A Werewolf Again?

Author's Note: Did you like the werewolf scene between Van Helsing and Dracula? Were you disappointed that Van Helsing got cured of his lycanthropy? Do you think he would do more good but less harm as a werewolf? If you answered yes to these questions then you came to the right story it is set post Van Helsing movie and but with an Underworld twist enjoy.

Disclaimer: I do not own Van Helsing it belongs to Universal Studios.

Summary: Just when he thought things couldn't get any worse Gabriel Van Helsing is once again bitten by a werewolf and this time there is no cure for it.

It's been a year sense Van Helsing ended Dracula's reign of Terror in Transylvania with Carl's and Anna's help. A course he's still upset about Anna's death through that doesn't mean he might make the same mistake again.

"Van Helsing!" Carl shouted while running up to him.

Van Helsing turned to face Carl and asked.

"What is it?" He asked.

"The Cardinal requests your presents I think he has something else for you to do" Carl answered.

"Very well let's go see what he wants then" Van Helsing said.

So the two friends headed for the church to see what the cardinal wants.

Upon arriving at the church the two decided to take the secret passage that connects the church and the Catacombs. After exiting the passage and arriving in the Catacombs The Cardinal approached them then said.

"Van Helsing, Brother Carl, I was just about to fetch you guys myself" he said.

"I came just as soon as Carl came and get me so tell me what needs to be done?" Van Helsing demanded.

"We gotten word from our neighbors down in Rome that a rogue werewolf is running amuck in the city so we need you to go to Rome and slay the beast before it cause more harm got it?" The Cardinal instructed.

"Got it come on Carl" Van Helsing said.

"Uh actually I'll think I'll sit this one out" Carl said.

"What are you talking about?" Van Helsing asked unsure while facing the skittish Friar.

"I'm still recovering from our trip to Transylvania Van Helsing and I'm certainly not ready to go toe to toe with a second werewolf you might be but not me" Carl said.

"Suit yourself then" Van Helsing said then left the church and headed for Rome to deal with the werewolf on his own.

Author's Note: Let's end it there for now this idea of a story been on my mind after watching the movie and scene from the movie again for I had always wondered what would have happened if Van Helsing had not been cured of his Lycanthropy and how would he handle it without killing anyone close to him and this story came up so I hope you all will enjoy it especially if you're a fan of the Van Helsing film and werewolves.