I see." Elizabeth contemplated this. She could hardly imagine staying in one place for so long... Wait, isn't that pretty much what I do at university? I guess it must be kind of like that, except you kill people and stuff. No matter what she thought, she was here and apparently nothing could change that.

A sudden bang resonated throughout the hall and she jumped so high in the air, Ahri thought she might have sat on one of Heimerdinger's turrets. "Jumpy little thing, aren't you?" She said, quizzically. The Fox had never met anyone quite so on edge before. Unless you counted Teemo but that was for a good reason. Almost everyone at the Institute was out for his blood due a mushroom incident that occured a few weeks ago.

However, the source of the noise was not anything she had reason to fear just yet. The doors opened wide and in skipped the very same Yordle she had seen last night. The mismatched patchwork hat sat atop her head, her Fae companion perching on the brim.

She stopped in front of them, out of breath. "There you are!"

"Here... I am?"

"Yes." Lulu agreed. She took off her hat and Pix quivered in annoyance at his perching spot being disturbed. She bowed. "Pleased to meet you! A new champion is cause for celebration! Although the last one didn't like it so much..." She drifted off into thought.

"Like what?" Elizabeth asked, confused.

Ahri sighed. "Leave her. She's gone." Lulu's eyes had gone to a very far away place and Elizabeth wasn't sure she wanted to go there. "The last champion to join was Kalista. That was a slaughter..." She shivered. "Tea was everywhere. And I mean everywhere."


"Tea!" Lulu exclaimed abruptly, grabbing Elizabeth by the hand. For such a small person, she sure did have a strong grip. Before she knew what was happening, she was being pulled along, Ahri followed behind. Lulu carried on with a stream of babble. "...I mean, you look so approachable and friendly! This is exactly what we need. There are too many people who are so boring. Have you met Jarvan yet? All he talks about is Demacia this and Demacia that..."

Elizabeth nodded at appropriate intervals, quite in awe of the Yordle's spirit and persistence. "Where are we, um, going?"

"To celebrate, silly!" Lulu chirped.

She realized she was being led back in the direction of her room. Except where they should have turned left, they took a right, taking them out into the open air. The tea table from last night was still set out, bunting strewn among the trees and half-eaten cupcakes littered the tabletop. A few other figures sat at the table, either looking bored or afraid. The only exception being tiny dark figure stuffing his face with cake.

"I smell death..." He cried, through a mouthful of Victoria Sponge. Although his face was completely hidden by his hat and cloak, his voice still rang clear. The only part of his body completely visible was his glowing eyes and Elizabeth wasn't sure whether he was scary or cute. "Death..." He repeated, turning towards her. "I will swallow your soul..." He said, jumping out of his chair.

"Oh, Veigar!" Lulu laughed, bouncing along to join him, letting go of Elizabeth's hand. "You're so silly." Veigar slumped back down in defeat.

Lulu gestured for Elizabeth to sit. She did so awkwardly, the tiny chairs had obviously been made for people half her size. When she looked back, Ahri was no where to be found. She turned back to the table full of Yordles. A china teacup had been placed in front of her and someone was pouring a steaming concoction into it. It looked a like tea except for the faint purple glow.

"Congratulations on becoming part of the League!" Lulu said happily, enjoying her own 'tea'. "We throw a tea party for every new member of the League. Not everyone seems to enjoy it, I don't know why..." She looked sad for a moment before continuing. "But I know you'll fit in with us just fine! Pix said so, I sent him to look out for you."

Elizabeth glanced at the tiny Faery at Lulu's shoulder. "How much has he been watching?" She said, not sure how pleased she was to hear this information. "You mean, he's been spying on me?"

"We just wanted to see how you were!" Lulu answered. "Is that... not okay?" Her face contorted into distress.

A Yordle to the right touched her arm. "Watching people without their consent is generally considered kinda bad, Lulu." She said sympathetically, tugging at the earring in one of her huge ears. Tristana?

"I knew it! I thought it was at first, but Pix said it would be okay because we were just trying to look out for someone."

"It's okay." Elizabeth offered. "You didn't mean any harm." She tried to smile encouragingly.

Lulu was happy again in no time. "Drink up!" She said, pointing to the tea.

"Is it, uh, safe for me to drink?" Elizabeth asked cautiously, not wanting to turn into some form of woodland creature or start leaking rainbows.

"It is the finest Glade-brewed tea!" She declared.

"That's super helpful and everything, but I won't start getting weird if I drink it, right?"

"Of course not!" She said enthusiastically, draining her cup.

Elizabeth peered at her cup suspiciously. "It's okay." The one she assumed was Tristana said. "Only spending time in the Glade affects you. Drinking the tea only gives you a slight tingle." She winked.

"I'm Elizabeth, by the way." Elizabeth said, offering a hand. Tristana took it, a wide grin on her face.

"Please to meet ya! I'm Tristana, The Megling Gunner, at your service." A squirrel crawled onto the table curiously, big eyes shining. Lulu stroked it lovingly, talking to it in some strange, far off language. "So I heard that you're no good with a spear." Tristana said, bluntly. "What about guns?"

Elizabeth blushed. "People saying stuff already, huh?"

"Afraid so. You caused quite a stir when you popped in. We've never had a champion like you before. People always turn up to the Institute adept at the sword or the crossbow or whatever, it'll be fun having someone learn for a change." Tristana sipped her tea. Elizabeth did the same. The taste was akin to bucks fizz but hot. It bubbled on her tongue and she finally understand the phrase "that tasted purple".

"Everyone I've met so far seems so nice." She commented, helping herself to a cupcake.

"You'll think that until you meet everyone else. Almost everyone is away at the moment. We Yordles decided to stay behind for a change. And besides, you haven't faced us on the rift yet." She took another sip of tea. Lulu had completely disappeared from the table, and Elizabeth spotted her further out in the gardens with the squirrel.

"Is she... okay?"

"The Glade does things to you." Tristana explained, ignoring Veigar's shouts about his latest scheme . "Once you've been there for a certain amount of time, you lose sense of things. She doesn't really understand what's right or wrong anymore. There are only things that make her happy and things that don't."

"What makes her happy?" Elizabeth said, quite enjoying the fizzy taste of purple.

"Pix, her tea, her friends, squirrels... Whatever takes her fancy. It can be unpredictable sometimes."

"I would imagine." Elizabeth murmured, watching Lulu run around with the squirrels. There was a certain simplicity about her that made her seem so innocent and Elizabeth couldn't help thinking that it must be a nice, simple life to lead.

By the time they had all finished their drinks and eaten all the cake, the sun was starting to dip towards the horizon, bathing the gardens in molten light. Lulu had barely been at the table, except to talk to Veigar about various schemes, choosing to spend her time with her non-human companions. Elizabeth tried talking to Tristana about her dog that she loved more than anything when she was twelve but the Gunner did not seem all that interested. Which wasn't really surprising. The true champions of the League must have all sorts of interesting things to talk about, but she didn't really have anything. She even looked plain. Not that Elizabeth really cared, she couldn't really care less about what she looked like, especially now.

"Elizabeth!" She turned at the sound of her name to see a very out of breath Summoner Lee running into the gardens.

"Oh, hey." She said. "It's you. Again. I thought you were meant to be busy today?"

"I was!" He crouched, trying to get his breath back. "But I was only reviewing the reports of the last week. And Smith told me how well you were doing, so I thought I'd see how you were getting on!" He said with a huge smile.

"I'm... doing good." She answered, realizing for the first time that she was. She was okay. She hadn't been killed (yet) and people were kind of being nice to her.

"Great! Have you been to get some armour fitted yet? It's so much fun deciding what your alternative outfit is! Vayne has the best heart-seeker outfit..." He trailed off dreamily, then cleared his throat. "But it's up to you what your armour is. Let's go!"He took her arm and tried to help her to her feet.

"Dude, stop dragging me places." She said, annoyed.

"Bye, Elizabeth!" Tristana called, waving.

"Bye!" Another tiny figure appeared directly in front of her as if from no where, his furry face grinning. "Captain Teemo on duty!"

"Were you there this whole time?" Elizabeth said, no longer surprised about what this day has to offer.

"Stealth is man's greatest weapon!" He said delightedly, scampering off to sit beside Tristana.

This world was even crazier than she had ever imagined. Yordle tea parties, being spied on by fictional faeries, the possibility of being creeped on by Teemo...

"TEEMO!" Summoner Lee screeched, making a grab for him.

"Time to go!" Teemo said, darting towards the trees. Elizabeth watched with fascination as the Summoner ran after him, arms outstretched and out for the Yordle's blood.

"Fucking Teemo." She muttered.

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