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Chapter Five

"No more dreaming of the dead as if death itself was undone,
No more calling like a crow for a boy, for a body in the garden,
No more dreaming like a girl so in love, so in love,
No more dreaming like a girl,
so in love with the wrong world."

- Florence and the Machine, Blinding.

"I look silly." Elizabeth said, staring at herself in the mirror.

"What are you talking about, it's amazing!" Summoner Lee replied. "This is almost exactly what Miss Fortune wore on the Field last month."

The tight leather wrapped around her body like a second skin, exposing her midriff and shoulders. She didn't know she had this much cleavage until now.

"Correct me if I'm wrong," She said, tugging at the tiny leather 'shirt' to try and cover more of herself, "but isn't this meant to be armour?"

Lee looked confused. "But... this is the way most of the female champions dress?"

"That's great for them, I just think I'd be more comfortable in something a little more... protective." The tailor scowled at her from the corner, muttering unintelligibly.

"Well, there isn't that much time to fit you out with something new, most of the champions come back to the Institute tomorrow. Perhaps there's something old in the back?" Lee looked at the tailor questioningly. The tailor flounced to the storage unit further back, rummaging through the drawers.

Lee checked the file in his hand. "Okay, after this we should be done for the day. With people coming back here tomorrow, things will be a lot more hectic. Oh, er," He paused. "There's a little party at the bar tonight... You know, if you want to go. Just a few Summoners hanging out before the next season starts."

"Sure." She said, smiling, "as long as I don't have to wear this. Listen, you guys have been looking at that file since I got here, can I get a look at it?"

"Uh.. well, you see, the High Summoners don't really want you to see it because of some stuff they can't tell me and I'm pretty close to becoming a next level summoner and I have a really important match next week and I don't want to mess it up and-"

"You can't show me, I get it." I am getting my hands on that thing one way or another.

The tailor finally lifted his head up from the piles of fabric and metal he had been sorting through, emerging with a heavy-looking breastplate tinted with gold, glowing with an opalescent shine. Engravings were carved onto almost every inch of it, mainly of the sun. The only place completely bereft of carvings were the two crimson stripes that ran down the body piece, something that would make the wearer appear slim.

"This is Leona's old armour. I'm sure she won't mind you using it."

Elizabeth stood still in shocked awe as the steel was fitted around her body. It was a little loose, it was clearly designed for someone with more muscle, but it was surprisingly lightweight. Every slight movement she made was accommodated by this steel shell. Finally, the tailor indicated for her to kneel. She did so, and a crown-like helmet was fitted on her head.

"Now all you need is a weapon. We're going to get on that for you once you decide what you want." A mirror was presented to her.

"That's... not me?" She squeaked. In the mirror was someone who looked completely prepared for battle. The shine of the armour brought out the gold in her brown eyes and the slimming red stripes gave her the appearance of fragility.

As if reading her mind, the tailor spoke for the first time since she got here. "Tactics. if the opposition sees you as tiny, as dainty, then they don't see you as a threat. Many underestimate a woman's power for trickery."

"I love it." Elizabeth turned herself this way and that to catch better glimpses of herself.

"Good! We'll have it ready for you for your first match."

"My what?" She blinked.

"Your match." He checked that goddamned file. "Says here that it's scheduled a week from now. Did no one tell you?"

She shook her head, dumbstruck. Then, all very suddenly, she began to laugh.

"Um, are you okay?" Summoner Lee asked, concerned. Not once had he seen her laugh since she had been here.

She tried to smother her giggles. "This is just all so ridiculous!" Another round of laughter covered whatever she tried to say next.

"I don't understand?"

She put one hand on his shoulder for support, doubling over with peals of laughter. "I just..." Another fit took her. "I just can't believe any of this. A few days ago I was eating questionably cooked noodles out of the pan and now I'm getting fitted for freaking armour! Which I will wear while fighting someone." The giggles subsided into chuckles, and she wiped tears away from her face.

"What can I do?" She had never seen Summoner Lee look more uncomfortable.

"Nothing you can do, friend." She said, nudging him.

"O..kay?" He stuttered.

The tailor shook his head, muttering again. Elizabeth stripped off the armour and handed it to the tailor, straightening the clothes the Institute gave her. The armour was boxed up and handed to her and she clutched it with pride all the way back to her room. She tried it on in her room later that night, admiring how the obscure carvings glowed under the light, wondering if they were something similar to hieroglyphics. If it was Leona's old armour, surely it meant something to the Solari? For most of the evening, she sat in her room. She took a shower, brushed her teeth, doing mundane things that felt odd in a place like this. By the time it got to 8 o'clock, she was settling down to have a nap. Thoughts ran through her head at a million miles an hour, mainly about her training earlier in the day. Did she actually manage to move that thing with her mind? Ahri seemed to think she had.

Elizabeth squinted at the lamp on her bedside table, trying to summon the same raw energy she had before. It didn't budge. Sighing, she concentrated harder, tensing all her muscles in focus. A bang made her scramble up off the bed in shock. It had cracked and then shattered, right before her eyes. The splintered pieces of porcelain that once was her lamp lay dejected on the floor.

"That... didn't happen before." She said to herself.

A knock at the door broke her out of her daze. She padded across the floor to open it, uncaring about her newly-washed, wet hair and the chunks of lamp shrapnel on the carpet. Every time I open this door, someone always wants to take me some where...

Sure enough, before the door was even fully open, a hand grabbed hers and pulled, and the face of Luxanna Crownguard appeared in the doorway."There you are!"

"Well, yes. It is my room." She said.

Lux rolled her eyes. "Everything you say makes me think you don't want to be here. You're coming out to the bar tonight, aren't you?"

"I guess." Elizabeth said, suspiciously.

"Good. We've all be dying to know more about you. And you're allegiance."

The patience Elizabeth had been nursing snapped by a few threads. "I don't have an allegiance."

"Well, something to think about." She commented cheerfully. "Come, I'll lend you something to wear for going out."

"What's wrong with what I'm wearing now?" Elizabeth frowning, glancing down at the plain white shirt and trousers.

Lux gave he a pained look. "Just come."

Shutting the door behind her, Elizabeth followed Lux down the corridor. Of course, it was another never-ending maze of courtyards and rooms, until they arrived at a separate building, the crest of Demacia displayed proudly on the archway entrance.

"You're pretty serious about Demacia, huh?" Elizabeth said, pleasantly.

No answer.

"God, you're chatty." She muttered.

They continued in silence for another few minutes, passing room after room labelled with long and important names, the grandest being labelled as belonging to Jarvan the fourth. The fourth what? Is he king? Prince? Fourth biggest douchebag? She snickered at her own joke. Finally, Lux opened the door to her very own room Whatever Elizabeth had been expecting is wasn't this. It was so...comfortable, especially compared to the white sterility of her own room. A king-sized bed dominated the centre, jewel-gilded mirrors lined the walls and the plush red carpet gave the room a warm, rich grow. The sensual feel to the room made Elizabeth expect Lux to head to the bed and say "this is where the magic happens". She didn't.

Instead, she opened a large wardrobe and began sorting through rows of clothes. Elizabeth was astounded by the vastness of her wardrobe; jewelled dresses, evening gowns, silver-plated battle gear. Even her seemingly 'casual' clothes were clearly made from expensive fabric and hand-stitched.

"Wow. Lot of clothes." She said dumbly. "Must have had a privileged house growing up. Rich parents."

To her surprise, a spark of anger flickered in Lux's eyes. "I don't think I'm the privileged one out of the two of us."

She frowned. "What do you mean?"

"I mean," Lux put down the dress she was looking at, "that you've probably never had to fight a day in your life."

Taken aback by the sudden change of heart, Elizabeth said, "That's true, but-"

"We've had a few like you before. Even the ones that have come through well muscled and physically able to fight, they've never been in real wars. They've lived rich, comfortable lifestyles. As have you."

Elizabeth gave this some thought while Lux went back to her rummaging. The words wounded her automatically when she didn't think about it. The longer she mulled it over, the more it occured to her that Lux was right. She had never gone hungry growing up, she had a good education, a good university, never been in poverty. Never had to fight in a war. If she checked her body in the mirror, anyone could see that she was not in shape for battle. Her legs and arms showed soft flesh, not muscle. In fact, hardly any where had muscle. She instantly regretted all the nights she had spent in front of the TV instead of at the gym.

Eventually, a garment was thrown in Elizabeth's general direction. "Don't get used to going out all the time." Said Lux. "You're going to have to do a lot of work on your training."

"Do you always give people this many compliments?"

"You must be special." She said, cracking a smile. Elizabeth could tell that she wasn't trying to be malicious or mean. Maybe she was trying to help. She put the clothes on, not bothering to see what they were.

"I can't help privilege, you know." Elizabeth said, unable to stop thinking about it.

"I didn't say you could."

"Then why mention it?"

"Because it makes you different from us. No matter how much you train to become a champion, you'll never truly be the same."

Elizabeth flinched. "I can't help it." She mumbled.

Lux looked back at her. "I know. I hate that you grew up without the same pressures as I did."

"How did you know I didn't? Aren't your family super rich?"

Lux raised an eyebrow. "I had what I wanted, yes. But did your parents ever send you to the military?"

"Um. No."

"All I'm saying," Lux continued, tucking a strand of blonde hair behind her ear, "is that not everyone will be as tolerant as I am when it comes to this. Some champions would kill, literally, for an upbringing like yours."

"I don't understand how you can know anything about me." Elizabeth said hoarsely, a distinct feeling of loneliness creeping back into her bones.

"There have been others. They have not ended well. Chances are, neither will you. If you really want to do this, you'll need to work harder than you ever have. A few have survived from your world into ours. I'll take you to see them, if you wish."

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