Danny's POV:

"I never meant to do that Kitty. I won't steal you from Johnny. Like I said, if Johnny rapes you, let me know and I will end him." I say. 'As much as I would hate to admit it in front of Sam, but I still have feelings for Kitty. I hope Kitty will leave Johnny.' I think. "Sam isn't there something you need to say to Danny?" Tucker asks Sam. "Danny I love you. I have always liked you more than a friend." Sam says to me. "Sam I love you too, but before you interrupt me let me finish. The way I love you is the same way I love Jazz." I say. Sam looks to be in tears. "Just get with Tucker if you want a boyfriend. Tuck has got it bad for you Sam. Even if he doesn't admit it." I say. Sam immediately kisses Tucker on the lips. "Can I do that to you Danny?" Desiree asks me. "Only if you want to Desiree. If you don't want to, you don't have to. I won't force you to make-out with me." I respond. Almost immediately Desiree plants her lips on mine.

Kitty's POV:

The moment I saw Desiree kiss Danny I flew to Ember's like no tomorrow. "Kitty what's wrong? Did you find Desiree?" Ember asks me. "Desiree is with Danny. He wished to know why she grants double edged wishes. He also figured out how you died and why you do what you do. Same goes with Penny. He doesn't know how Penny died." I explain. "How do you feel about Babypop Kitty?" Ember asks. "I actually love Danny. He made me wet while talking about killing rapists. He absolutely hates rapists. He told me to let him know if Johnny ever rapes me so he can end Johnny." I say. "Wow. Babypop would really kill someone?" Ember asks. "Yeah. He would. You're not getting a crush on him are you?" I ask. "No. I wouldn't mind being Babypop's friend if he does kill though." Ember says. "I will be going to break up with Johnny." I say. I leave Ember's and start going back to Johnny's place. Every ghost has a realm but I have always stayed at Johnny's. "Johnny. We need to talk." I say. "Talk about what Kitten?" Johnny asks. "I'm leaving you. I found someone better than you." I say. "What? You slut. You're going to get it now." Johnny says. He tries, emphasis on tries, to hit me but I dodge. He then tries, emphasis on tries, to rape me by using his shadow to hold me down but I manage to break free and fly away. I manage to get back to the Human Realm with Johnny right on my heels. I start looking for Danny. "Danny help!" I shout when I see him. "What's wrong Kitty?" He asks. "Johnny's after me with the intent to rape me." I say. Danny instantly gets a murderous look and his face. "YOUR ASS IS MINE 13!" Danny shouts. Danny and Johnny fight. More like Danny beating the crap out of Johnny. "Any last words 13?" Danny asks. "Fuck you Phantom." Johnny says. "That's what Desiree and I will be for from now on Johnny." I say right before he fades away. "Kitty can you make yourself a human form of a teenage girl?" Danny asks me. "I can try Danny." I say. I then make a human form of a teenage girl. "Wow Kitty. You're even more beautiful in that form." Danny says. "Why thank you Danny. Please call me Katie in this form." I say while giggling.